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pairing; seventeen hoshi x reader

genre; fluff, angst, arranged marriage

synopsis; your parents put you and soonyoung in an arranged marriage, but you were against it; you weren’t going to marry this stranger just because the adults want to make money. but you fell for him anyway.

word count; 6.3k words (oh wow)

notes; i spent forever on this omg ,, i hope you guys like it !! this is probably the longest scenario i’ve ever written lmao

“That’s not funny,” you laughed nervously and halfheartedly, unsure of whether you should trust the seriousness in your parent’s voice. 

“It’s not supposed to be,” your father sighed gruffly, crossing his arms. Your face dropped and your mood took a 180-degree change for the worse. You got mad. 

“What do you mean?” you asked, although it wasn’t really a question. You were just still in denial. 

“We meant what we said,” your father spoke. “You’re getting married to Mr. Kwon’s son. We’ve arranged it.”

You knew that your parents were major shareholders of the Kwon’s business. You didn’t know how the decision of the arranged marriage came about, but you guessed that it was because of your father’s position in Mr. Kwon’s company. You had caught a glimpse of Mr. Kwon’s son many years ago at your father’s office, but you never spoke to him, let alone know anything about him.

“We’re in the 21st Century, dad,” you deadpanned. “Those things don’t exist anymore.”

“Well, they do, in fact,” your father said. “And we’re implementing it here.”

“That’s not allowed!” you raised your voice. “I’m 19, and I will choose who I’ll live with for the rest of my life! You do not just… just dump a random man on me!”

Your voice was breaking. Your mother frowned a little, showing a tinge of worry, but your father simply shook his head.

Your mother lets out a sigh, too, and takes a royal blue paper bag from the sofa, extending it to you.

“Here’s your outfit for tomorrow,” she said. “We’re paying their family a visit in the morning and having lunch there.”

You grit your teeth and ignored her, turning your back on both your parents, and ran back to your room upstairs. You locked your door and threw yourself onto your bed, burying your face in your pillow. Tears filled your eyes and your chest was congested. You tried to take in a deep breath but all that came out was a soft whimper, followed by uncontrollable sobs, because you knew that you wouldn’t be able to do anything about their decision.

The next morning, at about 7:30 am, the soft rays of the sun filtrated through your white curtains and gently shone onto your bed, very much in contrast of your messy self who was sprawled on the soft sheets, still in dreamland. The rays hit your face and you woke up half-dazed, ignoring how heavy and puffy your eyes were feeling, before running your hands through your brown locks and walking out of your room to go wash up. 

The minute you opened your room door, you were greeted by the same royal blue paper bag sitting smugly at the foot of your door, as if taunting you. You grumbled in annoyance and kicked it to a side, the paper bag crunching against itself before toppling over.

You walked over to the toilet and looked at your own reflection in the mirror, pressing the tips of your fingers under your slightly-swollen eyes. You didn’t look as bad as you thought. At least you still looked human. 

You took your time as you brushed your teeth and washed your face, not wanting to think about the events that were going to unfold as the day goes by.

Your bubble was popped as you see your mother standing outside the toilet the moment you stepped out, leaning onto the wall. 

“Just change and get yourself ready, alright? It isn’t as bad as you think,” your mother says. You don’t argue. 

“Sure.” Was all you said. I bet it’s worse.

You brushed past her and returned to your room. Your mother had taken out the outfit from the bag and laid it out neatly on your bed. It was a simple but pretty white, lace dress that stops just above your knees. You gently rubbed the soft fabric between your fingers and a smile finds its way onto your lips. Pretty, you thought.

You changed into the dress before putting on your makeup. When you were done, you looked into the full-length mirror and that made you oddly a little less angry at your parents — you were happy with how you looked. Not over the top, but subtly formal and neat. 

You noticed a disadvantage about the dress when you stepped out of your warm house, though — it was cold. 

You and your parents got into the car, and you easily warmed back up, your chauffeur driving you three off to Mr. Kwon’s place. Mother had taken her usual seat beside you at the back of the car, and had complimented on how beautiful you looked, which made you smile a little. Grudges were still apparent in your heart, but she was your mother. Other than that, the ride was silent, and the only sounds heard were the soft rumbling of the engine. 

After about a 30-minute drive, the car came to a stop. You glanced out the windows and easily recognized the place as the city central; the area where only the richest of the richest lived. 

Of course, you thought, scoffing lightly to yourself. It’s Mr. Kwon, what else did you expect? 

You got out of the car after your parents, stepping onto the drop-off porch of a penthouse, and you felt the cold air hit your exposed skin once again, making you rub your arms. The moment you got out of the car, you were greeted by two guards who bowed deeply to you. You weren’t used to this but you weren’t exactly uncomfortable either; it was the same situation in your father’s office, although not at home. Your mother and you weren’t ones who liked attention, though you knew your father had enough money to buy a whole new, bigger house with all the servants and cooks he could get. Your mother and you preferred a simple lifestyle, so that didn’t happen.

You politely bowed back slightly, and looked on as the staff and guards around all greeted your father in unison as if he was a highly-respected commando. He just nods.

“This way, Mr. Y/LN,” one of the guards who had greeted you earlier said in a formal tone as he extends an arm to guide your father, who walks into the foyer. It was pleasantly warm. The second guard just stood a casual distance beside your family, acting as, well, a bodyguard. You didn’t see the need to, but you didn’t say anything and just followed.

The lobby itself already made you feel how luxurious the Kwon family was. A large, shining chandelier hung dazzling on the high ceiling of the lobby, and everything was mainly glass, white, or gold. It felt like a palace. 

Wherever you went, whoever you passed by, you were repeatedly greeted and bowed to by random people in uniforms, and that made you a little flustered. But you were professional enough — your father had made sure you were well-trained at handling formal situations since you were young — he didn’t want you to “make a fool of yourself”. 

You all soon reached the lift, and were taken up to the 7th floor. When the doors opened, you were taken into a deeper state of awe (even though you didn’t show it). It was the main living area, which was so unbelievably spacious that your eyes had to take a minute to scan through the entire room. The windows were all full-length, which gave you a beautiful view of the outside. The ceilings, were once again, high. A single level was already extremely tall, so being on the seventh level gave you a sky view.

“You’re here!” You immediately turned towards the voice, who was, without a doubt, Mr. Kwon. He was dressed in a smart, grey suit, with a matching tie, his hair styled back neatly, although grey hair peeked through. You couldn’t help but wonder: does he dress like this all day at home?

Your father and Mr. Kwon shared a brief handshake and a friendly hug, laughing heartily as they joked about a few things you didn’t understand. Mr. Kwon greets your mother too, and she smiles like she always does, greeting him back. His eyes then travel over to you, and you instinctively straightened your back, placing your feet together as you bowed politely. 

“You must be Y/N,” Mr. Kwon says, and you nodded.

“Yes, Mr. Kwon,” you confirmed, feeling a little odd as you answered that. He was speaking as if he had never seen you before, although you were sure you met him before. 

“You look so pretty and all grown up now! It’s been ages since I last saw you! You were still so young and innocent then, running around your father’s office,” he jokes, making you smile and relax a little from your tense self. That explains it. 

You were suddenly reminded of why you were here. The arranged marriage. Your smile faltered and you dropped your head slightly. 

