lift someones spirit


ARIES: Strength to endure a certain activity like no one else can. It is not because you’re stable, it’s because of your courage and how much energy you have.
TAURUS: Patience is your most powerful trait. You could wait a long time to finally get what you want, especially if it’s worth waiting for.
GEMINI: Blindside people. They know that they’re supposed to be mad at you but you somehow change the subject or use your “charm” to make them forget and move on.
CANCER: When it comes to feeling needed, you make others feel that for you. It’s because of how attentive you are to feelings and concerns. Once you help someone, they come back for more because you make them feel special.
LEO: Making people have two different feelings about you at the same time. They like you but they also don’t like you and this is what makes them stick around. It’s almost like a puzzle, almost everyone wants to figure you out.
VIRGO: Observation and detail. You excel at pointing out different angles and prespectives that most wouldn’t of begun to think about.
LIBRA: The ability to make any environment comfortable and relaxed. Whoever is around you will feel like they can be themselves and you accept it.  
SCORPIO: I don’t know what it is but you don’t have to do anything and at least one person will somehow be drawn to you and want to be a long term partner or friend.  
SAGITTARIUS: Make anyone smile or to lift the spirits of someone because of how forward and enjoyable you are.
CAPRICORN: Working is your fuel so you always progress in whatever field or job you take on and it doesn’t take long to do that.
AQUARIUS: Capability to motivate others to care and/or debate about a certain subject, even if it’s small or random, because of how much you talk about it and because of how deep and convincing you can be.
PISCES: Somehow without saying much you can get others to talk about their personal lives and open up easily which in turn makes them like you.





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Shadow bae

They say actions speak louder than words, which for the species of the world that can tell lies it’s the most true thing you can think of. How gently or harsh someone touches you can speak volumes of how much they value you. You don’t grab at a wine glass. You don’t toss fine china around. You’re gentle and mindful of its breaking point. Your shadow was like that with you. Always careful and mindful of how you were. They never were rough, and when you needed someone to lift your spirits they were there. You’d never had someone like them in your life before. It was a wild relationship and your friends almost didn’t believe it if your shadow hadn’t come out to meet them personally. They say they’re good for you and you agree completely. You don’t know what you’d do without them.

You sit in the center of a mostly empty room. The only other thing is a lamp you have turned on with its shade ripped off. You’re on the edge of hysterics because the one thing that cares about you the most isn’t here. They’re not here and you don’t know what to do. You place a shaky hand on your face to cover your eyes because you can feel another wave of tears coming. 

Your parents had your home cleansed like some sort of demon lived here. They didn’t understand that your shadow was real. You came home to an empty house were nothing had moved all day. It was quite uncharacteristic of your lover and left you worried. Then you found the letter on your table. They didn’t even have the courage to be here and tell you themselves. Those selfish bastards (’no,’ you tell yourself, ‘they just didn’t know better.’). 

So, you try to recreate the first time they appeared. One lamp and an empty room. But you’ve been sitting here for over an hour and nothing has happened. You want to scream and smash the lamp but it’s the only thing you have left connected to them. Your hand falls from you face and you look to the wall in front of you. Your breath stops in your throat and makes a strangled sound come from your mouth. 

A shadow is sitting next to yours on the wall, it leans to connect with yours and you can almost feels the tingle of pressure on your flesh arm. You blink in disbelief because this must be a dream. 

And a dream you sure it is because the shadow is gone again. “No!” You shout and your body jerks toward the wall.

Your body stills, however, at the click of the light being turned off behind you and your vision being plunged into sudden darkness. Your wonderful, careful shadow is back.  

Sleep~ Chad Gable Imagine

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A/N : I don’t know where I went with this but here you go anon’s.


Chad Gable x You

In front of you stood a girl, a girl with bags underneath her eyes, the amount of stress and she could barley breath these past few days. Being the Women’s Champion, interviews , appearances, shows after show, it had became all too much for once. 

You looked so much different than you first started as a wrestler. Coming into the main roster, bright, bubbly, bouncing on your feet, giggly and ready for anything to come her way. Now you were stressed most of the time, having so much on your plate, you parents had told you this wasn’t the life for you.

Was it? This has been your dream since you were just a little girl. You were living it. What was missing? 

That special someone to lift your spirit up. To show you what real love is. That someone to hold hands with. That someone to come to at the end of the night. That someone to cuddle up next to. Someone to laugh with. Someone to share new memories with. Someone to be there by your side.

You had a person in mind, someone caught your eye. He was one half of the American Alpha. Chad Gable. A good friend of yours.

Meeting him back when he was in NXT, he became a good friends of yours. Trained together. Hang out. He was such as sweetheart, you found it shocking he was single. A man like him should have someone wrapped around his arm. 

