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On this day five years ago (September 7, 2011) at 12:02 UTS (16:02 MSK) near the Russian city of Yaroslavl crashed the passenger plane Yak-47 with the hockey team “Lokomotiv” Yaroslavl on board.

The aircraft ran off the runway before lifting off, struck a tower mast, caught fire, crashed 2 km from Tunoshna Airport at the Volga River bank and exploded. 

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, a member of the Kontinental Hockey League, was on its way to Belarus to start the 2011–12 season with a match against Dynamo Minsk. All players from the main roster and four from the youth team were on board the aircraft. 

Of the 45 men, 43 died immediately at the crash site. One of the two rescued from the wreck, forward Alexander Galimov, died five days later in hospital. Only the avionics flight engineer, Alexander Sizov, survived. 

Every year on this day we recall them all. We remember those, who will never come back and who will not come out again on the ice of “Arena 2000”.

Hockey players: Vitaly Anikeyenko (24, Russia, defense); Mikhail Balandin (31, Russia, defense); Gennady Churilov (24, Russia, forward); Pavol Demitra (36, Slovakia, forward); Robert Dietrich (25, Germany, defense); Alexander Galimov (26, Russia, forward); Marat Kalimulin (23, Russia, defense); Alexander Kalyanin (23, Russia, forward); Andrei Kiryukhin (24, Russia, forward); Nikita Klyukin (21, Russia, forward); Stefan Liv (30, Sweden, goaltender); Jan Marek (31, Czech Republic, forward); Sergei Ostapchuk (21, Belarus, forward); Karel Rachůnek (32, Czech Republic, defense); Ruslan Salei (36, Belarus, defense); Maxim Shuvalov (18, Russia, defense); Kārlis Skrastiņš (37, Latvia, defense); Pavel Snurnitsyn (19, Russia, forward); Daniil Sobchenko (20, Russia, forward); Ivan Tkachenko (31, Russia, forward); Pavel Trakhanov (33, Russia, defense); Yuri Urychev (20, Russia, defense); Josef Vašíček (30, Czech Republic, forward); Alexander Vasyunov (23, Russia, forward); Alexander Vyukhin (38, Ukraine, goaltender); Artem Yarchuk (21, Russia, forward).

Team staff: Yuri Bakhvalov (47, Physician/Massage Therapist); Aleksandr Belyaev (48, Equipment Manager/Massage Therapist); Alexander Karpovtsev (41, Assistant Coach); Igor Korolev (41, Assistant Coach); Nikolai Krivonosov (31, Fitness Coach); Yevgeni Kunnov (Massage Therapist); Vyacheslav Kuznetsov (Massage Therapist); Brad McCrimmon (52, Head Coach); Vladimir Piskunov (52, Administrator);
Yevgeni Sidorov (Coach-Analyst); Andrei Zimin (Team Doctor).

And we remember those, who lost their lives, performing their duties.

Flight crew: Nadezhda Maksumova (Flight attendant); Vladimir Matyushin (Flight engineer); Elena Sarmatova (Flight attendant); Elena Shavina (Flight attendant); Andrei Solomentsev (Captain); Igor Zhivelov (First Officer); Sergei Zhuravlev (First Officer).

We wish some days had never happened. We wish some days to be erased. Sometimes life is unfair and cruel. But we want to believe that all these souls are calm in heaven. They will never be forgotten.

We pay tribute to the team that should not has left so tragically. 

They will always be with us on the ice. 

Rest in peace.

Mine - Yoongi Scenario



Genre: Smut / Fluff

Summary: Things heat up at the Halloween Party you were invited to by a friend Yoongi doesn’t particularly like - basically jealous Yoongi.

Word Count: 1,651

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More Than My Whole Life


Prompt Rating: M/E

Note: Requests are currently closed. I will make a post with guidelines when they are open again. As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M.

So yeah this is a princess/knight-ish story but there’s some elements of it that may require suspension of belief. The language is somewhat dated and formal but kevlar and firearms exist.