“Take a seat, make yourselves at home! We can talk a little more and have lunch later when it’s prepared,” Mr. Kwon says, leading you three to the sitting area. Lush couches and sofas were lined against the wall, the floors carpeted at some areas.

You sat down on one of the sofas, immediately putting a cushion over your lap as you were conscious of how your dress scooted a little higher up your thigh when you sat down.

“Soonyoung should be here soon, he’s getting changed,” Mr. Kwon said, and your father grins widely, nodding in understanding. 


You were hearing his name for the first time. You already had a picture of him formed in your head, and the way he was viewed in your mind wasn’t very nice. He seemed cocky.

“I hope you weren’t forced into this, Y/N,” Mr. Kwon smiles, a little bitterly. “I hope you understand.”

You almost scoffed aloud. An arranged marriage was an arranged marriage. Who isn’t forced into one? What were you even supposed to understand?

Just then, the lift lets out a soft ‘ding’, its doors sliding open again. Everyone naturally turned to the lift, and a man steps out — you wouldn’t have recognized him if not for his distinct eyes — the only thing that hadn’t changed since the last time you saw him as a toddler, during that incident of you running about the office.

Soonyoung donned a simple but good-looking grey turtleneck sweater and jeans, and had a meek smile plastered on his face as he quickly walked over to where you all were. He greeted your parents, and apologized for being late. Your parents didn’t mind a single bit; they seemed completely smitten by their ‘son-in-law to-be’. 

His soft tiger-like eyes looked over to you, and his smile changed to one with his lips just pressed together, the corners turned up slightly. You returned the exact same monotone smile.

“Hello,” you said, bowing slightly while seated. 

“Hello,” Soonyoung said, bowing too. It was so painfully awkward, you felt the tip of your ears burn.

Soonyoung sits down on the individual seat at the side, and the air was… tense, for a moment. 

Mr. Kwon breaks the silence. “I believe both the kids already know what’s going on, right?”


You and Soonyoung both glanced at each other, making eye contact on accident, but you quickly looked back down as he turned to his father, nodding hesitantly. 

“We’ll have to decide on the… date,” Mr. Kwon says simply, believing that everyone present was smart enough to break down on what he meant. “It’s either happening 2 years later, or 3 years later. You can choose.”

It didn’t occur to you that Mr. Kwon was directing the question to you and Soonyoung; you thought he was asking the adults for their inputs. When you realized everything was quiet for a little too long, you looked up to notice everyone staring at you. 


You could literally feel your father’s piercing glare at you.

Mr. Kwon just chuckles a bit, which made you like him more than you originally did. He was just so nice, and didn’t have any airs, unlike what you had envisioned him to be. 

“I said—” 

“No, no, I heard what you said, it’s just — was that question for me?” you asked a little cautiously.

“For you and Soonyoung, yes,” Mr. Kwon confirms himself, nodding.


Everything became quiet for a while as you tried to process everything in your head. You, a nineteen-year-old, is getting married to a holy rich twenty-one-year-old whom you barely knew, against your will, and his father is telling you to choose the date of your wedding. Now. It’s either you choose the earlier date, or the later date. With the difference of a year.

You swallowed nervously, your fingers playing with the soft fabric of the cushion on your lap. “The thing is —”

“Two years later,” Soonyoung interrupted. You ogled at him. What did he just say?

“Two years, Dad,” Soonyoung repeats, shooting you a look you couldn’t quite decipher the meaning behind. “Let’s put it as that.”

Mr. Kwon glances at you for your acknowledgement, but words were stuck in your throat. 

“I-I…” you stammered again.

“She’s okay with it,” your father speaks up, supporting Soonyoung. “Let’s just settle it with that.”

Mr. Kwon lets out a uncertain sigh, but nods. 

“Alright then.”

You couldn’t say anything; because even saying that you wanted it held 3 years later didn’t sound right to you either. You didn’t even want to get married!

“You two can head upstairs,” Mr. Kwon says kindly. “The adults will talk among ourselves, and you two can just… get to know each other better.”

That made you clench the the cushion in your fist, already feeling the awkwardness awaiting you bone-deep. 

“Thanks, Dad,” Soonyoung says a little flatly, although a hint of sincerity could be heard. He stands up, sliding his hands in his pockets and walking past you, to where the lift was. When he notices that you don’t stand up to follow him after he passes you, he turns around. 

“Why’re you still sitting there? Let’s go,” he said, not rudely. You snap out of your thoughts and sheepishly stood up, straightening out your dress and putting the cushion back in place on the corner of the sofa.

Soonyoung extends an arm to gesture for you to go first, and you do. Soonyoung, the polite boy he was trained to be, said his goodbyes to the adults, before catching up with you and following you to the lift.

He pulls a hand out of his pocket to press the lift button, before casually placing his hands back in his pocket. 

Your eyes curiously looked around the level one more time, as if you were never going to see it again. You noticed a wide spiral staircase at the side of the level leading upstairs, but you guessed that wasn’t where you’re heading to.

“Level 10,” Soonyoung said, as if reading your thoughts. You blinked at looked at him, puzzled. 

He smiles a little, a gentle smile which made your skin tingle. “That’s where we’re going.”


Soonyoung chuckles, just as the lift arrives at your level, and the doors slide open. “You say that a lot.”

The both of you walk in, and Soonyoung pushes the button with the number 10 on it. 

“I do?”

“Yeah. You did just now too.”

You just shrug, and keep quiet. You didn’t really feel like talking, specifically not to him. It annoyed you to think that you had to marry him when you didn’t even love him. It annoyed you that you keep forgetting that you’re going to have to live with this guy for the rest of your life. 

You kept seeing him as just someone you’d meet, just for today. But the moment you snap back into reality, no, that’s not the case. You’re seeing him for the rest of your life, Y/N dear. 

You subconsciously let out a deep breath, which made Soonyoung glance at you. He didn’t say anything, though. He had an idea of the reason anyway. 

The lift reaches the 10th level, and you were instantly, once again, wonderstruck by the interior, and the view it had — which was the first thing that caught your eye. Since one would already have a sky view from the 7th level, the 10th level was just… much higher, which made the view ten times better. You found yourself walking briskly over towards the wide, glass windows, your palms gently pressing onto the hard, smooth surface as you stared out. It was still morning, so the sunlight was scattering the sky, spearing through the clouds, creating beautiful individual rays of golden light. A smile found its way onto your lips. 

Soonyoung just stares as you do what you were doing. You definitely are different, he thinks. 

He calls out to you. “Hey, Y/N?”

You spoke without turning to face him. “Yeah?”

“Don’t you wanna explore?”

You quickly pulled your hands back from the glass, as if it had just burnt into your skin. You looked over to Soonyoung, who cocked his head to a side.

“Look, I think I’d have to make this clear,” you said as seriously as you could, making sure that you kept your tone firm but not too discourteous. 

“Hmm?” Soonyoung hums a little, making his way towards you. You sucked in a deep breath of air and let it out.  

“I don’t know about you, but I’m against this whole thing. I’m guessing you are, too, but even if you’re not, I don’t really care. I’m still gonna try and get out of this somehow, so don’t… try anything on me.”

You wanted to slap yourself. How could you even say that from your own mouth?

