Is hitchhiking in Europe really safe for a girl?
Before I start, I just want to point out that this is my personal experience only and it is not my intention to scare or discourage people. I hate to be starting my blog in such a negative way, but...

If you ever have wondered to do a solo hitchhike, please, read this article, but don’t let the negative to ruin your plans. In my opinion she is overreacting and generalizing too quick everyone. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ON YOUR FIRST SOLO HITCHHIKE! Reality is harsh, but this is true. My first solo hitchhike brought some weird sex wanting men too. But it didn’t stop me. I do remember that last moment outside Mairselle on the highway after shock of what just happened, I was kind of with shaking lip, and my heart crying, and I was shaking and crying and surprised and everything because I ALSO was thinking how can people be like that?! But one thing I told myself - THIS WONT stop me, TODAY YES, but not later in my future, maybe time was not the right one to begin with, but I don’t want that this breaks me. And so I followed the map (back then smartphones were not really popular yet, old fahsion map+road signs only) to walk into the nearest town/city, where to find public transport station. I was trying to get back to Montepllier. That day I was shocked,but one thing I knew was that I have to go through this emotional exam and stand up, and LEARN, ACCEPT AND PROCESS. Because tough situations just makes you stronger right?

It did stop me to hitchhike for the next few days as I felt “maybe just not the good energy/vibes whatsoever and I need to stay stil and process what am I doing wrong or how to recognize the red alert”. Yes, my first solo hitchhike didn’t stop me, but by listening that I shall stop and explore where I am, was great adventure! I got stuck with my friend and friend’s family in South of France for the next 3 weeks, hitchhiking together, driving to the mountains and ocean and having fun, then it just happened to be that I found a driver going straight to Paris, then from Paris to Brussels to catch my flight, everything was just right. I swallowed all the bad expierences and my three running-away / jumping out from a car, but it didn’t stop me.

Isn’t hitchhiking as one of the most drop-your-fear-and-trust-in-the-universe difficult journeys to begin with already? It is! It freaking leaves some scratches and improves you. And oh what experience it gives you, it’s mindblowing when you freaking let the flow take you within and trust your instincts.. You learn so much about yourself, people and the world around you, somehow invisible reality shows up which you were blind to see because of being so safe and comfortable on your coach.

In 18th months in whole Sweden I had 3 times these so called negative expierences, but instead letting them to affect my journey, I stayed positive and of course I was “saved” from in the middle of highway by wonderful people!

I think this girl should not generalize so quick… But yes blame herself as well. I kind of think everyone’s first solo trip does not go that perfectly… That’s how life is! Every aspect of life is not easy, or the first times always are khem a bit not what we expect… Simple.

AND - it is not just hitchhiking any SOLO WHATSSOEVER adventure is SCARY YET MAGICAL.  

Learn from other mistakes, but don’t let their mistakes stop you, listen to yourself.

My hitchhiking fb statuses on 26./27.11.2013.

About my first driver.
1) Took my A1&A2 Swedish level exam today. Passed. I mean hitchhiked a driver who “jag prata inte engelska”.

In the late night at the destination. summarize.

2) In the morning I sat by malmö hitchhiking spot with cup of coffee. not even by the road yet. looking on the road and cars, thinking my today’s route. then poof red car stops before i begin hitchhike. nice,lets go. at the next stop, i’m walking to the spot where a car is already waiting for me. at today’s next stop suddenly THREE cars stops at one time and I feel awkward…which to CHOOSE. Now I get to choose… Just what what what? Passing those two cars I didnt get to meet, I waved, “hello and sorry, next time!” face language. Today was some kind of bizzare hitchhiking energy, cars already there to jump in.
This happens often, but more like that out of 5 stops one driver is like this, not that at every stop..It seemed like I dont need to hitchhike, I just walk on the road and POOF make the car stop. Like a queen haha

And 27.11.2013. This was actually very, very great meeting. Conversation… mindblowing. And he was going to Denmark airport, and I begin to think of my friend Sara. And arriving at the ‘destination’, I accidently had to go to the other wifi spot, and there I accidently met this friend Sara I was thinking of! I hadnt seen her for few months, and she is my most inspiring amazing meeting in Sweden, and I felt so happy seeing her..  but yeah…  :)

3) When leaving the car, driver goes “good luck, I hope I’ll hear your name and you’ll change the world” , oh dear that’s a heavy mission on my shoulders. got picked up in seconds because “you’re mad standing here, get in the car asap!”- hihihihi