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Butterflies - WillNE

Ship: Y/N X Will

Requested: No

Warnings: a few swears and is quite long (1455 words whoops)


After almost 6 hours of unpacking the large, warm flat is starting to feel like a home. There’s boxes upon boxes spread around the flat, unpacking shite stresses the life out of me, man but it’s all for good though, I mean I get to live with someone I adore. See me and Will have been mates since we were in nappies right, and I proper love him and all but it hurts like hell to know he only sees me as a mate. I’ve had the fattest crush on him, for as long as I can remember, but all he sees me as is his best mate. My friends from uni say he likes me but I can’t believe them. Not one bit, just look at him for god sake, how could he like me like that? And second of all why would he tell my mates out of all the people? There’s a lass called Gee next door who I can’t seem not to get jealous of, don’t get me wrong she seems like an absolute class girl but, her and Will seem to have been getting on pretty well to say we’ve only been here for a few hours.

It’s 4pm and Will’s managed to convince me to go upstairs and talk to a lad called Harry and his mates. Apparently, we’d get on well, according to Will anyway. We walk out the flat, locking the door as we leave before walking to the steel lift of the halo tower and waiting.

“Is something up Y/N? You’re awfully quiet and I don’t like it when you’re silent and not rambling on about some meme or some weird stuff you’ve found online.” Will says looking at, taking his eyes off his phone to look at me staring at the ground.

“Yeah, I’m fine, promise” I say not realising the lump in my throat making me speak quieter than expected.

“Y/N, come on I’m not dumb I’ve known you for 20 years, I know when something’s up with you. Talk to me” He says in a low tone.

“Honestly, Will it’s nothing” I reassured him, with me knowing exactly what was wrong with.

“Hm okay-” he mumbled being cut off by the ding of the lift.

We walked to their flat and knocked on the door being greeted straight away with a tall boy with a lanky figure and blonde hair swiped into a messy quiff.

“Hey Cal!” Will exclaimed bringing, I believe his name is, into a bro hug.

The tall boy turned to me and introduced himself, “Hey, you must be Y/N, I’m Callum but you can call me Cal or Freezy.”

“Hey, yeah I’m Y/N, how are you?” I begin before being pulled into a warm and calming hug.

“I’m alright thanks, come through, come through, please excuse the smell of wee the dog hasn’t had a good day…” He chuckled slightly while guiding us to a room with 2 other boys, one with brown hair and the other with messy blonde hair and blue eyes and a girl with curly blonde hair and full lips sitting next to the lad with brown hair, cuddling.

“Alright guys this is Y/N and Will, You two, these are Harry, Cal or Lux and Sarah.” Cal introduces us to them and them giving us friendly waves.

I awkwardly wave back, slightly hiding behind Will before sitting down on the black sofa next to Harry and being squished by Will.

“Ah come on Y/N I know I’m the tallest guy but I’m not tiny give us some room!” Will complained making me shuffle down closer to Harry.

Within no time everyone’s engaged into conversation and time starts the fly by, me being mostly silent throughout the whole thing but no one noticed.

It’s striking 9PM so we thought it was a good idea to start clearing off. We said our goodbyes and walked out their flat and waited for the lift.

“Honestly Y/N what the fuck? This isn’t like you. We were there for hours and you barely even tried to talk to anyone.” Will groaned, frustration flushed all over his body.

“There’s nothing wrong” I whispered

“Bullshit! Stop lying to me for god sake just tell me to truth it’s not that hard I thought we could tell each other anything.” He said while pressing the floor number on the lift.

I just stayed quiet until we got to our flat.

Will opened the door and I slipped through and started walking to my room but I got caught off guard and I’m suddenly pinned against to wall with my hands next to my head by Will.

“Y/N I’m not letting you go until you tell me what’s wrong.” He said in a serious tone.

“You know what fine, I like you.” I said with tears threatening to fall. I feel Will’s grip loosen as I close my eyes and I drop to the floor in a ball.