Soonyoung shrugs. “I won’t, since you say so,” he replies. “But you’ve gotta worry about yourself.” 

You just frowned in confusion. “What do you mean?”

He merely chuckles, and continued walking over. When he didn’t stop at a natural distance and continued closing the gap between the two of you, it made you take tiny resigned steps backwards, pressing your back against the glass.


Soonyoung smiles, his face inches away from you. You couldn’t help but subtly scrutinize his features; the way the light from behind you hit his face made him look astonishingly beautiful. 

Your heart was pounding so hard against your chest, you were afraid that he might hear it.

“Well, I just mean, you should be careful…” he says, almost sweetly. “Don’t fall for me.”

You wanted to scorn at him. But instead, your breath hitches. “I-I won’t.”

Soonyoung laughs quietly before retreating, and you let out a shaky breath that you didn’t know you had been holding.

You two didn’t talk much after that, and your parents could tell from the tenseness you had during lunch. 

The lunch meal prepared was comparable to that of a five-star restaurant. Everything was garnished and plated neatly, and the long, rectangular table was filled with dish after dish. 

The adults were still talking among themselves.

You were reserved about eating with people you didn’t know well, so you had ended up just sheepishly eyeing the food laid out on the table while poking at your plain bowl of rice. 

Soonyoung, who was made to sit beside you, noticed how you were literally just feeding yourself with white rice. He uses his chopsticks to pick up some fish meat from the plate in front of him, and casually places it in your bowl.

“Here,” he says, taking a few more of the other dishes and placing them all in your bowl. “Just eat.”

He returns back to eating after that, and so did you. You shot him sheepish side-glances, unsure of how you were supposed to feel or react. 

After lunch, both you and Soonyoung’s parents somehow decided that it was a good idea to leave you here to stay to ‘get closer with Soonyoung’. 

“You two were going to have to live together in two years time anyway,” they had said, “so why not let you get used to the place first?”

“But…” you trailed off, trying to find an excuse to go back home. “My clothes. I need to get my clothes.” You looked down at yourself, who was still in the white dress. You started noticing more and more of its flaws after wearing it for the day. It was a bit too tight, and it wouldn’t stop riding up your thighs. Which was very annoying to you.

“I’ll get one of my people to help you bring them over if you want,” Mr. Kwon assures. “But we’ve got an entire wardrobe for you too, so you could use that.”

You nearly stared at him. Already?

“Well, you see…” you laugh a little. “I usually wear really casual clothing around the house so—”

“That’s no problem too,” Mr. Kwon smiles. “We’ve got lots of different styles of clothing prepared in your closet, I’m sure everything’s covered. But if you do need anything else, you can just ask one of the maids to get it for you.”

You see Soonyoung nodding a little at his father’s words, although he seemed to be in a daze. His eyes were looking at somewhere random, but he was definitely listening. 

“…Right,” you say softly. “Thank you, then.”

You had no more excuses. You could practically feel how hopping mad your father was right now, and you internally decided that it wasn’t a good idea to continue your little protest. 

Mr. Kwon grins, pleased. “It’s all settled then. You can, of course, go back to your place whenever you like, but this shall be your home too from now.”

He looks over to his secretary, who was standing at a side, and told him to make sure that everyone accommodates to you. You’re practically in a princess’ position now — you’re the daughter-in-law to-be of the CEO. 

Okay. That just slapped your across the face.

Your parents left right after lunch. You and your mother exchanged a hug, and you heard her whisper a quiet “take care, alright?” into your ear, which you replied to by nodding. 

“It’s not like we’re not seeing each other again, mum,” you joked lightheartedly, making her smile, although it was obvious that it wasn’t genuine. 

And with that, they left, once again escorted by guards. 

You followed Soonyoung back to level 10, where he had said his room was. You haven’t seen it, though. 

“The whole of Level 10 is pretty much for me,” he said, but not in a arrogant way. “And now it’s yours too.”

You rolled your eyes. “Not. I’m just here temporarily.”

“Whatever you say,” Soonyoung said, walking towards another part of the level that you hadn’t been at yet. The level was partitioned and divided into different sections, and Soonyoung led you to a bedroom. 

He pushed down the door handle and pushed it open. It was a simple and classy room, the main colors being wooden brown, beige and white shades. A queen sized bed sat in the center of the room, and a full length window at one of the walls beside the bed was hidden by a curtain. There were nightstands on both sides of the bed. You liked it — it was homey. 

“Your room,” Soonyoung says, taking you aback. 

“Mine?” you asked. “Isn’t it yours?” 

He shakes his head. “Mine’s there.” He nods over to the room next to the one you were standing outside. 


“There it is again,” he chuckles, and you laugh. “Go on in.”

You walked in carefully, your eyes darting around the room. Your hand naturally brushed across the soft bed sheets when you walked past it. You were grateful that you had a room all too yourself. Soonyoung smiles, seeing how you liked the place. 

“How is it?” he asked, although he could already tell from your expression. 

“Perfect,” you mumble. 

“Your closet’s here,” he said, and you turned to him. He presses a button on the wall in front of your bed, and the wall literally slides open relatively fast. You widened your eyes.

“That’s… cool.” 

“I know,” Soonyoung said, grinning, and you went in. Mr. Kwon was right — every type of clothing you could possibly imagine was already there. From casual tees to hoodies to dresses; they were all hung up neatly. 

“Oh, and…” Soonyoung drifts off and coughs a bit, and you could tell it was forced. 


He coughs again, stifling a snicker. “Undergarments in that drawer.” He gestures to the one behind you, and you stared at him in disbelief for a moment before bursting into laughter. 

“You pervert!” you laughed. You were slightly embarrassed, but surprisingly not too much. He laughs along with you, his eyes pressing into tiny slits. 


Over the next few weeks, or a few months, you two grew undeniably closer, the major reason being your awkwardness around the penthouse. You knew no one else, and you couldn’t possibly keep to yourself the whole day — so Soonyoung was pretty much your only companion.

You realized Soonyoung wasn’t as stuck-up as you thought he would be. He was extremely carefree and outgoing, and decently caring. He had noticed of how you were socially uncomfortable and kept to yourself a lot after ‘moving’ into the penthouse — it was just your personality, really — and Soonyoung always teased you about it. But it was genuinely to help you get used to everything. 

“Miss, would you like me to iron out your dress?” he had asked in a high-pitched voice from behind you while you were in your closet, picking out clothes to wear. Strangely, you didn’t know that it was him, and started stuttering. 

“N-no, it’s alright, thank you—”

When you turned around, you see Soonyoung leaning against the wall frame of the closet, one of his legs behind the other, his arms crossed loosely in front of his chest. His shoulders jerked a little as he snickered playfully. 

“Soonyoung! Stop doing that!” you chided, throwing a sweater at him, which he swiftly caught. He pushed himself up from the wall, laughing.

“It’s funny to see you react!” he said pointedly, walking into your closet and hanging the sweater back into it’s place. “Wanna go out today?”

You grinned. “Where?”

He pushes his shoulders up in a shrug. “You choose.”

This other time, about 4 months into living in the penthouse, you had a fight with Soonyoung, which resulted in cold war for about 2 or 3 days. You had left the penthouse alone without him knowing, although the guards had tried to stop you. You had lied that you had informed Soonyoung, which made them reluctantly let you out. All you wanted was some fresh air, you didn’t think much about it.

