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Ok but imagine harry and the missus having a baby girl 2 weeks before Liam's baby is born and them taking her over to meet baby Payne when he's a week old and they're shocked about how big she has gotten in just 3 weeks :)


“She’s still so tiny but she’s grown a lot, hasn’t she?” Liam coos, pushing his head into the baby carrier as Harry unclips her car seat from the back seat of the car, “it’s so unreal that we’ve had babies within a month of each other. You reckon they’ll grow up together and be best buddies?”

“I’d like to think so,” Harry grins widely at the thought, wrapping his hand around the handle and lifting her from the car, setting her on the ground beside his feet as he reached across the baby bag filled with bottles of milk and clean nappies, setting the strap over his shoulder, “although, she’s off limits to any boy so don’t tell your lad he can date her. Because I will widely disagree with it.”

“You wouldn’t,” Liam laughs, shaking his head as he lifts the carrier up, “you’d love them being together.”

“I damn well would not,” Harry jokes, “no, it’ll be nice, of course. But, you’ve got’a let me meet your lad before we decide on arranged marriages.”

“Arrange marriages? Who’s getting married?” Cheryl laughs from the door, the missus appearing behind her with baby Payne in her arms, cooing softly over the tiny bundle, “come meet him, Harry. It’s about time you brought my little love back round. Look how big she’s gotten, huh? What are you feeding her?” xx

  • Kara Danvers: I think it's time we come clean Lena
  • Lena Luthor: It is?
  • Kara Danvers: I know you know that I am Supergirl and I think we should really talk abo....
  • Lena Luthor: YOU ARE SUPERGIRL!?
  • Kara Danvers: Bu...t I though you knew!? You constantly were giving hints like saying how my muscles look like I could lift a whole car, how I am as pretty as Supergirl, how my legs....
  • Lena Luthor: For god's sake Kara I was flirting with you!
  • Kara Danvers: .......ohh....oops
the signs, based on iconic brooklyn nine nine moments
  • aries: doesn't have a single picture out where they're smiling. is their mouth broken
  • taurus: gets offended when math is brought into the conversation
  • gemini: is defeated by a fairy princess castle and ends up having a complete mental breakdown. WHAT KIND OF CASTLE HAS WHEELS????
  • cancer: their idea of massively sucking up to someone is by offering the person a mint
  • leo: the EXTRA™ one. willing to lift a gd car just to prove a point
  • virgo: is a terrible, TERRIBLE cook but doesn't know it. the kinda person who uses baking soda instead when they run out of salt. why wouldn't they? they're both white powders
  • libra: pulls out a giant knife from their back pocket. where did they even put that. how did it even fit. what
  • scorpio: is being told to bone their significant other and ends up having a 40 minute meltdown
  • sagittarius: somehow ends up behind the wheel of a truck and crashes into a car. they actually end up saving the day
  • capricorn: lapses into song lyrics when anxious
  • aquarius: is called 'fun' once and feels insulted, demands an apology
  • pisces: considers getting coffee flavored ice cream once being fancy

This is a redesign or rather actual development of my old character called Duncan. He’s around 40 years old ex-test subject for artificial muscle tissue enhancements, being the only one the test actually had the desired effect on, he’s strong enough to lift a car with one hand.

He’s a goofball who can’t really take himself seriously, does powerlifting and boxing and helps those in need.