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In A Moment Ch. 1

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Steve x Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 1150

Warnings: None that I can think of! Maybe a little fluff…

A/N: I know that some of my facts may be a little off, but I’m not perfect! I’m just trying to do my best! Stay with me guys, we’re building up to the good stuff!

Read the Prologue HERE to get caught up!

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The steady chimes of the many machines surrounding your hospital bed were the only sounds in the silent room. Bucky held your limp hand in his and watched the line on the heart monitor repeat its cycle with the beats. He placed his metal elbow on the bed and rested his forehead in his hand. He knew you would hate this. You would hate being in this bed, a machine helping you breathe. It had been confirmed by many neurologists that you have brain function. But for some reason, you wouldn’t open your eyes.  

Bucky lifted his head when he heard the sliding glass door open to your hospital room. Steve walked in and placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze before going to the other side of the bed and sitting in a chair.

“Buck, you need to leave this room once and awhile,” Steve said as he scooted his chair closer to the bed and leaned his elbows on it.

“I don’t want her to be alone,” Bucky sighed as he leaned back in his chair and looked across at Steve.

“There are like 50 people milling around this place at all times,” Steve pointed to the glass walls that made up your room. “She wouldn’t be alone.”

“You know what I mean,” Bucky rubbed his forehead. “She could wake up any minute.”

They both fell silent, neither of them wanting to voice the other option. Steve looked up at the monitor and made a mental note of the stats before looking down at you. Pale, you looked so pale. The circles under your eyes were so dark that they looked like bruises. You had a small rash around the tape holding the breathing tube in your mouth.

“I have never thought of her as small,” Steve said absentmindedly. “I have never once looked at her and thought that she was small or weak. But, as she lays here that is all I see. She looks so small.”

Bucky nodded in agreement. He watched as Steve wrapped your hand in his, rubbing smalls circles. “You are in love with her too, aren’t you?” Steve’s eyes snapped up to meet his. “Yea, I know the feeling, pal.”

Before Steve could answer, Tony walked in with Bruce trailing behind him. He looked between Steve and Bucky with a questioning look while Bruce wrote your vitals on the clipboard at the end of the bed. Bucky got up from his chair and moved to lean against the wall. Steve did the same, watching Bruce closely as he lifted the blanket that was covering you. Folding it to your hips, he raised the hospital gown to inspect the bandage around your chest.

“So, Banner and I are here to discuss a course of action fellas,” Tony said clapping his hands in front of him. “It’s been a week and sleeping beauty here has had enough rest. One of you Prince Charming’s need to kiss her so we can wake her up.”

Bruce chuckled lightly, but Steve and Bucky stared at him less than amused.

“Wow… tough crowd,” Tony looked down at his feet for a moment before looking back up. “In all seriousness, we have two options and neither of you are going to like them.”

Bruce spoke up from his spot by the door, “The first option is taking her off the vent and see if she will breathe on her own.”

“And if that doesn’t work?” Bucky asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Then we let nature take its course,” Tony answered before Bruce could.

“What is the second option?” Steve asked, shaking his head at Tony.

Both Tony and Bruce seemed to get uncomfortable and sent nervous glances at each other. Bruce looked at Steve first and then at Bucky before he answered. “We inject her with the serum.”

“No.” Steve and Bucky said at the same time.

“Guys, hear him out,” Tony tried to reason.

Steve looked over at Bucky to see him looking down at you, clenching his jaw. He looked at Bruce and nodded for him to continue.

“I have been working all week on a special chemical solution that I think would work well for her,” Bruce pulled out the papers that he had stuffed in his back pocket and handed them to Steve. “It’s not the same serum from the 1940’s or even the same that we have seen in recent years.”

Steve was reading through Banner’s notes when Bucky spoke up, “What will it do?”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., bring up the diagram please.” Tony said to the A.I.

“Yes Mr. Stark,” she said as a yellow computerized version of yourself appeared over your body. Bruce stepped up and pressed a few buttons on a handheld console.

Blue lines started to thread through the computerized veins, showing where the serum would go. “It will enhance her,” Bruce began. “Her body, her abilities, her mind. She’ll have the faster healing abilities and no Gamma or Vita rays will be involved so her personality will stay the same… she shouldn’t turn green.”

Bucky and Steve just stared at the computerized silhouette in front of them and Tony looked pained.

“It really is a tough crowd in here,” Bruce shook his head with a laugh. “She will essentially be just like you Cap. Or that is the hope at least.”

“Will her being an assassin affect anything?” Steve asked, looking at Tony. “Her past has her straddling the line between good or bad.”

“She’s not a bad person,” Bucky was quick to defend you.

“I didn’t say she was Buck,” Steve handed the notes over to Bucky. “I’m just saying we have heard the rumors on what she was forced to do before Tony found her.”

“She’ll become a Super Soldier,” Tony said, clicking a button on Bruce’s handheld to vaporize the diagram.

“A Super Assassin,” Bucky said quietly.

Everyone in the room fell silent and looked at one another. Bucky sat back down in his chair, placing his elbows on his knees and ran his fingers through his hair. Steve watched him, wondering what he was thinking.

