Friday Five

1. I finished New Rules of LIfting for Women Stage 7 today! Technically, I only have to do those 6 workouts once, but they give the option of doing them twice, if you so choose. And they. Kicked. My. Ass. So I’m going to do them again. It’ll be a nice reset once I get back from NY. Hoping I can make my sister run with me while I’m there so I’m not a complete sloth.


3. You remember my jean problem? Did you also know July in Texas is not an optimal time to buy jeans? I looked for some, found very few options, and zero options that worked for me. I decided I’d buy the pink dress from Target I tried on awhile ago. Couldn’t find it so I walked out with a new workout tank. Shopping woes. 

4. I am going to see all the people in NY (I hope!). I’ve put so much effort into nailing down those deets that I have thought zero about what I should see while I’m in the city. I think I’ll just go into the city for a day because my sister lives on Long Island and my goal is to soak up as much family time as possible. So what is a MUST? Tell me, friends. I’ve only been to NYC once before and saw very little. 

5. I LEAVE FOR NEW YORK TOMORROW. This deserves two spots.