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Tether | Liam Dunbar

pairings: liam dunbar x reader

warnings: mentions of feeling as if you were stabbed.

a/n: back at again with the liam imagines..

“You sure you don’t want me to come with?” You asked Liam as he got ready for his run with Mason.

“No it’s okay, we just need some time to talk and stuff.” He said tying up his shoe.

“Okay, well I’ll be at Lydias so text me when your done.” You said as you both made your way down the stairs to Liams front door.

“Sure, see you later babe.” He said before planting a small kiss on your lips as you two went your separate ways.

You made your way to Lydias house, quickly being greeted by her and entering her house making your way to her room so you two could spend some time together.

About two hours have passed - more or less - and the two of you have been talking, gossiping, watching some tv.. your typical girls get-together. That is until something not so typical happened.

You felt a sharp stinging pain in your chest, You winced at the pain and pressed your hand against your chest.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Lydia asked once she noticed your actions.

“I don’t know, I just felt this sharp pain in my chest. It came out of nowhere.” You said as the burning sensation in your chest kept stinging.

“Your eyes Y/N, they’re glowing.” Lydia said as you felt your eyes changing their color.

“Maybe we should call Scott.” She suggested.

“No no it’s okay, if it doesn’t go away until tomorrow then I’ll talk to him.”

The next day the pain in your chest slightly subsided but you still felt something, some type of weird feeling, kind of like a weird gut instinct; you felt as if something was wrong. You decided to just ignore it but once you reached the school, your mind quickly focused on something not less worrying; you still haven’t heard from Liam.

“Mason!” You called in the hallway to grab his attention, quickly walking over to him once he noticed you.

“Hey what’s up?” He asked.

“You and Liam went out for a run yesterday right?”


“Have you heard from him since then? He said he would text me when you two were done but I haven’t heard from him.”

“No I haven’t, he ran before me about half way through and I guessed he just went home afterwards.”

“Okay, thanks. I’ll see you at lunch?”

“Yea of course.” He smiled.

Something felt off, this wasn’t something Liam usually did. It wasn’t like him to just disappear. You decided to wait until the end of the day before talking to Scott, maybe Liam’ll show up before then.

The day went on and on but there was still no sign of Liam, you tried texting and calling but still you got no reply. Once your last period ended you scurried to find Scott; maybe he knew something about this.

“Scott.” You said as you came up to him.

“Hey Y/N, is everything okay?”

“Not really, Liam didn’t come to school today and Mason said he hasn’t seen him since he took off during their run yesterday, he hasn’t answered my texts and calls either. I think something might’ve happened to him.”

“Maybe he wasn’t feeling well, if you don’t hear from him until tomorrow then call me and we’ll think of what to do.”

You nodded softly at his suggestion.

“Hey don’t worry, I bet he’s fine and even if he isn’t we’ll find him. He wouldn’t want you worrying so much about him.” He said giving you a small hug.

“Okay.” You said softly against him before puling away.

Throughout the day you still haven’t heard from Liam and something was telling you something is wrong, you couldn’t explain it but you just knew that something was up.

The next day wasn’t any better. You tried calling him, texting him, even going over to his house but you still couldn’t reach him, and you were really starting to get worried. What if he’s hurt? Or worse, what if he’s dead? With the assassins running around killing supernaturals who knows what happened to him; and that’s what scared you the most.

You could barely focus on anything, your classes, your homework; the only thing that was on your mind was Liam. And speaking of things that never left you, the pain in your chest was still evident, as if it never left. It felt as if it were spreading across your body, it was a weird sensation.

The second the bell rang, signalling the end of your day you quickly ran to find Scott: something was up with Liam and it’s not good.

“Scott!” You said as you approached both him and Stiles.

“Good, you’re here too.” You said targeting Stiles earning an eye roll from him.

“Liam is missing.”

“What do you mean missing?” Stiles asked.

“Missing as in haven’t been around and not answering my texts or calls for the past two days. No one has seen him and I think someone hurt him.“

“Are you sure he’s not just ignoring you or something?” Stiles asked, clearly annoyed.

“No one including his parents have seen him in two days, something is wrong here and I don’t know what but something happened to him. I know it.”

“I think I might know who can help us.” Scott said, turning his focus to a certain blonde standing across the hall; Garrett.

“So? What did he say?” You asked Scott as he walked back from talking to Garrett.

“He wants the money and Violet, Apparently he stabbed Liam with wolfsbane so we need to find him as fast as possible.”

Your mind clicked at the sentence he said, ‘stabbed with wolfsbane’.