Tony was the first to break the silence, “We need to be real here, it is the only thing that is going to save her. I’ll give you time to think about that.”

With that, him and Bruce exited the room.  

Steve walked to the end of your bed and placed his hands on the slat, hanging his head. Normally he was the calm one under pressure, but this was making him want to scream out his frustration.

“Answer my question from earlier,” Bucky said, getting up and moving to stand next to Steve.

He glanced over at Bucky before looking at you lie in that hospital bed. “Yea Bucky, I am.” Steve placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder again, “Let’s save her life.”

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Yes Sir Part 3

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part 3: Something Good

Professor Winchester and Reader get closer as their relationship develops.

Part 2  Series Masterlist  On AO3

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, oral, fingering, public sex, unprotected sex. Feels, language, fluff, angst, mention of death of a parent. Severe spaghetti sauce harm. WC: 3460. Gifs aren’t mine.

A/N: This is for @just-another-busy-fangirl​‘s 1K Music Challenge - the song “Something Good” from Sound of Music. This is one of my all time fav movies. I think “Something Good” is one of the most romantic songs ever. I knew when I chose this song for the challenge that the fanfic that went with it had to be special. Hope you like it. 

Fall quarter arrived and I was scheduled for only one class with Professor Winchester. I was disappointed, but I was taking 18 hours of class plus working at the bar. Our designated Tuesdays and Thursdays hook up schedule happened few and far between. After 10 weeks of seeing each other every day it was difficult to adjust to. But I knew my time with John wasn’t a mistake.

One Wednesday afternoon I was standing in the hallway outside our classroom talking to a friend when she noticed Professor Winchester walking down the hallway towards us. She froze mid-sentence, staring up in wonder at her crush. I nonchalantly looked over at him as he stopped next to us.

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A Really Good Idea

Joe decided that there was nothing better after a long day than stepping out of the lift and towards the front door, knowing that relaxation was only moments away.

And so when the lift doors opened onto his floor, he let out a sigh, pushing himself off of the wall and out from them, digging his keys out of his pocket.

Just as he went to search for the key that unlocked his flat, his eyes caught on a sight.

There was a woman, about his age, dancing.

Clearly she thought she was alone, because there was no shame in her movements as she danced around the small hallway, her eyes closed, and from the slim white cord dangling from her head, headphones in.

The lift doors slide shut behind him, and so Joe was trapped. But also captivated.

He felt a smile tug at his lips as he watched the stranger move around the small space, the faint sound of her music reaching his ears. He wasn’t sure who she was, but judging by the bag tossed beside the door across from his, he assumed it was his new neighbour that had moved in just over a month ago.

Somehow, they always managed to just miss each other, and now Joe was wondering how he hadn’t noticed the vibrant woman before.

His door was on the other side of her, but he didn’t want to interrupt her dancing, although he briefly wondered why she was dancing in the hallway instead of inside of her flat, so he leaned against the wall, laughing softly to himself.

Only a minute more passed before she sees him.

And when she did, she froze, her cheeks flushing red as she tugged the headphones out of her ears.

“Hello,” Joe smiled over at her.

“Uhm, hi. How long…”

“Not long,” He told her, pushing himself off of the wall. “I didn’t want to interrupt your flow though.”

“This is embarrassing.” She mumbled, fiddling with the cord.

“No worries, love.” He found the key to his door, lifting his eyes back to her, “But I do have one question?”

“Only one?”

“Yes,” He laughed, “Why are you dancing in the hallway?”

“Oh.” She brushed the hair out of her face, “I lost my keys.”

“Ah, that makes sense. I’m Joe, by the way. I live there.” He pointed at the door just past her.

“Y/N. I live here.” She pointed at her door.

“Nice to finally meet you, Y/N.” He smiled over at her again.

“You too. And uhm, do you know what I should do? About the whole key situation?”

“Normally, I’d say call the building manager,” Joe slipped the key into his lock, “But there was a notice posted downstairs saying he was out of town until morning.”

“Convenient.” Y/N mumbled, falling back against the wall beside her door.

He looked at her, making a sudden decision, “Want to come over for dinner?”


“Well, it’d be bad neighbour behaviour to leave you out here alone. So, do you want to come over for dinner?”

“Are you sure? What if I’m some killer?”

“Y/N, I just saw you dancing in our hallway. I don’t think you’re a killer.”

“Fair enough,” Laughing, she bent over to pick up her bag, “Then dinner sounds lovely.”

“Come on in,” Joe stepped to the side, allowing her to step into his flat.

This was either a really stupid idea, or a really good idea.

And hours later, as the two sat on the couch, laughing loudly over the story Y/N had just told, Joe decided it was a really good idea.

“That is great,” He said breathlessly, running a hand through his hair. “I cannot believe you did that.”

“My best friend dared me! I would never actually do it.”

“Sure,” He grinned over at her, finishing the last of his drink.

“I wouldn’t!” She protested, shaking her head, a smile on her lips.

