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We are not a fan club. We are a community. We celebrate Taylor Swift’s songs; songs that define our life. We lift each other up and cheer each other on. We are you and you are us.
—  Taylor Nation (found in the Taylor Nation booth on tour)
I need help learning to lift!!!

Okay, so this goes out to all the female lifters out there or even the male lifters who have advice. I want to start lifting, but 1. I am super terrified that I won’t be able to do it and 2. I am completely in the dark about how to even start. I am at the heaviest I ever want to be which fluctuates between 229-234ish. I am 5'3 and ¾ and I have never really had an exercise regimen or anything. I’ve tried insanity but only made it two months, but I am extremely serious about this. I want to get stronger and I want to learn to love and appreciate my body and what it can do. So, please take some time and give me advice please. Do I lose weight first exercising regularly then try lifting? How to I figure out where to start weight wise? How do I figure out position and how many reps? Please your stories,tips, and suggestions are welcomed and very appreciated. Thank you!
**please spread this around to anyone you think could help me**

Lifting life up

If the bad stuff is getting to you too much, create more good stuff. Nothing can bring you down when you’re busy lifting life up.

Don’t fight the negativity, because that will just draw you in deeper. Instead, overwhelm negativity with positive substance.

Constantly complaining makes you more invested in whatever you are complaining about. Resist the temptation to complain, and find a positive response.

Let the negativity be, then let it go. Free yourself from its grip and with that freedom, move forward.

You don’t have to be naive to be positive. Though the negative things are still there, you can choose to focus all of your energy on creating new goodness.

No matter how difficult things are, there is always something good you can do. Lift up life, and put more of the power of positive living in your world.

— Ralph Marston