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Fun On A Pick Up C.H.

Trigger Warning; smut (it’s just fingering but if you don’t like it, skip it) 

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“Calum, the water’s freezing!” you screamed as Calum laughed, his arms still holding your body so you would stay close to him.

All of your friends had been planning to go to the beach together for quite a long time. The boys didn’t spend much time home, so when they were there, you would always hang out together.

Given the hot summer in Australia, Luke came up with the idea of going to the beach and there you were, laughing and enjoying some free time with your boyfriend and your best friends.

“C’mon, darling;” Calum chuckled, “it’s not so cold. You’re just exaggerating.”

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Imagine Halfdan seeing you as a Goddess

Request:  Yay! I Love Halfdan! 😍 can the setting be in the 4th season of Vikings when halfdan and his brother first arrive at kattegat? The reader is Bjorn’s full blooded sister and half sister to the rest of the Ragnarssons. When Halfdan see’s her for the first time he thinks she looks like a goddess and wants her for himself but is surprised she’s the daughter of Ragnar! Also would it be ok to ask for smut? -Halfdan Girl
Note: I hope this is good enough?! My first one and immidiatly my intensed one.

Warning: No fluff but smut for a change.
Words: 3584

That stallion underneath you moved in certain moments faster than the wind. There wasn’t something that freed you more than that feeling. His hooves picked up the sand, throwing it up behind him in his muscular movements. Now that Björn was away, to find himself again, to test himself and your father was a little bit off on moments it was your task to keep him straight for Lagertha couldn’t come to settle things. You hated Aslaug as much as Lagertha did, making you a real treat for the queen of Kattegat. You pulled the reins and the stallion slowed down, cantering to the edge of that small cliff from where you had a majestic view over all of Kattegat. You petted the stallion on his wet neck before looking towards the bay from where you saw three ships approaching. You squeezed your eyes a little, looking before you pulled the reins over his left shoulder. ‘Come on.’ You said, walking down the small pat towards Kattegat. Everybody recognized you while you walked through the street towards the docks. The only daughter from Ragnar Lothbrok amongst his five sons. Giving your mother was Lagertha your reputation leaded back to her, making you a goods swordsmen and an even better archer. Although you were a woman, it was your destiny to lead someday ,because, like Floki putted it always …. It was written by the gods.

You tied the reins on a pole nearby a shed, petting the stallion over his head before leaving him while heading to the docks. You father stood there, with Aslaug and two little boys, Ubbe and Hvitserk. ‘Psst.’ They both turned their heads, looking thought the people surrounding the docks.
‘Y/n!’ Hvitserk yelled when he found you, moving his little legs even faster when Ubbe outran him. You wrapped your arms around their shoulders and smiled enthusiastically.
‘Who is arriving?’ You asked curious, pulling them with you back to Ragnar and his wife. Her gaze was poison, just like her heart was. You mostly ignored her and she hated that, what made it more fun to do.
‘King Harald.’ Ubbe answered. You knew king Harald, vaguely. Being so much with your mother pulled you away from what was important in Kattegat, certainly if your brother got involved.
‘Father.’ You greeted Ragnar. He turned his bald head, smiling, way to joyful.
‘Being my daughter you should visit more often.’
‘I do, you’re just hardly around.’ You fired right back. Hvitserk left your side, walking closer to the dock to where the ships were approaching.
‘I have a lot on my mind Y/n.’ He whispered so Aslaug couldn’t hear it. You turned around, looking for that new slave woman of him.
‘I noticed, where is your new girlfriend?’
‘She isn’t.’ He protested, with that eagerly mysterious smile on his lips. You only nodded, glad that she wasn’t around to poison his mind again. Woman liked to do that with Ragnar, influence him. Or he was just to weak towards the other sex. You let your eyes go back to the boats that were closely now. You recognized King Harald, because you saw hem some time back. You didn’t forget fast faces, certainly not faces like Harald, he had it out for more than only raiding and conquering, he wanted to rule. When your father laid his hand on your shoulder you looked back to him. ‘There will be a feast, you should get your mother and Kalf. We gonna raid Paris again.’ The euphoria in his voice made you smile.
‘Can I come then?’ You asked, flashing your eyelashes a little to fast in the hope it would look innocent. He embraced your face with his dirty hands and pressed a kiss on your forehead.
‘Off course, you should come.’ He announced before scratching his hand through Ubbe his hair. ‘You to.’
‘They are just boys Ragnar.’ Aslaug got into it. And that was your moment to leave. You walked back to the shed where your stallion waited and pulled yourself back in the saddle after untying him. You looked up to the docks where King Harald jumped out of his ship and greeted Ragnar with to much manors. He was followed by another man, his face just as tattooed like Harald himself, half shaved head with blond half long hair at the other half. His smile after his brother introduced him made you look a little longer. The man started to look around, you being on a horse putted that attention right at you. He just looked, like you did, holding each other’s eyes caged before you clicked your tongue and the stallion started to move again.

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Addiction (Jiyong-2)


Description: Roughly two years before your engagement party with Mino. 

Part One Part Three Part Four

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For eighteen years you hadn’t the felt the touch of a man. It was no issue for you since you really didn’t like to be touched at all. For some years you even thought you were asexual because you lacked a sexual connection with any boy you knew. That idea went straight out of your head as you stared up at Jiyong who had you pinned down on your small dorm bed. His vibrant eyes blazing with lust and curiosity. 

He’d never seen this look on a woman. Usually all the girls that he’d been with weren’t a stranger to sex, he had even had some encounter with virgins but none of them looked as scared and anxious as you did. You were at his complete mercy and boy did that turn him on. He pressed his hips on yours letting you feel his hard on right on your abdomen. 

Your eyes widened in fear at realization on how big he felt. The expression and sudden gasp of air made him smirk wider. He rolled his hips on to you as he whispered in your ear, “Can you handle me?” he questioned, sexily biting down on your ear lobe making you squirm beneath him. 

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Family Traditions

Trigger Warning: Implied rape. 

My mother is a terrifying woman.

She has never hurt me, nor do I think she ever would, nor has she ever directly frightened me. Any fear comes from observing her with other people, people who have wronged her or me or someone else she loves in some way. It’s like a switch has flicked and she becomes a totally different person. Her voice becomes sharp and cold, it’s enough to make goosebumps prickle my skin. Her eyes become cold too; a dark void that show nothing but accuse their target of all. I’ve watched grown man crumble under her, a woman who barely scrapes 5'3" and has very little in the way of muscle. Yet there is something about the absolute rage that consumes her, that quiet, frigid anger, that makes the stutter and surrender. They give in to her will, or she shatters them.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t admire that ability. Though I’m a good three inches taller than my mother, I am equally as devoid of muscle and have none of her rage. I’m quiet and always have been meek. My mother never mocked me for this, nor did she try to change me. She has always been content to come to my aid, protect the thing most precious to her.

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