When Soonyoung found out, he immediately called you back, and he had unconsciously raised his voice at you when you got back to the penthouse. 

“How could you just leave without telling anyone? What if something happens to you? You even lied to the guards that I knew that you were leaving? Can’t you be more responsible?!” Soonyoung shouted, making the staff at the level quickly retreat to the other levels to do their jobs. They didn’t want to see the scene unfold.

You were shocked, angry, and honestly scared at how Soonyoung was acting.

“You don’t own me! Who are you to shout at me just because I went out? Is it against the law? What is wrong with you!?” you shouted back. Your eyes were filled with tears. 

“You know your position now! You’re going to be the daughter of a CEO’s family! What if someone does something to you? And hold you hostage or something!?” he argued.

Soonyoung then lets out a loud grunt and storms to his room, slamming the door shut, which made you jump although you had already predicted that he would do that. 

You cried even more later. You didn’t know why, but it hurt. He didn’t talk to you at all for the next couple of days; except for a few mumbles of “ya”s and “no”s when you tried to strike a conversation. 

A few days later, while you and Soonyoung were still at cold war, Soonyoung got sick with a relatively high fever. Everyone started making a big fuss about him, and one of the housemaids kept going into his room every half an hour or so to check on him, changing the towel on his forehead every so often. He couldn’t even sleep in peace, which worsened his headache. 

You had left Soonyoung alone, though, because you knew he needed rest, and was still a bit apprehensive about approaching him.

But you came to notice how you heard his room door clicking open often. Too often. You got out of your room and walked over to his, to see the housemaid dipping the towel in a bucket of water on his nightstand, before wringing it out and placing it back on top of his forehead. When she saw you standing outside, she immediately finished up and walked out, telling you not to go in, since you could get yourself sick. 

You hesitated for a moment and looked past her and into the room, seeing Soonyoung’s pale self lying on the bed, beads of sweat glistening on his neck as a small frown moulded itself onto his features. His chest was steadily rising and falling, the sheets pulled up to his tummy. 

You shook your head. “I’ll take care of him, you can proceed with your other tasks.”

The housemaid was about to advise you against it, but she knew better than to shoot off her words. She simply bows in acknowledgment and gets back to her daily work. 

You sigh and walked in, closing the door behind you to prevent others from coming in to disturb him from his sleep. You quietly sat down beside him, and pulled his blanket higher up as you took another cloth from the nightstand, dabbing dry his sweat on his neck. 

Soonyoung was half-awake, and felt that the presence was of a different person, which made his eyes flutter open. You froze.

To your surprise, instead of ushering you out, a weak smile tugs on Soonyoung’s lips. “Hey.”

You bit your lip, trying to act aloof as you continued wiping off his sweat. “Go back to sleep.”

He just blinked slowly, not taking his eyes of you. “I’m sorry for shouting at you the other day.”

You stopped again, this time putting the cloth away. “I’m sorry too, but not now, Soonyoung. Don’t think about that.”

Soonyoung shakes his head lightly, and felt his head spin a little. His hand reaches out to yours, and he just holds it as he let his eyelids fall close. He swallows, starting to drift back to sleep. 

A few quiet moments later of you just sitting there, you let out yet another silent sigh. You couldn’t look away from him; his resting, peaceful self looking so calm to you. You started to rethink about the past 5 months you have spent together, and shook your head. 

Somehow, your brain has twisted itself into thinking that love does not exist in an arranged marriage. And for that, you convinced yourself that you didn’t love him. 

Over the next 2 days, you took care of Soonyoung, who pretty much just slept through the whole day. You were glad, though, that he was resting. It also gave you time to sort out your thoughts. 

You brought in simple meals into his room during meal hours, such as porridge or just a warm bowl of soup. Soonyoung didn’t have a really good appetite, so he only ate for the sake of filling his stomach. You checked in on him at appropriate timings too. He got better fairly quickly, and he was able to move around 2 days later. 

“How’s your head?” you asked as Soonyoung got off the bed and walked into his closet. He had been feeling extreme drowsiness during the period of time that he was sick.

“Better,” he said, smiling. “Thanks to you.”

You looked away from him as you felt your face heat up. “Don’t say that.”

You hear Soonyoung chuckle, and he ruffled your hair. “Really though. Thanks a lot.”

You simply hummed in reply, and turned to him with a sneer. “You’re gonna have to repay me somehow.”

He raised an eyebrow and started to fake a cough. You laughed and slapped the back of your hand to his stomach. “Don’t fake it, I’m not dumb.”

Soonyoung pretended to hurt when you hit him, clutching his stomach and bending over. You laughed harder, faking a knee-kick towards him. He laughs too, retreating in defense. 

“Why would you hurt a sick person?” he jokes, and you roll your eyes in amusement. 

“Yeah, right. Would you like another few days of lying in bed, Mr Soonyoung?” you said, raising the pitch of your voice to match that of a housemaid’s. 

“N-no thank you, I-I’m fine,” Soonyoung pretends to stutter exaggeratedly, impersonating you. You widen your eyes, staring at Soonyoung incredulously.

“Did you just…” you said, shock still written all over your face. Soonyoung was doubled over in a laughing fit; it was a laughter that he could feel in his lungs, one that took his breath away. You couldn’t help but laugh lightly too.

One night, you two went to bed as usual at around 11pm. Just as you were about to fall asleep, you heard a loud, hollow thud that came from somewhere. You froze for a moment, your heart palpitating. What was that?

You eventually got up from bed and walked over to Soonyoung’s room, your palms sweaty as you took cautious steps down the dark hallway. You could see the moonlight pouring into the living area of the level.

Although it was near, you finally got to Soonyoung’s bedroom and quietly knocked on the wooden door with your knuckles. “Soonyoung?”

The door opens with a confused Soonyoung standing behind it. “Why’re you awake?”

“Did you hear that?” you asked.

“The thud?”


He nodded, yawning. “I think one of the housemaids dropped something upstairs. Don’t worry about it and go back to sleep.”

You reluctantly nodded, and was about to turn around and go back to your room when you felt something behind you, making your hair stand on end. 

When something touched your back, you literally jumped and let out a yelp, turning around so fast that you thought your neck was going to snap. You stumbled backwards, accidentally bumping onto Soonyoung, who caught you and steadied you on your feet. 

“I’m so sorry, Young Miss! I was cleaning and something fell from the table upstairs, I wanted to come down and check that you weren’t disturbed by it.”

It was one of the housemaids. You heaved a sigh of relief and nodded, apologizing repeatedly for how you reacted. 

“It’s pretty late, go rest now and continue cleaning tomorrow,” Soonyoung instructs, and the housemaid does what she’s told. 

After the housemaid left, Soonyoung starts snickering at you, which resulted in you lightly hitting him again. 

“Stop laughing!” you hiss, and he bites in his lips as he stifles his laughter.

“Yes, Young Miss.”

You chuckled and shook your head in disbelief, glancing out of Soonyoung’s room. The outside seemed so much more eerie now, for some reason. You knew that you were overthinking, but you couldn’t help it. 

Soonyoung suddenly pulls you back into the room with one hand, and closed his room door with his other hand. 

You looked at him. “What are you doing?”