Over the past couple of hours, Joe had learned a great deal about his neighbour, one of them being that he really liked her smile.

And that maybe he really liked her.

The entire night had been easy and comfortable, the two of them cooking dinner and chatting. They had discovered that they had quite a bit in common, jumping from topic to topic. He wondered why he hadn’t met his neighbour sooner.

Noticing the yawn that Y/N attempted to poorly hide, Joe stood from the couch, picking up the other glass from the table. “Tired?”

“A little,” She admitted, standing and following him into the kitchen. “Suppose I should call a friend and see if I can crash with them.”

“It’s like..eleven thirty. You aren’t going anywhere.”

“What? Joe, I can’t get into my place!”

“I know, you can crash in my guest room.”

“I couldn’t,” She shook her head, “You’ve already done so much.”

“Take the offer, Y/N.”


“Take it.”

“Fine. But I owe you.”

“You can make me breakfast in the morning,” Joe smiled, “Room’s this way.”

He lead her over to the guest room, pointing out where extra towels were along the way. He remained in the doorway as she sat on the bed.

“Oh, do you want anything to sleep in?”

“No,” Y/N replied, “I’ll be fine with what I’m wearing.”

“I’m just upstairs if you need anything.”


“Alright. Then, goodnight.” He nodded, turning and heading back for the kitchen.

After the lights were turned off, he was heading for the stairs when her voice stopped him.

“Wait, Joe.”

“Yeah?” She stood in the doorway of the guest room, biting lightly on her bottom lip.

“One last thing…”


She walked over to him quickly, placing a hand on his arm before kissing him on the cheek softly. “Thank you, for tonight.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.” Joe scratched the back of his neck, his cheeks warming slightly.

“Goodnight,” Y/N smiled at him, turning around slowly and walking back to the guest room.

“Night,” He called back when she glanced over her shoulder, closing the door behind her.

Yup, Joe decided as he climbed up the stairs, a really really good idea.

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would you be up for writing a third part to your recent drabbles? we all need some good ole baby fluff to tie us down for a while :-) you're amazing!

part i, part ii

In retrospect, she should have taken the lift.

Jemma realises this when she is on the third flight of stairs up to the flat, and her feet are beginning to ache and the bags in her arms are starting to drag and, much to her dismay, she is feeling rather out of breath.

Pursing her lips together tightly, she eyes first the silver doors to the lift on her left and then glances upwards at the four flights of stairs she still has to climb. With a sigh, Jemma presses the up button of the lift and waits for the doors to slide open for her.

In fairness, she thinks to herself as the lift starts to carry her back home, she shouldn’t really feel guilty about it. After all, she was eight months pregnant.

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Kirishima, todoroki, and bakugou (separate) surprisingly picking up their s/o from work and taking them out on a stargazing date. Thanks

Sure thing! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


It’s already dark when he greets his partner and tells them he has a surprise prepared. They follow him to the very edge of the city and to the perfect spot he picked out a couple of days ago.

Leading them through a lit backstreet, they reach a tall building at the end of it.

“A friend of mine left the rooftop door open for us.” Kirishima says and leads his partner into the elevator.

“What have you planned?” They ask and eye the bag and backpack he carries with him. He gives them a wide smile and leans over to give them as kiss.

“It’s a surprise.” Kirishima answers and then straightens once the lift stops with a ding. The doors slide open and they walk through the short hallway to the open steel door.

Stepping out into the rooftop, Kirishima quickly pulls a tick blanket from his backpack and spreads it over the dry roof. The air is warm and a soft, gentle breeze is steadily blowing up here.

“Look up.” Kirishima says gently with a small grin and his partner does as he says.

They’re still by the city, though the tall building and the clear sky help immensely. The stars dot like glowing point along the midnight sky and his partner just gazes up, looking surprised and a small, happy smile spreads over their face.

Kirishima can’t help the happy grin that spreads over his, while he unpacks the dinner he prepared. Once his love notices that, they kneel down at this side on the blanket and draw him into a warm, long kiss.

“Thank you.” They whisper with a wide smile. “I love this.”


The weather is perfect and the night clear and warm, when his partner gets out of work. Todoroki is already waiting for them, a late dinner and everything they need in a backpack at his side.

His partner greets him with a quick, chaste kiss. “It’s nice to see you, thank you for picking me up.” They say with a smile and are about to tug him off to go home, when he stops them.

“I prepared a surprise.” Todoroki admits and leads them the other way. “I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I will.” His partner says with a curious smile, slipping their hand into his. “Though I hope you brought food, I’m starving.”

“Of course.” Todoroki leads them to the outskirts of the city and towards a flowing, wide river, where he sets everything down. Once he pulls the blanket and the food out of the backpack, his partner catches on and looks around.

They notice the star covered sky above them and they breathe in deeply, turning to give him a disbelieving grin.

“You really went all out.” They say and notice the food and drinks he brought. They step up to him to give him a long, soft kiss. “Thank you, this is wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Todoroki answers with a smile and when they sit down beside him, he hugs them close.