By the time I open my eyes he’s nowhere to be seen.

I’ve fully fucked it now, haven’t I?

Will’s POV

I couldn’t believe what Y/N told me. I wouldn’t expect her to like me. At all. I didn’t know how to react so I just ran straight to Tobi’s flat in a hurry. I knock on the door frantically hoping he answers. I’m greeted with Tobi smiling with his arms open

“Will! You didn’t tell me you we’re coming over, where’s Y/N?” He questioned

“She’s exactly why I’m here.” I snapped back quickly

“Oh, how come” Tobi sympathetically said

“She told me she liked me and I didn’t know what to do so I legged it up here and I feel like an actual dick.” I grumbled unhappy with my actions.

“Will, bro, if you like her back you need to get back down there and tell her how you feel. She must be panicking right now. But if you don’t like her well just try be the nicest you can really there’s not much you can do.” Tobi said placing a compassionate hand on my shoulder.

“I do like her but I don’t know I’m terrible with feelings and stuff man.” I moan.

“Just do it. Trust me it’ll be fine.” Tobi said opening the door as in my queue to leave.

I dashed up the stairs and unlocked the door to our flat to see all the lights off, the only light is from the city and landscape. As I walked in I could hear the faint whimpers of Y/N from her bedroom. I slowly creep in my heart breaking into small pieces with every sob. I open her door to see her wrapped in blankets and her body turned away from me.

“Y/N?” I say with a choke

She turns around so I can see her red flushed face with tear drops rolling down her cheeks making me feel guilty by the second.

“Will I’m so sorry I understand if you don’t like me and if you like someone else like Gee. I get it I’m so sorry for ruining of friendship I shouldn’t have said anyth-“  I cut her off before she could continue

“No. Y/N I’m the one that should be sorry. I’m sorry I ran off and left you like this, I should’ve said how I felt instead of being a pussy and running off to Tobi. I should’ve just been honest and tell you how I felt for the past 6 years. Y/N I love you. And I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”  I said blubbering my word, not realising I was slightly crying but quickly wiping the stray tears away.

“Will I-I don’t know what to say I- “she started.

“You don’t need to say anything.” I said slowly coming closer to her lips

“Fuck it” I whispered before kissing her soft plump lips.

It felt like fireworks had gone off and my heart is pumping at full speed I can’t explain the feeling. How right it had felt. How I wish I did this so much earlier. How I wish this feeling would never go away.

I pulled away and wiped away her tears before chuckling slightly.

“So Y/N Y/L/N, will you do the honour and be my girlfriend?” I asked as cheesily as possible.

“Well William Lenney, I’d love to.” She giggled before placing her head on my chest and hugging me like the world depended on it.

“I love you” I whispered subconsciously

“I love you too” She whispers sentimentally.

It’s now 11PM and I realised I will never get the feelings of butterflies out my stomach around Y/N Y/L/N.