He smiles reassuringly, the only source of light in the room being his warm-lit beside lamp. “You don’t have to go back to your room. Just sleep here tonight.”

“But—” you stopped yourself, changing your words. “Is… that okay?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” 

You shrugged meekly. “Just because.”

He shakes his head and walks back to his bed, getting under the covers and patting the empty space beside him. You smile slightly, climbing under the covers of his bed, too. 

“Can you keep the lamp on?” you whispered softly, just because it was night time. It was a habit of yours to speak softly at night.

Soonyoung looked confused for a moment, but his gaze slowly melts into a soft smile as he nods. “Of course. Go to sleep now.”

You smile too, and closed your eyes. But sleep didn’t come. You couldn’t just go to sleep when you’re lying beside Kwon Soonyoung. You find yourself warily opening your eyes a while later, after knowing that he was asleep by the steady breaths that he was taking. 

You shifted a bit, making yourself more comfortable, as you lay facing him. The corners of your lips turned up gently as you let out a soft breath.

“I think I like you,” you sighed softly, so softly you would’ve thought that you had said that internally. 

A moment later, a smirk appears on Soonyoung’s lips. “I warned you that you would.”

You quickly flipped yourself over to face to other side, scooting a little further from Soonyoung as you buried your face in his pillow which smelled soothingly like him. 

Soonyoung’s eyes flickered open, chuckling when he sees your embarrassed self. 

“Come here.” He wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him and making you turn back to face him at the same time. You inhaled sharply. You were against his warm chest, chiseled to perfection, his brown eyes staring deep into yours. 

“I think I like you too.”

Soonyoung’s lips gently presses onto yours, the euphoric warmth blossoming in the both of you; you never knew a kiss so innocent could be so intimate and electrifying. His lips and yours melted into each other, and you could feel him smiling. 

The two of you pull away, and Soonyoung grins. 

“Lucky that I chose the date that was 2 years later. I don’t think we’d be able to wait for 3.”

You laughed a soft, melodic laugh that echoed in Soonyoung’s ears. “Right.”

With a soft chuckle, the two of your lips touched again. 

So love in arranged marriages do happen.

In A Moment Ch. 1

An Avengers Series

Character Pairing: Steve x Bucky x Female Reader

Word Count: 1150

Warnings: None that I can think of! Maybe a little fluff…

A/N: I know that some of my facts may be a little off, but I’m not perfect! I’m just trying to do my best! Stay with me guys, we’re building up to the good stuff!

Read the Prologue HERE to get caught up!

Originally posted by thiagobanana


The steady chimes of the many machines surrounding your hospital bed were the only sounds in the silent room. Bucky held your limp hand in his and watched the line on the heart monitor repeat its cycle with the beats. He placed his metal elbow on the bed and rested his forehead in his hand. He knew you would hate this. You would hate being in this bed, a machine helping you breathe. It had been confirmed by many neurologists that you have brain function. But for some reason, you wouldn’t open your eyes.  

Bucky lifted his head when he heard the sliding glass door open to your hospital room. Steve walked in and placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze before going to the other side of the bed and sitting in a chair.

“Buck, you need to leave this room once and awhile,” Steve said as he scooted his chair closer to the bed and leaned his elbows on it.

“I don’t want her to be alone,” Bucky sighed as he leaned back in his chair and looked across at Steve.

“There are like 50 people milling around this place at all times,” Steve pointed to the glass walls that made up your room. “She wouldn’t be alone.”

“You know what I mean,” Bucky rubbed his forehead. “She could wake up any minute.”

They both fell silent, neither of them wanting to voice the other option. Steve looked up at the monitor and made a mental note of the stats before looking down at you. Pale, you looked so pale. The circles under your eyes were so dark that they looked like bruises. You had a small rash around the tape holding the breathing tube in your mouth.

“I have never thought of her as small,” Steve said absentmindedly. “I have never once looked at her and thought that she was small or weak. But, as she lays here that is all I see. She looks so small.”

Bucky nodded in agreement. He watched as Steve wrapped your hand in his, rubbing smalls circles. “You are in love with her too, aren’t you?” Steve’s eyes snapped up to meet his. “Yea, I know the feeling, pal.”

Before Steve could answer, Tony walked in with Bruce trailing behind him. He looked between Steve and Bucky with a questioning look while Bruce wrote your vitals on the clipboard at the end of the bed. Bucky got up from his chair and moved to lean against the wall. Steve did the same, watching Bruce closely as he lifted the blanket that was covering you. Folding it to your hips, he raised the hospital gown to inspect the bandage around your chest.

“So, Banner and I are here to discuss a course of action fellas,” Tony said clapping his hands in front of him. “It’s been a week and sleeping beauty here has had enough rest. One of you Prince Charming’s need to kiss her so we can wake her up.”

Bruce chuckled lightly, but Steve and Bucky stared at him less than amused.

“Wow… tough crowd,” Tony looked down at his feet for a moment before looking back up. “In all seriousness, we have two options and neither of you are going to like them.”

Bruce spoke up from his spot by the door, “The first option is taking her off the vent and see if she will breathe on her own.”

“And if that doesn’t work?” Bucky asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Then we let nature take its course,” Tony answered before Bruce could.

“What is the second option?” Steve asked, shaking his head at Tony.

Both Tony and Bruce seemed to get uncomfortable and sent nervous glances at each other. Bruce looked at Steve first and then at Bucky before he answered. “We inject her with the serum.”

“No.” Steve and Bucky said at the same time.

“Guys, hear him out,” Tony tried to reason.

Steve looked over at Bucky to see him looking down at you, clenching his jaw. He looked at Bruce and nodded for him to continue.

“I have been working all week on a special chemical solution that I think would work well for her,” Bruce pulled out the papers that he had stuffed in his back pocket and handed them to Steve. “It’s not the same serum from the 1940’s or even the same that we have seen in recent years.”

Steve was reading through Banner’s notes when Bucky spoke up, “What will it do?”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., bring up the diagram please.” Tony said to the A.I.

“Yes Mr. Stark,” she said as a yellow computerized version of yourself appeared over your body. Bruce stepped up and pressed a few buttons on a handheld console.

Blue lines started to thread through the computerized veins, showing where the serum would go. “It will enhance her,” Bruce began. “Her body, her abilities, her mind. She’ll have the faster healing abilities and no Gamma or Vita rays will be involved so her personality will stay the same… she shouldn’t turn green.”

Bucky and Steve just stared at the computerized silhouette in front of them and Tony looked pained.

“It really is a tough crowd in here,” Bruce shook his head with a laugh. “She will essentially be just like you Cap. Or that is the hope at least.”

“Will her being an assassin affect anything?” Steve asked, looking at Tony. “Her past has her straddling the line between good or bad.”

“She’s not a bad person,” Bucky was quick to defend you.

“I didn’t say she was Buck,” Steve handed the notes over to Bucky. “I’m just saying we have heard the rumors on what she was forced to do before Tony found her.”

“She’ll become a Super Soldier,” Tony said, clicking a button on Bruce’s handheld to vaporize the diagram.

“A Super Assassin,” Bucky said quietly.

Everyone in the room fell silent and looked at one another. Bucky sat back down in his chair, placing his elbows on his knees and ran his fingers through his hair. Steve watched him, wondering what he was thinking.