His partner thankfully doesn’t ask many questions, when Bakugou picks them up from work. He simply tells them it’s a surprise and they give the bag at his side a curious glance.

It takes a bit until they reach the spot he picked and once they’re there; he subtly points up and sets down the bag, ready to take everything out.

“I damn hope you like it.” He says and his partner tilts their head up.

Their mouth drops open for a moment, as they see the sea of stars spreading above them and Bakugou smiles to himself, satisfied, when he pulls the containers with food out of the bag along with a blanket.

When he puts the blanket down, his partner snaps out of their daze and they quickly kneel beside him and give him a warm, deep kiss.

“I take it you like it.” He says with a grin and his partner laughs and sits down, gratefully accepting the food he hands them.

“I love it. How did you find this place?”  They ask, shuffling closer to press their sides together and Bakugou wraps an arm around them.

“It was fucking easy.” He says and kisses the top of their head. “And no one usually comes by, so we can stay as long as we frigging want to.”

“Perfect.” His partner smiles widely and looks up again, their gaze trailing over all the stars and Bakugou falls quiet, feeling calm and satisfied that his surprise has worked out so well.

Few Moments Alone

“That Caspar?” Jack asks Joe as the older man slips his phone back into the pocket of his jeans.

“Yeah, was just wondering if we were here yet.”

“So impatient. We’re literally in the lobby!”

“I know,” Joe laughs as the lift doors open, allowing the two to step in, “He just likes to know where people are when he has plans.”

“You sure we have to hang out with him?” Jack asks, watching the lift doors close slowly, and he feels himself let out a breath of relief when no one appears to join them.

“You don’t want to hang out with Caspar?” Joe glances over at him as he hits the button for Caspar’s floor, smirking at the hungry look in the younger man’s eyes.

“No.” Jack mumbles, “I want to hang out with you.”

“Well,” Joe turns to face him, stepping closer, “We have a few moments alone.”

“Do we?” Jack hums, allowing Joe to push him back against the wall, his arms moving around the warm body pressing against him.

“Best take advantage of it,” Joe whispers before his lips are on Jack’s, and the younger man feels his eyes fall closed at the familiar feeling, his fingers gripping Joe’s shirt tightly. He lets out a low moan when Joe slots one of his legs between Jack’s, one of his hands working its way into Jack’s hair, the other splayed across Jack’s chest. When he feels Joe’s tongue run along his bottom lip, Jack is more than eager to part his mouth, allowing Joe’s tongue to slip inside, dancing together with his own.

Having been deprived of his boyfriend for most of the day, Jack feels all of the pent up tension releasing as he pulls Joe that much closer, both lost in the heat of the kiss. Jack drags Joe’s bottom lip between his teeth as he pulls back a bit, enjoying the dark look in his boyfriends eyes as they flutter open, Joe’s breath heavy against Jack’s lips.

“Missed you,” Jack mumbles before his lips find Joe’s once more, flipping them around so he has the older man pressed against the wall, his body rolling against Joe’s. And when his boyfriend lets out a low moan, Jack uses it to his advantage, his tongue finding Joe’s once again, picking up the sensual dance from before.

The make out session becomes heated quickly, both hands roaming each others bodies, making use of the little time they have before they have to pretend they’re nothing more than friends once more.

Except neither are particularly paying attention to what floor they’re on, and so when the door of the lift slides open, neither notice their mate standing there, phone at the ready, body tensed to jump and scare them.

Instead of letting out the small cry to scare them, Caspar instead bursts out with a loud: “What the hell?!”

It still succeeds in scaring the two boys, and they both jump apart quickly. Caspar looks between them, their cheeks flushed and lips swollen, with rumpled clothes and messed up hair.

“Oh,” Joe rasps, running a hand through his hair, “Hey, Caspar.”

The South African reaches out a hand quickly to stop the lift door from closing once more, his mouth still open in shock as he stares over at his mates.

“You weren’t supposed to see that.” Jack mutters, glancing over at his boyfriend quickly, his body thrumming at the disheveled appearance, knowing it was because of him.

“Oh, really?” Caspar drawls, and the two wince at the tone. “How long?”

“Uhm,” Joe shifts on his feet, smiling over at Jack when he feels the younger man’s hand slip into his, “A couple months?”

“Wow,” Caspar blinks, “Had no idea.”

“No one does.” Jack shrugs, tugging Joe along behind him as he slips past Caspar and out of the lift, “You’re the first to find out.”

“We meant to tell everyone, really,” Joe says over his shoulder as Jack leads them towards Caspar’s flat, “But then we just…”

“Didn’t.” Jack finishes, pulling Joe against his side, smiling at him, “We got distracted.”

“Ugh,” Caspar wrinkles his nose as he follows the couple inside, “Please don’t share.”

“Don’t share what?” Josh asks when they walk into the kitchen, raising an eyebrow at the sight of Jack’s arm around Joe’s waist, along with their rumpled appearance, “Never mind. Game’s nearly on.”

“That was easy,” Joe mutters to Jack.

“Does that mean we can finish what we started?” Jack hums, nuzzling against Joe’s neck, “Because I think Caspar interrupted a little too early.”

