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“The list,“ he says and Clarke scowls at the fire when he rushes on, "Monty said you put Octavia on it.” Clake’s gaze slides up to where he looms over her and his face is raw, there’s still his sister’s blood on his hands and she’ surprised he left the med bay at all. He drops so heavily to his knees she hears it and his arms wrap around her shoulders from behind. Clarke lifts her hand and slides her fingers into his hair where he tucks his face against her throat. She squeezes her eyes closed.

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“The list,“ he says and Clarke scowls at the fire when he rushes on, "Monty said you put Octavia on it.” Clake’s gaze slides up to where he looms over her and his face is raw, there’s still his sister’s blood on his hands and she’ surprised he left the med bay at all. He drops so heavily to his knees she hears it and his arms wrap around her shoulders from behind. Clarke lifts her hand and slides her fingers into his hair where he tucks his face against her throat. She squeezes her eyes closed.


“Edward.” My throat was so dry I could only manage a whisper. “I honestly can’t dance!” I could feel the panic bubbling up inside my chest.

“Don’t worry, silly,” he whispered back. “I can.” He put my arms around his neck and lifted me to slide his feet under mine.

And then we were whirling, too.

And My Strength

genre: fluff

words: 705

inspired by: “My House Is Your Home” by Jack Garratt

And my strength – Is something I give to you – And I clothe my fears – In the fabric of your dignity

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19. Asleep

*The moment she’d found the sleeping remnant, Elissa’s maternal instincts began to kick in. Approaching where he was sound asleep on the couch, she pulled a blanket off of the back of it and carefully covered Kadaj with it. Her next maneuver was a little risky but hopefully it would pay off: she carefully cradled his head in her hand and lifted it to slide a pillow underneath.*

Mark taking care of you during your period

You are on your period. There’s no point in romanticizing it or skirting around the words. There’s no skirting around the pain either. You feel like your organs are collapsing.

Mark brings you the heat pack from the kitchen and you release your death grip on the cushion you’d had pressed to your chest. It was a sad substitute for the real thing; you put the heat pack on and your body uncurls ever-so-slightly from the fetal position you’d taken up on the couch. 

“Come on,” he says and gestures for you to lift your head. He slides in underneath you, taking your forgotten cushion and placing it on his lap. You fuss with your hair as you set your head on the cushion, trying to get it out of your face but he settles it for you. Mark has a thing about your hair. More than just running his fingers through it he liked twisting it and tugging at it to see it spring back into place.

It soothes you and he knows it so he does it until the tension in your face eases up. You feel better and his hands leave you. When you turn your head to look at him you find him holding a Rubik’s cube, of all things. Except it’s not random. If he has a thing about your hair, you have a thing about his Rubik’s cube.

“I’m gonna make you a flower.” He looks giddy, like a child, and you sit up to get a better view. You sidle in beside him, laying your head on his shoulder and watching his hands fly over the cube. He’s too fast to be a worthwhile teacher–you’d given up the dream of him passing on his secrets to you long ago–but he’s entertaining, like a speed painting video. 

In a minute he has one side done and he makes a short noise, a “ha!” that makes you giggle and he pauses for a moment to kiss the top of your head. 

When the flower is done, he turns over the cube to show you all six sides but you’re more interested in his face. The little anticipatory smile and the raised eyebrows–the lip bite when he sees you staring. 

You grab the sides of his face and kiss him and he smiles into your lips. “Thank you for taking care of me,” you say as you pull back. He holds back the full width of his smile and then releases it all at once, hitting you the kind of unrestrained joy that makes your body feel the physical ache of loving him this much. 

“Of course,” he says and you settle back onto his lap, your pain faded and your day made.

Concussion - Calum

Includes: Luke / Ashton / Michael / Calum
Requested: yes / no

”Hi baby I’m home”, you shout from the hall way and let the grocery bags out or your hands. You shut the door behind you and hear your boyfriend’s quiet answer when he mumbles, ”Hi.” You raise your eyebrows a little but decide to let it slide. Lifting the big bags from the floor again you head to the kitchen.
When you pass the living room you can see why Calum’s answer was like he was in another world. He is sitting on the couch with a controller on his hand playing some new video game. At least you think it’s new because you’ve never seen it before. Let the boy play you think to yourself and just continue to the kitchen so you can get the groceries out of your hands. 

The bags are super heavy and you can’t really even feel your fingers anymore. Maybe it would’ve been nice if Calum had offered to help you with them. After all he is the much more muscular one out of you two. But you are not up to whining. You actually want to show him that you are strong and you don’t need his help in every little thing you do. 