But he didn’t. His heart was set on someone. You. 

He knows you for the women to strive to the top, the women to get up from a loss or pain. Strong and independent. He liked the fact that when you smiled at him, it was for him, that smile, he liked that about you. He thought about you most of the day. 

When he wasn’t with Jason, he was either talking to you or texting you or he doing his own thing. But you were always on his mind. No matter what. 

His heart was yours. 

He saw the changes happening to you as he moved onto the main roster with Jason. He watched you work hard to get that title. He saw the tired look in your eye, the stress building up, the look in your eye telling anyone that you were ready to fall. 

Knocking has brought you out of your thoughts. You weren’t expecting anyone this late, who could that be? You walked over to the door in just shorts, socks covered your feet and a t-shirt on you with a messy bun on top of your head. 

Peeking through the hole in the door, a small smile reached your lips seeing Chad standing there waiting for you to open the door. 

As you opened the door, he rose his head, his hair was down, he wore a headband, he had a tank top on, his muscles were peeking out as he looked at you. His hands were stuffed in his sweats and he wore sneakers on his feet.

“ Hey” 

“ Hey” You opened the door wide, shoulder leaning against the door. 

“ Can I come in?” 

“ Sure” He slide past you, hand brushing against your slightly sending electric shocks down your body. Brushing it off, you closed the door turning around facing him.

“ What’s up?” 

He eyed you up and down but stopped at your face making you feel a little uncomfortable since you weren’t wearing any make up and look like a mess. 

“ Chad?” you called out to him. “ Huh?” 

Chuckling, you said again, “ What’s up?”

He shrugged before clearing his throat, “ It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you. Were on the same roster and yet you haven’t come see me. At all” 

Frowning, you sighed walking over to your bed sitting down. 

“ Yeah, I’m sorry. I just been busy with everything going” He nodded turning around as he spotted your title on top of your suitcase. Picking up, he admired it in his hands brushing over the W, nodding his head as he settled it back down. 

He looked like something was bothering him but he was quite. He never was this quite. Was he mad at you? 

He looked up, he was facing the open balcony that the air was coming from. You had opened it before letting air out, it felt nice and cool inside. 

“ I miss you” 

Those three words pulled strings in your heart. You missed him too, badly. You loved staying up talking to him. But with your busy schedule, you barley had time to look in the mirror at yourself.

“ I miss you too” 

“ Do you?” He faced you, his lips were in a slight pout making him look adorable. 

You nodded. 

He had walked over to you, kneeling on his knees before you as he took a good look at you. Bags underneath your eyes, you looked like you were ready to fall asleep, your hair was up in a messy bun, little hairs falling out, your lips in a small frown. 

“ When was the last time you had a good rest?”

Shrugging, you looked down at your hands where they were resting on your lap. His hands placed on top of your sending a swarm of butterflies in your stomach, “ Tell me the truth.”

“ I don’t remember” You mumbled. 

He stood up, you watched him to see what he was going to do. He walked over to the other side of the bed pulling on the covers but he couldn’t do it all the way since you were sitting on the bed.

“ What are you doing?” 

“ Stand up” 

You stood up, watching as he pulled back the covers, he took off his headband off his head along with his shirt before slipping off his shoes as he got into your bed. 

Patting the space next to him, you sat down. 

He reached over taking the hairband from your hair, letting your hair fall down. “ What are you doing?” You ask him again. 

He didn’t answer as he tugged on your shirt, scrunching on your eyebrows wondering what was he doing. He chuckled, “ You need rest Y/N and your going to get it. I am going to make sure of it. I’m staying with you tonight” 

You slipped off your shirt wearing a tank top underneath before tugging your shorts off . Taking off your socks, you saw him lay down on the pillow before taking your hand as you laid down with him.

Facing you, he smiled. 

“ Sleep” He said watching you. 

As you closed your eyes, a smile made it’s way to your lips. Chad thought you fell asleep as the words slipped from his mouth.

I care about you more than anything, I think I might love you” He whispered

Life’s too short..
So take a moment. Look around you and cherish what you have! You probably have more than you think. Don’t complain too much..if you don’t have something…some people don’t have anything! If there’s someone you care about, let them know that. Write letters(real ones) to your friends, tell them how much they mean to you. Spend time with your family, yeah we all say at one point in our lives: “I hate my parents..or siblings..they’re so annoying.” But take a moment and think, what if they’re not there tomorrow. Would you be able to breathe without them?! If there’s someone who supported you when you were struggling, say thank you to them. Maybe you felt alone at some point and there was someone who lifted your spirit. So say thank you!! Cause the truth much can happen in a single a moment. Spread some love and truly cherish the life around you!