This’ll Make An Awesome Story If We Survive

Star Wars (The Force Awakens) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Finn + Kylo Ren & Poe Dameron

Warnings: violence

Request: “One-shot based on “Imagine being held hostage by the First Order and Finn telling Poe about you”, bonus point if Finn fall for the reader?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,547

A/N: original gif imagine can be found here [x] !! i feel like it’s been ages since i wrote about Finn !! halfway through this i realized that technically Finn doesn’t have a name up until this point in the story but to be honest I was too tired to go back and change it, hope everything’s okay with this story.

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the words that make an origin story

Originally posted by thediaryoflaurapalmer

Community Appreciation Week 2017
Day 1: favorite character (Troy Barnes)

also available on ao3, in case my blog isn’t fun to read on.

Troy knows that he’s not the smartest. It never really bothers him, because his teacher knows that he tries and she never yells at him. He’s only six years old, his mom says, and learning will come with time. Figuring out the difference between the little letter ‘b’ and the little letter ‘d’ just requires practice. Adding and subtracting the numbers his teacher gives him might take him a few moments longer than the rest of the kids, but she’s never said anything about the way he counts on his fingers. Practice, practice, practice – that’s all he needs. The schooling environment is harder for some children, the adults say to each other when they think he isn’t listening, but everything evens out in the end and Troy will be just fine with practice.

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I Love Your Thighs

Two Birds with One Stone:

Smut where you and namjoon(bts) r at home alone. You guys cuddle and in the comes a sexscene? Thank youuu


Rap monster morning sex

A/N: The only thing that I changed was the “home” part.

Group: BTS

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut

Ever since the two of you woke up this morning, you just stayed cuddled up in bed. You could feel the fresh breeze brought in from the sea. You lifted your head a bit to look out of the sliding glass door across the room. Namjoon’s company had booked rooms in an oceanfront hotel for their vacation and the view was gorgeous. You sighed, seeing the sand blowing around outside and laid your head back down. Today was going to be a lazy day, you could feel it in the air.

Today was a day that you would just enjoy each other’s company. “We don’t have to get up, right?” you questioned.

“Nope. As of last night, we are officially on a two-week vacation” Namjoon said, snuggling up closer to you. He kissed your cheek and you smiled. You turned your head back to look at his smiling face and he kissed your lips.

“And I have you all to myself?” you asked.

“Of course… as long as we avoid the other boys” he grinned. You gasped dramatically and pulled his arm around you tighter.

“It’s almost too good to be true. I get to have you and your arms all day for two weeks” you said. Namjoon kissed your cheek again before kissing your neck. He ran his hands down the curve of your waist passed your hip and stopped against the smooth skin of your thigh. He squeezed your thigh and sighed. “I love your fleshy thighs” he said.


“Your thighs. I said, ‘I love your juicy thighs’” he corrected quickly.

“No you didn’t! You said that I have fleshy thighs” you smiled back at him.

“You just heard wrong. I said ‘juicy’, trust me” he said.

“That is not what you said” you laughed. Namjoon kissed your neck, smiling, as he wrapped his leg around you. Having a weekend just to yourselves proved to be completely relaxing. Even on a day like today where all you did was cuddle and stay in the bed.

“I did say that, I said I loved your juicy thighs” his deep voice said into your ear.

“You said, ‘fleshy’ thighs! Are you saying my thighs are fat?” you smiled, turning your head to look back at him. He didn’t respond, kissing along your jawline. “Namjoon.”

“Your skin is so soft” he mumbled, rubbing his plump lips over yours. You kissed him and his teeth nipped at your lips. You pulled your head back and he looked into your eyes. “I have fat thighs?” you smiled.

“I love your thighs” he said, pressing his lips against the skin of your shoulder. 

His hand grabbed at your inner thigh as he licked your earlobe. Namjoon had a knack for pulling your attention away.

As his mouth moved down from your earlobe to your neck, his hand moved up your thigh, inching closer to your panties. “That isn’t what I asked you” you sighed as his fingers finally reached the crotch of your panties. You spread your legs wider and exhaled at the feel of his large hands.

Namjoon’s mouth was hard at work on your neck, roughly sucking and nipping at the skin. It provided a great contrast to the feather-light circles that his fingers drew on your mound. You moaned lightly and Namjoon smiled against your skin. It annoyed you a little, knowing that he always did this when he thought that his words were getting him into trouble.

He sat up, his fingers leaving your mound so that he could kiss his way down your body. His lips trailed down the valley of your breasts, stopping to pull your bra over your stiff nipples and suck them.

He kissed your stomach and you ran your fingers through his hair. “Namjoon, I know you can h-hear me” you said, lightly tugging on his hair. His lips gently grazed the top of your panties and your heart lurched in anticipation. His hands massaged your ‘fleshy/juicy’ thighs as his warm breath spread over your mound. He lightly dragged his fingers over your skin from your thighs to your panties, sending chills through your body. He started sliding your panties down and you lifted up a little to help him. “Nope, I can’t hear you down here. You’re gonna have to speak a little louder” he said before going to suck at the skin on your thighs.