You get to the kitchen and lift the bags on the table so it’s easier for you to unpack them and see where it’s all going. Your fridge is just screaming its’ emptiness and you started to feel like getting something to eat in there. After Cal came back home from the tour last week, you two have been too lazy to really cook yourselves. Some days you order in and then on some days you go and eat out. Maybe that’s why you hardly got anything edible in your kitchen at the moment.

”So Cal how’s your day been?” you ask from the kitchen when starting to move your shoppings from the table to your fridge and the freezer. You are not hearing his answer so you stop for a second and wait. After a while Calum finally answers, ”Just fine. Nothing much. But now Y/N, I really have the game going on. Can I speak to you after this?” A little sigh escapes between your lips and you roll your eyes. You can see he is not on a catty mood at the moment, but still he could be a little less rude. After all you just asked how his day was. Yeah this game must be new and so cool and important for him to play it, but you are his girlfriend. Now when he’s not on tour, maybe he would like to spend more time with you than with the game but whatever. You know it’s just occasional and maybe after an hour or so he’s normal again.
”Yeah sure”, you tell him and head back to the groceries that are still waiting on the kitchen table. When the fridge and the freezer are done, you are left with some flour and cereals. They belong to the top shelf and you are going to need a chair so you can reach the shelf. Usually Calum takes care of the things belonging there but right now in this situation you are so not gonna ask Calum for help. 

So you place the rest of the groceries on the counter and take a chair next to it. You climb on top of that chair and first take the flour bag. You have to stand on your toes a little to be tall enough and not to rip all the other stuff down from the shelf. But you can get the bag there and that brings a smile on your face. Even though Calum doesn’t even see this, you feel like you are showing him that if he’s gonna sit on the couch the whole day, you can manage just fine without his help. Not that hard right?

You have only one box of cereal left and you are supposed to Place it on the edge of the shelf. It’s gonna take some effort but you are gonna make that happen too. When you have the box in your hand you are reaching towards the shelf, chair under your feet starts to feel a little shaky. When you stand on as high on your toes as you can, your legs are trembling really bad. Just couple of inches more… And just when you are about to get the box on it’s Place, your balance is so much off that your legs won’t keep you standing anymore. A quick scream comes out of your mouth when you fall of the chair and after a second or so you find yourself on the floor cereals all over the kitchen.

When you fall you hit your head pretty hard and it hurts a lot. You are laying on the floor and it’s funny how you actually feel like seeing stars.You know like all the fictional characters do in cartoons. When you close your eyes it’s all black but little bright spots all over like stars on the sky. You bite your teeth together and try to lift yourself a little but it feels like someone hits your head with a hammer so you decide to just stay on the floor a second. Maybe it’ll pass.

Your eyes are still closed but you hear Calum’s voice from the living room, ”Y/N is everything okay? What was that noise?” You try to answer, but nothing comes out of your mouth. Getting words out feels like too much to you at the moment. When you are not answering Calum’s voice gets louder, ”Are you okay babe?” Still no answer from you. And that is finally the thing that gets Cal to stad up from the couch and stop his game for a while. You don’t see him coming to the kitchen, but suddenly his voice is much louder and he sounds a little panicked.

”Oh god Y/N! Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Calum asks and runs to you kneeling down to the floor next to you. You try to open your eyes, but the light is so bright it hurts. So you close your eyes again, but manage to get some words to him. ”I’m fine. I just hit my head and it aches a little”, you mumble and try to smile a little. Calum is slowly caressing your hair and trying not to freak out too badly. ”Okay so you are alive. That’s a plus. Can I help you up so I can take you to a hospital?” he asks. ”No Cal, no hospitals”, you whine to him. That’s the last place you would like to be right now. ”Don’t be stupid Y/N. You hit your head and I’m taking you to see a doctor. Don’t try to fight it because I’m not changing my mind. I need to be sure it’s nothing too serious”, Cal says and places a little kiss on your forehead. He places his other hand under your head and the other on your back helping to sit. 

You start to opening your eyes again. Still hurts a little, but you can take it. You blink couple of times so your eyes get used to the light and then you try to focus on Calum. His face is as serious as it ever has been. You’ve never seen him that worried. His hand is still on your back when he asks, ”What were you doing up there?” You take a look at the cereal all over the place and say, ”What do you think? I was trying to Place these on the top shelf. But I needed the chair and you know I’m pretty clumsy. So then I fell.”

