I was mistress to you when you needed love. I was wife to you when you needed understanding. But first and before all, I   w a s   m  o  t  h  e  r  .


Day Two: Leg Day in GIF format. This routine is done twice a week.

Warmup with stretches (offscreen). Warmup on hip abductor and adductor machines for 3 sets 10+ reps.

Squats. Warmup for 3 (or less depending on your weight) sets 8 reps. 4 sets by 5 reps for working weight. 

Split squats. 4 sets by 8 reps (can include warmup set).

Leg press. Warmup for 1 or 2 sets depending on weight. 4 sets by 8+ reps at working weight.

Additional workout, not to be done on same day

Deadlifts: 2 warmup sets for 5 reps. 3 sets for 5 reps at working weight.

Misc. exercises not pictured: Seated and standing calf raises. Leg extension and hamstring curl machines as accessory exercises.