He was so close to your pussy that his nose occasionally rubbed against your lips. “Namjoon” you tried again.

He moved a little further up and you shivered with a moan. “Still can’t hear you. You need to be louder” he said again. He moved higher and let his tongue slide out to lick the lips of your pussy. You sucked in some air through your teeth and released it all, letting your chest cave in. He licked a slow line over your slit, starting from your sopping opening to your erect clit. Once his tongue made contact with the small nub, he sucked on it, making your fingers tighten in his dark hair.

“Namjoon~” you moaned, your legs falling all the way open. He released your clit and began lapping at your sex, alternating between licks, kisses, and sucks. You moaned loudly, humping against his face to chase your orgasm. Namjoon flicked his tongue over your clit as he pressed a finger into your opening. Your moans were borderline screams at this point. 

You cupped your breasts, your fingers tugging at your hard nipples. Your thighs closed around his head as your breathing turned into heavy pants. Your back arched and your speech was reduced to vowels as your orgasm washed over you, your juices flooding onto the hotel’s sheets. Namjoon continued licking and sucking your clit, causing tremors to run through your body.  

He released you, took his shorts off and moved up your body to your lips. His tongue tangled with yours, making you taste your own juices as his cock slid against the wet, velvety flesh of your pussy. You moaned into his mouth and the kiss became pleasantly sloppy as he began panting. Reaching down to take his stiff cock in his hand, he lined his head to your opening and slid into you slowly. With each inch that sunk in, you moaned, running your nails over his back.

Namjoon slowly began to rock his hips, building up a rhythm. Your clutched the sheets between your fingers as his rhythm gradually became faster and harder. The headboard began knocking against the wall and you wondered how long it would take for some angry hotel guest to come knocking at your door.

Your toes were curling, your hips were quickly moving to meet his thrusts and your second orgasm was right around the corner. His name fell from your lips as the two of you came together. 

He laid beside you and you cuddled up to him, his stupid thigh comment buried somewhere behind your current feeling of satisfaction.

*Requests are Open*
Spencer Reid Imagine: I’m so stupid to make mistake of falling in love with my best friend.
Warnings: None
Masterlist: x
Prompts: x

‘You busy? - Spence x’
'Spence, it’s One in the morning’
'Are you busy?’
'I guess not x’
'Great xx’

Twenty minutes ago, It took twenty two minutes for Spencer to reach your apartment from his, you knew that, he had been the one to tell you that, your best friend, the genius, he knew every little thing like that. At first you thought it was a little weird, however, you had grown to realise how useful this trait could be, you knew from the final text message that you had exactly twenty two minutes to get ready. A large mustard tinted sweater and some dark blue jeans, holes over the knees, something Spencer always questioned. He never understood the 'trend’ as it were. None-the-less, you slipped a brush through your hair, and your feet into some black 'Chelsea-type’ boots, no makeup was the obvious option however honey lip-balm could never go a miss, especially this time of year, winter always chapped your lips. One, two three, four-five, his signature knock, every single time you heard that knock you could always be certain of the messy haired genius behind the door.

“Morning” he giggled, as he looked at you, fully dressed yet half awake, “You look tired” he noted as you rolled your eyes, walking out of your apartment, triple checking the handle after clicking the key, you could never be too careful.

“I’m glad you’re so nice about me Spence,” slipping into the elevator, as the keypad lit up, Spencer’s hand beating yours and clicking the lobby button first.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, I mean sure you look tired, but you also look beautiful, you always do” His smile was soft and humble, incredibly shy too. You had been friends for so long however, he still felt as if it was line crossing to compliment you. You could compliment you however, I mean you would a little, but you could continuously, non-stop, repeatedly for days on end, you thought so highly of him. That wasn’t surprising considering you were madly infatuated with him. Sometimes you had to stop yourself from blurting out 'I love you’ when he did something extraordinarily cute.

“Anyway” he spoke, pulling you from your thoughts, I have a surprise for you, I don’t know if you are aware of today’s date, or the meaning that it holds,“ he took your silence and slightly confused face as a definite 'no’ and continued, "Today, two years ago, a very shy, very pretty girl walked into the bullpen” he paused, as the lift doors opened slowly, you both sliding out, him guiding you to his car, opening the door for you, like the true gentleman he was.

“This girl walked in, and the office stopped, we all stopped” he flicked the engine alive with a twist of the key. “Two years ago today, I met you, I mean I could never forget that day y/n” your mind was immersed in memories of that day, god you had been so nervous and shy.

“I knew this from the first day I met you y/n, it just took me two years to tell you, well 1 year,364 and 19 hours. And well y/n, I don’t want let it get to exactly two years without me doing something, I can’t have let two years go by without telling you”. You didn’t quite understand him but understood by his words that he was going to tell you, so decided to stay quiet.

The wheels stopped slowly, the car sliding into a parking spot, the light’s flashing off quickly, your eyes were caught by the dim lit area in front. He had brought you back to his apartment. Surely you could have just drove here yourself, you couldn’t understand his plan, not that it had made much sense before.