Bêśt Būÿ LP Guide

Disclosure: everything is roleplay! (: So, I don’t have very much experience as a lifter, but I was an LP at Bêśt Būÿ for a year. I did everything from door greeting(which is their first and last defence of shrink-we’ll get to this term later) to floor patrolling. To everyone who thinks Bêśt Būÿ is impenetrable to stealing, I can assure you you’re wrong!! You just have to know the ways of the LPs. Below is a list of things they do, mixed with things /you/ as a lifter, should and shouldn’t do.
1) I’m going to tell you right now, everything you know besides your actual technique? Throw it out the window. Bêśt Būÿ does everything differently.
2) the door greeter(also known as CEA) is the first and last line of defence. When entering the store, the CEA will determine if you, the customer, has any cause to worry. When you first walk in, be kind! Talk to the CEA, answer their friendly questions(how are you? How is your day? Can I help you find anything, etc.). If you’re friendly for the first few questions, when they ask if they can help you find anything, you can say something along the lines of “no thank you, I’m just browsing” or “thank you but I’m just killing time”. The way the CEA determines if you are a possible threat is a) your friendliness and b) what you’re wearing. Which brings me to my next point.
2) DON’T WEAR BAGGY CLOTHES!! Wear an outfit so tight you can’t breath. Bring a structured bag with you(no backpacks). The CEA and other LP are NOT TRAINED LP!! THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY SORT OF LOSS PREVENTION TRAINING AND SIMPLY DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD!!! Which is why they look for such cliche things like friendliness and clothing.
3) if you hear any employee around you, saying the words “shrink” or the phrase “can I get excellent customer service to-” whatever place they may choose, drop your shit. The workers use this as a “sneaky” way to point out possible thieves. They’re sus and even if it may not be you, the workers will be more intrigued to help you so they don’t have to deal with the person they suspect stealing.
4) the workers are young. They’re always on their phone, or checking their ranks on the selling list. Either that or they’re competing over customers. This is your second line of LP defence(lol right?). Multiple people will come ask you if you need assistance, don’t turn all of them away, they’ll get sus. Ask one of them(pick a teenager), to help you find something minuscule, that won’t take very long to go through(charger, headphones, etc). Once they’re done, just thank them and tell them you’re going to continue looking. Remember to always be nice!! If you have to, even flirt a little.
5) when to go: BUSY DAYS!! I know you’re not supposed to do that in other stores, but Bêśt Būÿ isn’t like everywhere else. When it’s slow, the sales guys(aka the floor LPs) will be fighting over your attention, in hopes of getting a sale under their belt(everything is super competitive). On a busy day, you won’t have this problem as everyone will be busy attending their own things. On a busy day, if you say you’re just looking, the workers won’t be inclined to continue pestering you because there are so many other people they could be helping. It’d be a waste of time and possible sales to try and get you to need their help. Whereas on a slow day, everyone will be pestering you, even the cashiers.
6) cameras: there are a shitload of blindspots and because the workers don’t pay attention and chill on their phones, you’re a-okay. The cameras are rarely ever checked due to the small amount of people who are actually able to access them, and how busy those select people actually are. The managers don’t have the time, and on a busy day, they will most definitely also be on the floor selling, because they need sales to keep their management status.
7) if you wear a tight blue shirt that’s similar to their uniform colours, with black pants, they won’t even notice you. They’re kinda dumb and it’ll look like you’re doing inventory.
8) anything that is in the cases that need magnets to open, have an RFID tag within the box. They need to be scanned on the till before they don’t beep, so if you can, once you get the case off(if you have the time and tools to do so) make sure you open the box to double check that there is no other rfid. Hide the case as soon as you get it off. If someone catches you during examination of the inside of the box, just say you were making sure everything was there, because the box was already open. The employees really don’t give a fuck what you do lolol.
9) there are a few areas that people absolutely HATE going, for floor duties and that is wearables, and headphones and speakers(one section) because there are usually very little customers in that area. The employees who are stationed there, will ALWAYS try and be somewhere else, whether they do multiple walk arounds playing on their phones, or going to another section to talk to another employee, these sections are usually always empty.
10) things that aren’t in boxes or spider wrap can still have tags on them but usually only if it’s over 50.
11) a technique I would use, is buy something small. Keep all the lifted things in your purse. A lot of the magnet tables are broken, so when you walk out and you beep, look back at the cashier, make sure you look insanely confused, but not scared, and just ask them if you’re okay to go. Again, they don’t give a shit and they know that their tech malfunctions allll the time(funny considering it’s a tech store).
12) you can also lift shit over the towers. A way I would do this is bring someone tall with you. Taller than 5'7 at least. And just get them to carry your bag thrown over your shoulder. If you do this, you can take the whole case and worry about it later, because they don’t beep unless they go through the towers. Another technique for getting shit over the towers, is have a friend go with you, have them go through the doors, and throw your bag at them jokingly with a “think fast”. If both of you are laughing, it won’t look suspicious, just annoying. I know both of these are ridiculous but😂! You get my point!!
13) I can’t stress this enough- do not be rude at any point. And buy something small at least.
14) they keep super expensive crap in the backs locked up so, those are off limit.