Tony was the first to break the silence, “We need to be real here, it is the only thing that is going to save her. I’ll give you time to think about that.”

With that, him and Bruce exited the room.  

Steve walked to the end of your bed and placed his hands on the slat, hanging his head. Normally he was the calm one under pressure, but this was making him want to scream out his frustration.

“Answer my question from earlier,” Bucky said, getting up and moving to stand next to Steve.

He glanced over at Bucky before looking at you lie in that hospital bed. “Yea Bucky, I am.” Steve placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder again, “Let’s save her life.”

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Yes Sir Part 3

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part 3: Something Good

Professor Winchester and Reader get closer as their relationship develops.

Part 2  Series Masterlist  On AO3

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, oral, fingering, public sex, unprotected sex. Feels, language, fluff, angst, mention of death of a parent. Severe spaghetti sauce harm. WC: 3460. Gifs aren’t mine.

A/N: This is for @just-another-busy-fangirl​‘s 1K Music Challenge - the song “Something Good” from Sound of Music. This is one of my all time fav movies. I think “Something Good” is one of the most romantic songs ever. I knew when I chose this song for the challenge that the fanfic that went with it had to be special. Hope you like it. 

Fall quarter arrived and I was scheduled for only one class with Professor Winchester. I was disappointed, but I was taking 18 hours of class plus working at the bar. Our designated Tuesdays and Thursdays hook up schedule happened few and far between. After 10 weeks of seeing each other every day it was difficult to adjust to. But I knew my time with John wasn’t a mistake.

One Wednesday afternoon I was standing in the hallway outside our classroom talking to a friend when she noticed Professor Winchester walking down the hallway towards us. She froze mid-sentence, staring up in wonder at her crush. I nonchalantly looked over at him as he stopped next to us.

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Nothin’ Else Matters

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2938

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Notes: This was a request and I loved writing it ^^ It was a really cute idea so thank you, sugar! I hope you like it! Xox

Ask: @aquivercactus :Hey, hun.. I see requests are open. 🤗🤗 Would you consider writing some Daryl x reader fic where she is a looot younger than him. She’s in love with him, and he likes her even tho he don’t want to.. but eventualy he caves, and they end up together. (Fluff smut) Thanks 💖

“That doesn’t go there,” you said absent-mindedly, your gaze focused on the comic Carl had leant you as you chewed on cherry twizzlers.

Tara paused and threw a glance at Denise, who bit back a smile and held her hands up in a way that told her girlfriend she wasn’t getting involved.

“Maybe if you helped instead of sitting on your ass like a lazy kid…” Tara scathed, throwing the bottle of tablets back into the box.

“I ain’t a kid!” You retorted angrily; if there was one thing she knew would get a rise out of you, it was calling you that. “Just ‘cause I’m eighteen doesn’t mean I’m any less adult than the rest of you.”

“You’re sat there reading a comic and eating twizzlers, Y/N… super adult…” Denise smirked, making Tara chuckle.

You opened your mouth to respond when the infirmary door was pushed open, Daryl entering and your cheeks flushing instantly. His muscles flexed deliciously as he lifted the box in Denise’s direction, letting her see the medical supplies he’d found her. He was hot and glistening with sweat from the run and you were finding it hard to focus.

“Thanks,” she smiled brightly, taking the box from him. “This is perfect. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble to get…”

“Nah,” the archer assured her, glancing over at you through his hair, a small smile playing on his lips. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Your eyes flew to the floor and you grinned bashfully.

“I got you somethin’,” he said quietly, your eyes finding his gorgeous sapphire ones, curious.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out an unopened pack of cherry twizzlers and passed them to you silently. Denise and Tara giggled, making Daryl blush scarlet as he closed the door behind him quickly as he exited.

The women laughed loudly and you tossed the pack of twizzlers at them, giggling like a school girl as you covered your face with your hands, your heart pounding.

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The Punk Downstairs

AN: Shawn is woken up by the downstairs neighbour’s music but when he goes to ask them to turn it off he isn’t expecting who answers. 

Part 2 here!

Shawn groans and rolls over, pulling a pillow down tight over his head to block out the blaring music from the apartment below his. He’d been wide awake all night, tossing and turning, trying anything to get a minute of sleep but to no avail. It was only as the sky had begun to lighten and the birds performed their morning chorus that his eyes had drooped and turned heavy. And of course, that was when his mysterious downstairs neighbour had decided to turn their music up full blast.

“Who listens to this at seven in the morning?” he grumbles to himself as he throws a shirt on over his track-pants and walks out of his apartment to the lifts. The heavy guitar and shrieked lyrics were hardly the kind of gentle wake up tunes he himself would opt for, but each to their own.

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No More Hiding

A/N: Thanks to the anon that suggested something to do with Pride and for inspiring this story. I missed Joeck ❤️
No, this does not mean requests are open and no, it does not mean I’m back. But feel free to send in ideas, maybe it’ll inspire something!

“Maybe we shouldn’t…” Joe trails off nervously, his fingers tapping against his leg nervously as he waits for Jack to finish.

“It’ll be fine, babe.” The younger man replies, stepping back as he admires his handiwork. Nodding to himself he turns to prepare the next temporary tattoo while Joe glances at himself in the mirror.

“But what if it’s not?”

Looking back over at his boyfriend, Jack studies the look on Joe’s face for a moment.

“Do you not want to do this? We can just stay in instead.”

“No!” Joe responds quickly, his blue eyes widening, “I want to do this!”

“Are you sure?” Jack asks softly, his fingers slipping through Joe’s, “Because honestly, we don’t have to go out there.”

Glancing back at the mirror, Joe’s eyes fall on to the Pride flag that has been placed on his cheek, only slightly off kilter since Jack insisted on applying it, before he looks back into his boyfriends eyes, similar nerves shining brightly in the blue he had fallen for.

Leaning forward, Joe presses his lips against Jack’s, pulling back before the younger man can deepen it, laughing softly at the disgruntled look that flashes across Jack’s face.

“I want to do this. And I want to do it with you.” Joe says firmly, giving the hand in his a squeeze.

“Then let me finish decorating you.”

“Alright,” Joe laughs as Jack kisses him once more swiftly before turning back to the kitchen table strewn with supplies.

Once both boys are decorated to Jack’s approval, they make their way out of Joe’s flat, the nerves returning full force to the slimmer man.

“It’ll be fine, babe.” Jack reassures him, his arm winding around Joe and pulling him closer, his lips pressing a gentle kiss to his temple.

“There’s no going back after this, you know that right?”

“I know. But this is what we decided. No more hiding.”

“No more hiding.” Joe nods, repeating the words that both had agreed on.

And as the lift doors slide open, the two head for the lobby doors, surprised to see that the festivities had already reached this part of London.

The large crowd of celebrators is moving past in a blur of rainbow colours, large smiles, and glitter shining in the air.

Everyone looks happy and excited. Joe wants to be part of that. With Jack by his side.

“Let’s do this.” Jack says, his hand finding Joe’s as he leads him out of the door, smiling over his shoulder as they enter the crowd.