“What?” Scott ask you once he noticed a change in your facial expression.


“Do you have any idea where he might be?” You asked.

“I might but for now we need to go with Garretts plan, we don’t want him to hurt Liam more than he did already.” His words made you flinch at the thought of him hurt.

You were pacing around your room, Scott was out with Garret and you had no idea what the hell was going on there but he said he’d call you when he went to find him.

Your line of thought was cut by your ringing phone, you quickly noticed Scotts caller ID and answered the call.

“Y/N I think I know where Liam is. Meet me at the woods!” He said before hanging up.

You quickly rush downstairs and get in your car and start driving towards the woods, the pack made an agreement and decided on a certain place in the woods where you all meet up if you need to; once you reached it you quickly found Scott waiting for you.

“He’s supposed to be here in this area, we’ll split up. If something happens or you find him just growl and I’ll find you.” He said as you nodded in agreement before you two split up and started searching for him.

You run throughtout the woods trying to catch his scent, his heartbeat, anything. You felt your eyes well up with tears.. Maybe you won’t find him? Maybe you’ll be too late? What if you already are too late? God these thoughts were enough for your chest to tighten and your stomach flip just from thinking of them.

You keep running and from far away you see this stump from a far, it looks a bit like a huge tree stump or a well maybe. You come closer and find a scent you were so glad to find. You run as fast as your tired legs could and reach the well, You look down and you felt your heart drop from your chest.

Liam.” You said faintly as your eyes widened. He looked up at you with wide eyes and a shocked expression but he was quickly distracted by his hand slipping even more off the rock he held on to.

You quickly ducked down into the well reaching as far as you could.

“Grab my hand!” You said trying to reach even farther.

“I-I, I can’t!” He groaned as he tried his best to hold on to the rock, only to be pulled off by his foot slipping off leaving him to hold onto the rock by his arm alone.

You looked down at him in fear.

“Come on!” You said trying to reach him, fortunately grabbing his arm just as he slipped off of the rock he held on to.

“You can’t lift me up alone! Let me go!” He shouted at you. Yes you had your werewolf strength but this was out of your league; but there was no chance you were letting him go.

“Ugh!” You groaned as he started slipping, His weight starting to overpower your strength.

“Scott!” You growled.

Scott!” You growled even louder, your voice echoing throughout the forest.

Just a moment later and he ran from within the shadows, rushing to your side.

“Scott I can’t hold him anymore!” You groaned as your arm ached in pain.

He quickly grabbed his arm allowing you to let go and hold your arm against your side while he lifted Liam up and out of the well. You felt the tears streaming onto your cheeks once you saw him struggle to lift himself out of the well.

He stumbled a little once he was out but you were quick on catching him in your embrace, his body was shaking against you and his cold skin sent shivers down your spine and goosebumps onto your skin. You felt your tears now flowing freely as you held him tightly, your head pressed tightly against the side of his neck as his arms were wrapped tightly against you.

“You’re safe Liam; You’re safe.” You said taking his face in your hands, looking at him for the first time. His eyes were full of fear and worry as they flickered between your facial features.

You looked down at his body and noticed a wound on his chest, right where you felt that stinging pain couple days ago.

“Scott..” You said faintly as he stepped closer to the two of you, inspecting the wound.

“We need to get him to Deaton.”

You stood next to him as he laid there on the metal table, His eyes were closed and you were pretty sure he was unconscious but you still held his hand as you watched Deaton make the incision across his chest, causing weird yellow smoke to rise up from the wound before you saw it healing slowly.

“Y/N.” Scott said softly as he distracted you from your gaze on Liam.

“How did you know something was wrong?” He asked.

You looked between him and Deaton before looking up at Chris who was there too.

“I can’t really explain it, I just felt something was wrong. Like a gut feeling.”

“Did you feel anything else? Maybe something more physical?” Deaton asked.

“I felt him being stabbed, a couple hours after he left for the run I felt this sharp pain in my chest.”

“You felt his pain.” Deaton said.

“Yes but what does that mean?” You asked, your heartbeat rising.

“It means you two share a type of emotional connection, a tether between you two. It’s rare amongst werewolf your age.”

“What do you mean it’s rare? What do we have?”

“Your his mate Y/N; You felt his emotional and physical pain. Not many wolves find their mate, and it’s very rare to find it at this age.”

“So what does this mean? What does this mean for us?” You ask as your look flickered to Scott and  Liam who was still sleeping on the table.

“That’s for you to decide.”

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