I’m sure I can think of more, but here’s my first list!! I hope this helps, even just a little bit!! Bêśt Būÿ 100% is an option, definitely wouldn’t recommend for newbies tho(me lol). Stay safe, and make sure you do a lot of surveying!! (:
Find your blind spots in advance, and don’t forget to change your looks up!!

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Destiny Patrol Starters

Don’t see a lot of starter lists that work for Destiny, so I thought I’d write one. Feel free to reblog.

“Traveler’s shadow, what are you doing?”

“I got the distress beacon, was that you?”

“Hey. This is my sniper nest. Get your own.”

“That’s my target! Back off!”

“I don’t have time to explain.”

“I am not going in there. We’ll be erased from time or something.”

“But the Hive are smelly and gross.”

“Hey, here’s a tactic you can try: Don’t get shot.”

“Bah, we’ve all been dead before.”

You’re the asshole that found my stash!”

“What the hell is someone else doing in the middle of nowhere? No, I asked you first.”

“Need a lift back to the Tower?”

“Listen, Cayde can take his glimmer and stick It.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand, but you don’t cross Ikora.”

“He’s not just some stuck up, the Commander cares.”

“It gets kind of lonely out here on these long patrols.”

“Ketch inbound, due north.”

“Ten glimmer? Make it twenty.”

“Bet I can get more kills than you before one of us dies.”

“Honestly, I could use some help out here.”

IMAGINE: Having Brett as a father

(Gif credit to @kurismeow )

Yes, I know I  have made two Brett imagines and I have yet to make more for the others, but I wanted to make a special fathers day one and Brett is the dad of the Cow Chop family, so I had to.

You make your way to the front door of your house. You have brought your significant other with you, and your parents aren’t home. You’re nervous nonetheless, knowing that this would be the first time you have ever been “bad.”

As soon as you step in the door, you see the living room light on with your father facing his back towards you as he sat in his chair.

Before you knew it, your boyfriend had bolted out of the house. Brett stands up and turns around, his eyes wide with anger.

Within seconds, he was in the air and hovered over to you in a t-pose.

You couldn’t run. You knew he would catch you within seconds before you could escape his wrath. 

He put his hand on your cheek, the wind amping up which made your hair thrash around. You squint your eyes, tears slipping down them, not knowing what to expect.

He gave you an eerie smile, both comforting you and terrifying you to the bones of your soul. “My child. You have forsaken me,” he bellowed, slowly lifting up his shoe.

He towered over you, so it was easy for him to stomp the shit out of you with his spiked combat boots. You were on the floor, bleeding and dying. 

“B-but dad…” you pleaded.

“I’m not dad. I’m Brett,” he uttered in your ear, before letting out a hefty scream as he lunged at you and choked you out with his beefy hands.

You think that maybe Steven doesnt have his gem abilities like super strength and not really needing to breathe just because he thinks he cant do it?
Like Steven can hold his breath longer than Connie and held it the whole time while being lifted Lapis water tower… and then he could breathe fine in space. And he can breathe in Peridots weird triangle liquid.
And the strength thing they made an obvious show of Steven punching through Gregs dashboard and the last episode Steven picks Jenny up like shes nothing to keep her away from Peridots ship…
He does these things without really thinking about… so maybe its a natural thing he can do like healing… just he doesnt think he can do it so he cant… Like him losing his healing?
Ya know?

Looks like STEVEN is the one who needs to believe in Steven.



“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

I’m in a very good mood this morning. I’ve just found out three of my closest friends have decided to meet me in Paris. How lovely and unexpected! I’m also looking forward to meeting my euro-racing friends💗

Happy Thursday!

H/t @worldwanderlust

Dinner - Steve Rogers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 944

Author: Hannah

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