The rainbow plastered onto Jack’s cheeks sparkles in the sunlight, nearly as bright as the happiness in his blue eyes, and Joe gets distracted by them for a moment, captivated by the way his boyfriend looks. Without thinking, he pulls Jack closer and into a deep kiss, his arms winding around the younger man’s neck, the crowd cheering as they move past.

“No more hiding.” Joe whispers against Jack’s lips when they break apart.

“No more hiding.” Jack repeats.

The two lose track of time as they sing and cheer along with the other Pride attendees. Joe’s cheeks begin to hurt from smiling, and his sides hurt from laughing, but he feels light and free as he exchanges kisses with Jack, their fingers laced together between them as they walk along the road.

All the nerves and fears from before have disappeared, and he’s just so relieved to be open about his feelings for the man next to him, surrounded by other people like him.

By the time they come to the end of the walk, both have been covered in glitter, Joe has stickers all over the back of his shirt, and Jack has somehow acquired a feathery boa that is littering little feathers all over the place.

But neither care, knowing it was all part of the experience.

They fall heavily into a bench as they watch part of the crowd start to dance in the square they’ve arrived at. There’s onlookers from those who didn’t participate in the pride parade, but mostly everyone seems to just be smiling and laughing at the antics, not wanting to ruin the cheerful mood.

“Was it worth it?” Jack asks, leaning in close to speak in to Joe’s ear.

“Very.” He replies, turning his head to grin over at his boyfriend.

“Want to make it completely official?” Jack raises an eyebrow as he pulls his phone out of his pocket.

“Let’s do it.” Joe nods, watching as the other man opens Snapchat and lifts the phone in front of them.

Joe thinks they’re going to just take a simple smiling picture, and at first that is all that Jack takes, one with them pressing their faces close together, the glitter and rainbows obvious. After adding a quick filter from the Pride parade, Jack posts it to his story, and then lifts his phone up once more.

“Another one?” Joe laughs but leans in closer.

“This one’ll be a little different.” Jack answers, and when Joe turns to ask him what he has in mind, the younger man cuts him off by kissing him, snapping the picture before Joe even knows what’s happened.


“What?” He laughs, slipping his phone back into his pocket after posting the picture to his story and standing, “We agreed no more hiding!”

“I know that,” Joe splutters as his boyfriend grabs his hand and tugs him out of his seat, “But we didn’t agree on that part.”

“Too late, babe.” Jack smiles, pulling Joe closer, his hands gripping the slim hips as he walks backwards, leading Joe into the crowd. “And anyways, I just want to post cute pictures of me kissing my incredibly handsome boyfriend.”

“Well, when you put it that way…” Joe drawls, his arms winding around Jack’s neck, their bodies flush together, pulsing with the loud music floating around them.

“Thought you’d see it that way.” Jack replies before kissing Joe, right in the middle of all of London, for anyone to see.

Because they had agreed: No more hiding.

Can’t Lose You Now

I can’t believe how good that scene in the last chapter was, but I’m always gonna be thirsty for more Drake x MC. This is set at the very end of the study scene. 

Originally posted by couplenotes

Louisa walks toward the door of the study, but as she reaches the threshold, she hesitates. Slowly, she shuts the door instead of walking through it. 

“Tennant?” Drake asks, confused. 

Spinning around, Louisa reaches up and pulls Drake down into another deep kiss, moving her lips over his hungrily. She slides her tongue into his mouth and Drake groans as he leans into her, pressing her against the door. 

“Louisa,” he gasps as she moves her hands under his shirt, fingers running along his abs. 

“You’re not the only one whose thought about this,” she mutters before capturing his lips again. 

Drake’s hands slide down her body and he lifts her against the door. Louisa wraps her legs around his waist and grinds down on him as they continue kissing desperately until they come to a gasping stop, hungry for air. 

Panting, the two of them stare at each other. Drake slowly lowers Louisa to the floor. He rests his forehead against hers before pressing a tender kiss to her lips. 

Louisa sighs and whispers, “I’m sorry.”

Drake ducks his head, disappointment etched on his features. 

“No!” she says quickly. “Drake, I’m not sorry for that. That was…that was amazing.” 

Drake smiles at her. That beautiful smile that she can’t get enough of and doesn’t get to see nearly enough. 

“It was pretty incredible, wasn’t it?” 

“Yes,” she says blushing slightly, “I just meant I’m sorry because I know you’re right and we shouldn’t do this, but I just want you so badly, Drake.” She cups his cheek and pulls him into another brief, intense kiss. 

“God, Louisa. I want you too, but you’re right. We can’t…not until I talk to Liam.”

“You’re going to talk to Liam…about us?” 

“I need to,” Drake says resolutely. “I don’t know what I’m gonna say, but I can’t lose you now, Tennant.”

A Really Good Idea

Joe decided that there was nothing better after a long day than stepping out of the lift and towards the front door, knowing that relaxation was only moments away.

And so when the lift doors opened onto his floor, he let out a sigh, pushing himself off of the wall and out from them, digging his keys out of his pocket.

Just as he went to search for the key that unlocked his flat, his eyes caught on a sight.

There was a woman, about his age, dancing.

Clearly she thought she was alone, because there was no shame in her movements as she danced around the small hallway, her eyes closed, and from the slim white cord dangling from her head, headphones in.

The lift doors slide shut behind him, and so Joe was trapped. But also captivated.

He felt a smile tug at his lips as he watched the stranger move around the small space, the faint sound of her music reaching his ears. He wasn’t sure who she was, but judging by the bag tossed beside the door across from his, he assumed it was his new neighbour that had moved in just over a month ago.

Somehow, they always managed to just miss each other, and now Joe was wondering how he hadn’t noticed the vibrant woman before.

His door was on the other side of her, but he didn’t want to interrupt her dancing, although he briefly wondered why she was dancing in the hallway instead of inside of her flat, so he leaned against the wall, laughing softly to himself.

Only a minute more passed before she sees him.

And when she did, she froze, her cheeks flushing red as she tugged the headphones out of her ears.

“Hello,” Joe smiled over at her.

“Uhm, hi. How long…”

“Not long,” He told her, pushing himself off of the wall. “I didn’t want to interrupt your flow though.”

“This is embarrassing.” She mumbled, fiddling with the cord.

“No worries, love.” He found the key to his door, lifting his eyes back to her, “But I do have one question?”

“Only one?”

“Yes,” He laughed, “Why are you dancing in the hallway?”

“Oh.” She brushed the hair out of her face, “I lost my keys.”

“Ah, that makes sense. I’m Joe, by the way. I live there.” He pointed at the door just past her.

“Y/N. I live here.” She pointed at her door.

“Nice to finally meet you, Y/N.” He smiled over at her again.

“You too. And uhm, do you know what I should do? About the whole key situation?”

“Normally, I’d say call the building manager,” Joe slipped the key into his lock, “But there was a notice posted downstairs saying he was out of town until morning.”

“Convenient.” Y/N mumbled, falling back against the wall beside her door.

He looked at her, making a sudden decision, “Want to come over for dinner?”


“Well, it’d be bad neighbour behaviour to leave you out here alone. So, do you want to come over for dinner?”

“Are you sure? What if I’m some killer?”

“Y/N, I just saw you dancing in our hallway. I don’t think you’re a killer.”

“Fair enough,” Laughing, she bent over to pick up her bag, “Then dinner sounds lovely.”