“Y/n, come with me okay? And if this goes wrong, or it messes up, or if this backfires then I’ll take you home, but god dammit I have to try” he fell silent after this grabbing your wrist with his soft hand, pulling you into the elevator, him becoming increasingly nervous as the floor number increased, his breath hitching when the doors opened, him almost being unable to move, his hands sliding down to intertwine with yours.

“Now or never” he whispered to himself, strolling hesitantly with you towards his door. The key slid in and clicked, Reid pushed the door open and stepped aside, letting you walk in first.

The apartment was lit by multiple strings of fairy lights, soft music played in the background as your eyes fell to a trail of red rose petals, a pathway you started to walk, following it throughout the living room, all the way to his bedroom, a bouquet of roses placed delicately on top of his sheets, candles lit all throughout the room, the source of the music, a small speaker positioned to the side of the bed.

“I know this is out of the blue, but I met you 2 years ago exactly in 5 hours, now I wasted those two years, I should have took you resteraunts, took you to the cinema, took you on every date possible, I should have told you my love for you and hopefully heard you say it too. But I didn’t, and I can’t let these two years go to waste, so I figured a way to catch that time up. And trust me y/n, it’s crazy as hell, but fuck it, I know you probably have a million questions but I have one for you, would you keep your last name or take mine?” he paused, reaching into his jacket pocket before dropping onto one knee in front of you.

You felt your heart give way and you couldn’t fathom words, this couldn’t be happening.

“Y/n, will you marry me?” he looked unbelievably nervous, with good reason to, he just proposed to his best friend. You pause wasn’t helping the situation either.

“Yes” the small word slipped from your lips as a smile spread across his face, clambering back up to polish the ring onto your finger, grabbing your hand as your eyes began to swell with tears. His lips met yours gently, pausing for a moment, before moving, the way your lips fit together confirmed the fact, this was right, this was how it should have been.

“I love you, from the day you walked in, the day I saw you first, I knew it” he beamed forehead pressed to yours, his hand consuming one side of your face, as he kissed you once again.

“I love you too Spencer, so incredibly much”

Glad we met (Dan Howell imagine) Part 1

Here is the new series of writing on this blog! So just like Psycho Dan, there will be more parts for this, so if this ends on a cliffhanger don’t worry!

Y/l/n= Your last name      



“Aren’t you excited?” Louise squealed, as me, Zoe and Carrie bundled into the lift. Today was Vidcon 2017 and to answer Louise’s question, I was so excited, I generally felt like the excitement was going to ooze out of me like syrup on a pancake. This was my second Vidcon so I knew how things worked and what was happening throughout the day. 

Zoe laughed “Quiet chummy, there’s other people in this hotel you know!” we all burst out laughing while Louise went red. “Sorry, I’m just so excited!” 

“Don’t worry, we all are!” Carrie joined in. “I mean imagine how I feel, it’s only my first!” I put my hand on her shoulder. “You have nothing to worry about, I remember my first and it turned out to be the best experience of my life!”

Before Carrie could respond, the ding of the lift interrupted us, sliding the doors open at the same time. We all rushed out into the lobby where Alfie, Caspar, Jack, Dean, Jim, Marcus, Tanya, Naomi and Joe were waiting for us. 

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Just The Game We're In (Group Fic)- Ortega

A/N: This is my entry to the fic challenge! It’s a crossover where most of the queens are cis girls working within the universe of The Thick of It (basically- the queens as politicians). I know it’s a pretty niche crossover, but this fic was one I’d been planning to write for once I’d finished Masquerading as Professionals (don’t worry- not given up on it), and so the challenge just prompted me to begin it a little earlier! There are hints at Witney and Shalaska, which may develop through more chapters if people like it, idk. Enjoy!  

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okay here is a headcanon of drunken breaking and entering based on a real life story that absolutely happened to me:

• Andrew’s lot are out for a relaxing evening in Columbia
• (read: getting stupid drunk, except for Andrew. even Neil is tipsy and loose)
• and okay, it doesn’t matter how responsible you and your housemates are, there is at least one point where you will go out clubbing with five people who live together and one house key between you
• this is scientific fact I’m pretty sure 
• so Nicky is pretty far gone early enough in the evening that Kevin and Aaron whine about having to leave but also complain about having to look after him while he tries to embrace every living being near him
• irrespective of whether he knows them or not
• Neil makes Andrew put him in a cab (and give the driver a delivery address because god knows where Nicky would end up otherwise)
• if Andrew is a little more firm than he usually would be shoving Nicky in, then that obviously has nothing to do with the uninvited arm that Nicky slung over Neil’s shoulders and used to pull him into a hug
• which Neil took with good grace. but still.
• Neil ALSO makes Andrew give him the key off of his ring so Nicky can get inside, because ‘it’s winter, Andrew, he’ll get exposure and die. I read an article about the likelihood of drunken hypothermia. it’s a serious risk Andrew’
• it’s their only key. Neil’s are stuffed in his bag in the house. Aaron’s are probably in his room too. Kevin doesn’t have one. I don’t know, these are college-aged boys, they are slobs who lose everything
• this means that when they arrive back at the house to find it dark and still locked, they are bemused
• Aaron goes around the house calling to Nicky in that way that drunk people who are trying to be quiet do. you know, the one where they fail miserably – like very loud stage-whispering that wakes up everyone in a half-mile radius
• Neil says, somewhat despairingly, ‘you gave the cabbie the address!’
• he tries Nicky’s cellphone and it rings but gets no answer
• ‘he better not be dead in a ditch, Andrew’
• Kevin and Aaron meanwhile devote themselves to finding a way into the house with fervour. each window and door is inspected in case they were left unlocked when they left the house. no luck
• Aaron makes Kevin give him a boost onto the roof so he can check the kitchen skylight. it’s definitely locked because it’s winter, why would it be open, and also how would you get through it without breaking both ankles, seriously
• he vaguely contemplates going into the attic and getting in that way but Andrew would make him fix it if he pulled off roof tiles. that and not the ridiculous extremity of the idea is what makes him decide not to follow through
• Andrew climbs back into the car because it’s cold as fuck and he is not interested in standing around pointlessly while the others dick around. he can always call a locksmith in a couple of hours
• Neil is not that far behind him. he whines, asks permission, and puts his head in Andrew’s lap. he immediately falls asleep
• Andrew sighs for a thousand years and then returns to staring out the window while winding a finger through Neil’s curls
• however, drunk people are sometimes good at both lateral thinking and straightforward thinking
• which is why after a while Kevin lifts the sliding doors on the back porch and simply shakes them firmly, once. the crescent latch, beaten into submission, clicks open to admit him
• he toddles to the couch, lies down, and proceeds to sleep the sleep of the very severely intoxicated
• Aaron by this point is sober enough that he, too, is worried that Nicky might be dead in a ditch, so he checks Nicky’s room on his way to bed
• all this time, Nicky has been inside, fast asleep. he was so drunk that he forgot he had a key, so he took the screen off of the bathroom window which was cracked, climbed through, closed and locked it behind him, and then got into his bed with his shoes on. the key is still in his pocket
• in the morning he has no memory of his daring break-in at all. this is deeply disappointing to him
• the only sign of how he managed to get in is the trail of grass and leaves between the bathroom and his bedroom
• Neil and Andrew sleep in the car all night like romantic nerds. Neil wakes Andrew shifting around when the sun is just coming up so they move to their actual bed. they get to sleep for another several hours and wake up with the sun on the bed because they deserve it

Woman Dies After Being Stuck To A Couch 6 Years Of Her Life

In 2014 a 480-pound Stuart, Florida woman died after emergency workers tried to remove her from the couch where she had remained for about six years.

Gayle Laverne Grinds, 40, died Wednesday, after a failed six-hour
effort to dislodge her from the couch in her home. Workers say the home
was filthy, and Grinds was too large to get up from the couch to even
use the bathroom.

Everyone going inside the home had to wear protective gear. The stench was so powerful they had to blast in fresh air.A
preliminary autopsy on the the four-foot, ten-inch woman lists the
cause of death as “morbid obesity.” But officials want to know more
about the circumstances inside the home.Investigators say Grinds
lived with a man named Herman Thomas, who says he tried to take care of
her the best he could. He has told them he tried repeatedly to get her
up, but simply couldn’t. No charges have been filed, but officials are
looking into negligence issues.
Emergency workers had to remove some sliding glass doors and lift
the couch, with Grinds still on it, to a trailer behind a pickup truck.
Removing her from the couch would be too painful, since her body was
grafted to the fabric. After years of staying put, her skin had
literally become one with the sofa and had to be surgically removed.She died at Martin Memorial Hospital South, still attached to the couch.

Avengers: Baby Edition

Art belongs entirely to @kadeart, go check them out, their art is out of this world!

Request: The Avengers somehow turning into babies and Peter has to babysit them.

(The person who requested this originally wanted only Peter in this one-shot, but I figured that since this was a Spider-man x Reader and imagines blog, I might as well add the reader in. Sorry.)

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I was going to have this be the first chapter to a long fic i’ve outlined, but I think it went in a direction I don’t like. Therefore I’ll just post it here for tonight and do the idea I was originally going to do tonight, tomorrow. :)


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Lift Me Up

Summary: Some part of Phil is fully aware of the fact that he’s probably being a total asshole, jamming the ‘close door’ button on the one working elevator the building has as a young guy runs towards it. He yells to hold the door and Phil pretends to not hear it, fiddling with his phone for good measure. The guys is flushed and panting, out of breath from sprinting to catch the lift. He glares at Phil, who pointedly ignores him.                                                                      Then Phil decides the gods have abandoned him as the guy reaches out and deliberately presses every single button. Phil wonders if it’s possible to commit suicide with nothing but the contents of his briefcase. He doubts it.

Tags/Warnings: Office AU, Punk!Phil

Word count: 2.885

A/N: idfk anymore. read on ao3

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