When Cal hears your words, he actually looks kinda angry. That was not the expression you were waiting for. ”What the hell Y/N? You know you can’t reach it properly. Why didn’t you ask me to help you? I could’ve done it and now we wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have got hurt if you just asked me! What were you thinking?” You roll your eyes and tell him, ”Well you were so into your game I thought you wouldn’t help even if I asked. And you said you didn’t want to talk to me when your game was on. So don’t try to blame me for that. I didn’t want to bother you.” Now you actually are getting a little angry. Calum can’t be angry at you for you not interrupting his game! He said he wanted to play in peace. 

”Okay I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. Of course I’m not angry at you. Maybe more disappointed on myself. I should’ve helped you. Now on, I promise the game won’t be. But now I’ll make sure you will just lay down the rest of the day after when get home from the hospital. I’ll serve you and you don’t even have to lift your finger. I ow it to you”, he says and slowly helps you up from the floor. Your feet are still pretty shaky and getting up messes up with your head. The room starts to spin a little, but Calum has his arms around you so you wont fall again. 

He makes sure you are safely in the car and your seat belt is on place before heading to the nearest hospital. Luckily you survived just with a concussion and there’s no need for you to stay the night in the hospital. But they tell Calum to keep an eye on you and wake you up couple of times in the night to make sure you are not unconscious. He’s more than willing to do that and he also keeps his promise. For the rest of the day you just lay on the couch under a blanket, Calum next to you rubbing your back and petting your hair. Always asking if there’s something you would like or need. And when you get a little sleepy and close your eyes even for a second, he’s already in panic asking if you are still awake and conscious. But his worrying side is kinda cute. Even though a little annoying, but more cute for sure.

Preference #30: He’s A Single Father

Calum: “Whoa there buddy,” Calum said, catching his son before he fell off the ladder that led up to the slide. Calum lifted him up, setting him down on the ledge, so he could go down the slide. He sat down on the bench, close enough to keep an eye on his son. Calum had been a single father for three years now, and he was finally getting the hang of it. Though he had help from his family, and friends, he was doing well. “Go play,” you told your niece, sitting down on the bench next to Calum. You gave him a smile, and took out your book to read. “Was that your daughter?” he asked, breaking the silence. You looked up from your book, and over to him, “No, my niece. I’m babysitting for the day,” you told him. “Do you have any children, or are you just one of those creeps that watch kids play?” you asked, he laughed. “No, my son’s right over there,” he said, pointing at a little boy running around. You smiled, “He looks adorable, I’m Y/N by the way,” you said, holding out your hand. “Thanks, he learns from the best. Calum,” he introduced, shaking your hand. You laughed at his comment, checking on your niece. You two continue to talk, and after a while your niece ran up to you, wanting to go back home. “Can I call you sometime?” Calum asked before you could leave. You smiled at him, “Sure,” you said, handing him your phone so he could put his number in. You texted him, so he could have your number, and said your goodbyes.

Ashton: He juggled a coffee cup, and his little girl in his arms as he walked into the studio. Ashton gave the receptionist a smile, and headed towards the room him, and the guys rehearsed in. “You look terrible,” Luke commented as Ashton walked into the room. He shot Luke a glare, “Is that Erica!” Michael exclaimed running over to Ashton, taking the sleeping girl out of his arms. “Don’t get me wrong she’s my little pumpkin, but why is she here?” Michael asked, sitting down on the couch. Ashton took a sip from his coffee, and rubbed his forehead. “Babysitter canceled last minute, and no one was available,” he sighed, plopping down next to Michael. Luke patted him on the back, “I’m so tired, Erica’s been keeping me up for the past two days, and work…” he trailed off. “That’s the beauty of being a parent, get used to it,” Calum chuckled, “You know you could always ask us for help.” Ashton never liked asking for help, he had always done things on his own. “I know,” he muttered, glancing over at Michael, who was still holding Erica. “Is she still asleep?” he asked, Michael looked down at her, then nodded. “You know we have two more hours until we rehearse we could watch her if you want to nap,” Luke suggested. Ashton perked up at this, “Please!” he almost exclaimed. They all nodded, and he thanked them, before finding a room to sleep in.