This Girl Whose Entire Family Got Killed In An Act Of Arson Just Wants Cards For Christmas

Safyre’s Christmas card holder (pictured above) holds 100 cards. Let’s help her fill it up!

Christmas cards for Safyre can be sent to:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306, USA

So there’s this adorable/angsty Undertale au by @babyblasters that sort of crosses the gaster balster au and baby bones ideas together. They have several chapters worth of a fic to go with it and I was inspired to write a scene. 

Spoilers for this au abound! It also doesn’t really make sense unless you’ve read what’s happened so far soooo… Read at your own risk. 

It’s kinda long and it’s also really crappy so don’t cast any judgement that’s too harsh. I also had to come up with an OC on the spot so I hope you guys like him?

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Can I ask for What kind of traits the axis, Nordics, Romano and Prussia would prefer in their partner

Denmark, Norway, and Iceland can be found: here

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: He’ll prefer someone who isn’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve. Someone who’s brave in their own ways and will stand up in what they believe in, even if it’s a little different. He’ll love someone who is honest, as he can be a little unsure of himself.

Finland/Tino  Väinämöinen: Tino will be attracted to someone who is well-rounded in their activities. Someone who knows how to have fun, but can also balance their work. Additionally, he would love someone who has a sense of humor and the ability to have enjoy life while it lasts. Nothing to him is worse than someone who drags themselves down by being negative. 

South Italy/Romano: Lovino Vargas: He’ll prefer someone who lifts his spirits, and has a heart of gold. Someone who is a “breath of fresh air”, and will respect his limits as he will respect theirs. He’ll also be attracted to someone who is hard working, and has a serious side that really means business.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Gilbert will learn to prefer and love someone who will be strong and loyal to him without a fault, as he would be as well. Someone who is classy, yet sassy. A person who would enjoy the fun parts in life, but will also realize that it can be short. In addition, he’ll also like someone who isn’t afraid to take the lead sometimes, as he might not completely know what he’s doing.

Okay this is getting ridiculous

Warning: this contains Lapi///dot shade.

Guys, I seriously feel like I’m missing something. Why do people think Lapi///dot will be canon? I’m not even speaking based on my Amedot trash side but I seriously don’t see any logic in this ship. Sure it’s cute aesthetically, but that’s as far as it goes, and here’s why:

If Lapi///dot becomes canon, what would change? Think about it… what would actually change? I feel like their interactions would be few and far between, as they are now, primarily because the focus of the plot is not currently at the Barn and I don’t think it will be moving forward- at least not for now. If the plot focus was to relocate to the barn, it would be insanely repetitive, as that was the case for half of season 2 and part of season 3.

Also, what would change, as far as the development of their characters? Lapis now has someone to lift her spirits and help her to cope with her depression, and Peridot has someone to keep her company as they bond over learning more about the planet. That’s the case at this point in time. But how would a romantic relationship with Lapis help Peridot in her quest of becoming a true crystal gem? Summoning her weapon, learning how to defend herself- all these things would have to take place in the presence of the other crystal gems, with which, mind you, Lapis is not affiliated.

And what would Lapi///dot achieve, plot wise, and what message would it send? That after leaving an abusive relationship go right into one with your roommate because it’s cute? No! The message that Zuke was trying to send was that you don’t have to ‘get better’ for others to enjoy your company and you to enjoy theirs, and the importance of having friends to help you get back on your feet. Not get into a romantic relationship with your roommate- that sounds ridiculous.

I understand why people ship, because I have a few crack ships up my sleeve *cough* Pearlnet*cough* Bispearl*cough* Jaspearl*cough*Opalnet*. Wow I have a really bad cold sorry guys. But as for canon confirmation, it’s quite obviously Amedot at this point.

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You will never regret being too kind

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons Jesus Christ taught is about love. In Matthew 22:36-39, he was questioned by a lawyer about which of the commandments was the most important. Christ answered, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Loving your neighbor is often accomplished by simple kindness. Your "neighbor” includes family, friends, acquaintances, and anyone you may come in contact with. In short, it’s everyone. Extending kindness to your fellow man is an act that you will never regret.

Kindness is often shown through service

Author and religious leader Thomas Monson recently stated, “Usually our love will be shown in our day-to-day interactions one with another. All important will be our ability to recognize someone’s need and then to respond.” By observing others and acting when they may need help, we are extending kindness and love. It may be a kind word, a gentle touch, help with a toddler, a smile in the checkout line at the store or a talk with a heartbroken friend. These are simple, yet effective, ways to show kindness on a daily basis.

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