Michael: “Okay, you know the plan right?” Michael asked his son. “Yes,” his son sighed, looking over at the woman his father was trying to impress. “Alright, I have so much faith in you buddy!” he said, placing his hands on his son’s shoulders, and giving it a squeeze. “Give her the pout, puppy dog eyes, and if you can cry a little,” he said, he gave him a slight push, and his son walked over to you. “Can you help me?” Nathan faked cried, you looked up from your bags, and at the little boy. “What’s wrong?” you asked, grabbing his hand, so he could come closer. “I-I lost my daddy,” he cried, wiping at his eyes. You nodded, “What’s your name?” you asked, moving your stuff out of the way, and bending down to his level. “Nathan,” he told you, you nodded and looked up, searching the mall. “Okay, let’s get you to the lost, and found area,” you told him. Michael looked from his spot at the food court table, and decided now was the time to look. “NATHAN!” Michael shouted, getting up quickly, he started looking around. “NATE!” Michael yelled more, starting to walk around. You could hear him yelling, and turned back to Nathan. “Is that your dad?” you asked him, pointing over to the guy. He nodded, and you grabbed your stuff, and his hand. “I think I found your son,” you said, walking over to the guy. “Thank you so much!” Michael said, bringing you into a hug, then hugging Nate. “Don’t ever run off again,” he said, giving his son a wink. “It’s no problem,” you smiled, “No seriously, how can I repay you?” Michael asked. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow, and he gave you a smile.

Luke: Luke felt the covers lift up, and the person climb onto the bed. He peaked an eye open, and saw the same mop of hair as his own. “What’s wrong?” he groaned, opening his arms so that the little boy could cuddle into his chest. “Bad dream,” he mumbled, nestling his face into his father’s chest. Luke wrapped his arms around his son, and laid his head back down on the pillow. He was soon back to sleep, but woken up again by the boy moving. He sighed, “Sammy,” he groaned, opening his eyes, and sitting up. Sammy looked up at his father innocently, sucking on his thumb. Luke couldn’t help but smile at him, “Can’t sleep?” he asked, looking over to the clock to see that it was two in the morning. Sammy nodded, and Luke thought for a moment. “Alright, come on,” he said, picking up his son, and making his way to the kitchen. He sat him down on the counter, and started to look through the cabinets. “What do you say about mac-n-cheese, and hot chocolate?” he asked, looking back at Sammy. “YES!” Sammy shouted, finally awake, watching his father starting to boil water. After a while the two of them were sitting at the table, facing each other, and eating. Sammy’s feet barely touched the ground, and he was kicking them back, and forth. The two were so alike that his mom swore they were twins. Luke smiled over his cup of hot chocolate when he saw Sammy starting to drift off, his face almost falling into the mac-n-cheese. His plan had worked. “Are you sleepy?” he asked, Sammy nodding. Luke chuckled, and got out of his seat, cleaning up their mess, and carrying his son back to bed. “Night,” he whispered, kissing his forehead before climbing into bed himself.

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One moment they’d just been talking, their usual comfortable banter falling easily between them as it always did with old friends. 

The next, Angela’s lips were on hers, her hand gentle against her cheek. 

Lena froze, eyes going wide and a small yelp of surprise escaping her lips, immediately muffled by the medic’s mouth over her own.

It took her a second to realize what was happening, to fully comprehend that Angela was really kissing her. 

And they hadn’t even been drinking. 

For a moment she just sat awkwardly, hands hovering in the air as she found herself unsure what to do with her own body, her cheeks burning pink. Never in a million years had she ever thought Angela would want to kiss her. 

But she realized, with a vague surprise at herself, that she was glad Angela had.

Her hand lifted to slide over the medic’s waist, her touch light against her side, and she found herself relaxing into the other woman and returning the kiss.

washed ashore part 3 woohoo

AU in which you find a certain boy on the beach and nurse him back to health (takes place directly after the events of the s2 finale)

part 1 2

“You really suck at this.” You say, shaking your head. 10k sits on some old power generator on the street, aiming the bow at a makeshift target you set up. He barely hits it each time.

“You claim to be a really good shot, and yet…” You say, moving in front of him, shrugging. He frowns, and holds the bow up again. You go to stand beside him, and lift his arm, fingers sliding down his bicep, pushing upwards.

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A/N: Bioquake directly after the 3A finale, for the prompt ‘things you said in a hospital room’. 

~1000 words


Daisy has loved Jemma as many things. A ray of sunshine. A blazing flame. A roiling ocean. A sinkhole caving in on itself. Tonight, though. Tonight she is glass run through with a thousand fractures. Tonight she is near to shattering into glittering fragments.

When Daisy finds her in the med bay, the expression in her wide eyes makes her fear even lifting the sheets to slide in beside her might make her break. Fitz is there, holding her hand and murmuring soft apologies she’s probably not hearing. He turns this stream on Daisy when he sees her, a mural of guilt and heartbreak.

She hugs him hard, breathing the scent of dust and sweat and ash, so close to how Jemma had smelt for weeks, still did sometimes. She knows he won’t listen if she says it aloud, so she tries to press absolution into him. Say it is not your fault in the tightness of her grip.

“You should get some rest,” she orders gently.

He nods, eyes fixed somewhere over her shoulder, bends down to press a kiss to Jemma’s temple and murmur one last “I’m sorry”. Her hand comes up to brush his cheek before he straightens up again, as though she can clear the veil of sorrow from him herself, and he looks like he might cry at the gesture.

When he’s gone, Daisy sits on the floor at the edge of the bed. Gently, she brushes Jemma’s hair back.

“How ya doin’, lovely girl?” she murmurs.

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Luke trudges into his apartment after a long day at work, wanting nothing more than to change and collapse in bed for the rest of the night. When he enters his bedroom, he nearly walks past his bed to his closet without noticing the large lump of blankets on his mattress, and quickly does a double take. His grumpy, tired, frown immediately transforms into a large smile when he sees the top of your head peaking out from the pile of blankets and sheets, sound asleep in his bed. Luke quickly peels off his jeans and jacket, lifting the covers to slide next to you in a large t shirt and boxers. He shushes you softly when you coo sleepily, waking up from his movement. “Hi,” you murmur when you realize what woke you. You rearrange yourself so Luke could fit his legs between yours and nuzzle his face into your neck. “That tickles, Lu,” You giggle, closing your eyes again and raking your fingers through his blonde locks. He hums, kissing your neck before tilting his head to look up at you. “What are you doing here?” He questions, tired, blue eyes twinkling happily. “Got off work early,” You explain. “Was gonna come over and let myself in to make you food but then i got tired and wanted to nap in your bed. I meant to wake up before you got home.” Luke’s heart absolutely swelled with love at the thought, his stomach filling with butterflies as he sighs happily and shuffles closer into you. “s’okay. You’re warm. We can order pizza later. Sleep with me right now. I love you. Goodnight.” You can’t help but giggle at his sleepy rambling before kissing his forehead. “Goodnight, sunshine.” 


“I love the idea of public sex with Steve. We go to a play and sit in box seats, and before the play even starts he lifts my dress and slides into me from behind. He has all of this power and strength, but he has to keep it under control because we don’t want to draw attention. He’s making these little noises that tell me he’s struggling to keep his movements small, but he just keeps slowly and methodically moving in and out of me. After some time I feel his grip tighten and I know he’s about to finish. He holds his breath until he’s done then he exhales, his warm breath causing the hair on my neck and arms to stand up. He pulls out of me and sits down in his chair, and we both pretend nothing has happened. That is, until he get back to his apartment and he’s allowed to unleash a bit of that power…”

Anonymous said: coliver + “what the hell are you doing?”

It’s 3am and Connor’s still awake. It’s been a long week and he can’t shut off his brain. So, carefully, he lifts Oliver’s arm, slides out from under it, and lowers it back down onto the bed. He waits, listening for any hitch in breath, but Oliver just sighs and keeps snoring.

Connor drags himself into the living room and watches tv in the dark. It’s an old black and white sitcom on as low as the volume will go without being muted. He’s not really paying attention.

He’s only out there 5 minutes when a voice calls from the bedroom doorway.

“Connor?” Oliver has the comforter wrapped around his shoulders. He’s blinking wearily, eyes heavy. “What are you doing?”

Connor shrugs. “Can’t sleep.”

“Okay.” Oliver crosses the room and plops down beside him on the couch. He stretches out, gently urging Connor back into the sofa, then covers them both with the comforter. “What are we watching?” The words, whispered into Connor’s neck, rumble from Oliver’s chest to Connor’s. Connor loves it like this, when he’s so wrapped up in everything Oliver, the rest of the world fades away.

“I don’t remember.” Connor turns into Oliver to kiss him. He misses and kisses Oliver’s nose.

Oliver smiles. He blinks, lazy. “Do you want to try again? I’ll hold still this time.”

“I hate you,” Connor says, voice soft, fond. He leans in again, aiming properly this time.

Oliver meets him halfway. “I love you too.”

Open for me

”Hm,” Wonshik says, and Hakyeon breathes a quiet sigh of relief when the bed finally dips, and Wonshik lifts the covers to slide in under them, pausing as his eyes fall on Hakyeon’s tanned back. ”So,” – his hand finds Hakyeon’s back, softly stroking its way down to his waist and back up again – ”you weren’t touching yourself just now?”
1600~ words

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