“Come on in,” Joe stepped to the side, allowing her to step into his flat.

This was either a really stupid idea, or a really good idea.

And hours later, as the two sat on the couch, laughing loudly over the story Y/N had just told, Joe decided it was a really good idea.

“That is great,” He said breathlessly, running a hand through his hair. “I cannot believe you did that.”

“My best friend dared me! I would never actually do it.”

“Sure,” He grinned over at her, finishing the last of his drink.

“I wouldn’t!” She protested, shaking her head, a smile on her lips.

Over the past couple of hours, Joe had learned a great deal about his neighbour, one of them being that he really liked her smile.

And that maybe he really liked her.

The entire night had been easy and comfortable, the two of them cooking dinner and chatting. They had discovered that they had quite a bit in common, jumping from topic to topic. He wondered why he hadn’t met his neighbour sooner.

Noticing the yawn that Y/N attempted to poorly hide, Joe stood from the couch, picking up the other glass from the table. “Tired?”

“A little,” She admitted, standing and following him into the kitchen. “Suppose I should call a friend and see if I can crash with them.”

“It’s like..eleven thirty. You aren’t going anywhere.”

“What? Joe, I can’t get into my place!”

“I know, you can crash in my guest room.”

“I couldn’t,” She shook her head, “You’ve already done so much.”

“Take the offer, Y/N.”


“Take it.”

“Fine. But I owe you.”

“You can make me breakfast in the morning,” Joe smiled, “Room’s this way.”

He lead her over to the guest room, pointing out where extra towels were along the way. He remained in the doorway as she sat on the bed.

“Oh, do you want anything to sleep in?”

“No,” Y/N replied, “I’ll be fine with what I’m wearing.”

“I’m just upstairs if you need anything.”


“Alright. Then, goodnight.” He nodded, turning and heading back for the kitchen.

After the lights were turned off, he was heading for the stairs when her voice stopped him.

“Wait, Joe.”

“Yeah?” She stood in the doorway of the guest room, biting lightly on her bottom lip.

“One last thing…”


She walked over to him quickly, placing a hand on his arm before kissing him on the cheek softly. “Thank you, for tonight.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.” Joe scratched the back of his neck, his cheeks warming slightly.

“Goodnight,” Y/N smiled at him, turning around slowly and walking back to the guest room.

“Night,” He called back when she glanced over her shoulder, closing the door behind her.

Yup, Joe decided as he climbed up the stairs, a really really good idea.

Little One (Part 1)

a/n: here is the continue of my previous mini series, this one has a new title because it isn’t necessary to read the previous series so it is up to you where you want to start reading it :)

Simon Dominic/Jung Kiseok X Reader

genre: fluff/smut

Pt. 2.   [Masterlist]

You shuffled your way trough the hallway of the aomg company, after spending a long day in the studio, you finally were heading home. 

you looked confused when you past by Kiseok his office and saw the lights were on he didn’t mention anything about being at the company today this morning when you left the house so you decided to take a look “Kiseok?” You softly let out, but there was no one

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anonymous asked:

would you be up for writing a third part to your recent drabbles? we all need some good ole baby fluff to tie us down for a while :-) you're amazing!

part i, part ii

In retrospect, she should have taken the lift.

Jemma realises this when she is on the third flight of stairs up to the flat, and her feet are beginning to ache and the bags in her arms are starting to drag and, much to her dismay, she is feeling rather out of breath.

Pursing her lips together tightly, she eyes first the silver doors to the lift on her left and then glances upwards at the four flights of stairs she still has to climb. With a sigh, Jemma presses the up button of the lift and waits for the doors to slide open for her.

In fairness, she thinks to herself as the lift starts to carry her back home, she shouldn’t really feel guilty about it. After all, she was eight months pregnant.

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anonymous asked:

Kirishima, todoroki, and bakugou (separate) surprisingly picking up their s/o from work and taking them out on a stargazing date. Thanks

Sure thing! I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


It’s already dark when he greets his partner and tells them he has a surprise prepared. They follow him to the very edge of the city and to the perfect spot he picked out a couple of days ago.

Leading them through a lit backstreet, they reach a tall building at the end of it.

“A friend of mine left the rooftop door open for us.” Kirishima says and leads his partner into the elevator.

“What have you planned?” They ask and eye the bag and backpack he carries with him. He gives them a wide smile and leans over to give them as kiss.

“It’s a surprise.” Kirishima answers and then straightens once the lift stops with a ding. The doors slide open and they walk through the short hallway to the open steel door.

Stepping out into the rooftop, Kirishima quickly pulls a tick blanket from his backpack and spreads it over the dry roof. The air is warm and a soft, gentle breeze is steadily blowing up here.

“Look up.” Kirishima says gently with a small grin and his partner does as he says.

They’re still by the city, though the tall building and the clear sky help immensely. The stars dot like glowing point along the midnight sky and his partner just gazes up, looking surprised and a small, happy smile spreads over their face.

Kirishima can’t help the happy grin that spreads over his, while he unpacks the dinner he prepared. Once his love notices that, they kneel down at this side on the blanket and draw him into a warm, long kiss.

“Thank you.” They whisper with a wide smile. “I love this.”


The weather is perfect and the night clear and warm, when his partner gets out of work. Todoroki is already waiting for them, a late dinner and everything they need in a backpack at his side.

His partner greets him with a quick, chaste kiss. “It’s nice to see you, thank you for picking me up.” They say with a smile and are about to tug him off to go home, when he stops them.

“I prepared a surprise.” Todoroki admits and leads them the other way. “I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I will.” His partner says with a curious smile, slipping their hand into his. “Though I hope you brought food, I’m starving.”

“Of course.” Todoroki leads them to the outskirts of the city and towards a flowing, wide river, where he sets everything down. Once he pulls the blanket and the food out of the backpack, his partner catches on and looks around.

They notice the star covered sky above them and they breathe in deeply, turning to give him a disbelieving grin.

“You really went all out.” They say and notice the food and drinks he brought. They step up to him to give him a long, soft kiss. “Thank you, this is wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Todoroki answers with a smile and when they sit down beside him, he hugs them close.


His partner thankfully doesn’t ask many questions, when Bakugou picks them up from work. He simply tells them it’s a surprise and they give the bag at his side a curious glance.

It takes a bit until they reach the spot he picked and once they’re there; he subtly points up and sets down the bag, ready to take everything out.

“I damn hope you like it.” He says and his partner tilts their head up.

Their mouth drops open for a moment, as they see the sea of stars spreading above them and Bakugou smiles to himself, satisfied, when he pulls the containers with food out of the bag along with a blanket.

When he puts the blanket down, his partner snaps out of their daze and they quickly kneel beside him and give him a warm, deep kiss.

“I take it you like it.” He says with a grin and his partner laughs and sits down, gratefully accepting the food he hands them.

“I love it. How did you find this place?”  They ask, shuffling closer to press their sides together and Bakugou wraps an arm around them.

“It was fucking easy.” He says and kisses the top of their head. “And no one usually comes by, so we can stay as long as we frigging want to.”

“Perfect.” His partner smiles widely and looks up again, their gaze trailing over all the stars and Bakugou falls quiet, feeling calm and satisfied that his surprise has worked out so well.

Oil and Sugar - Chapter 10 - Life and Love

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This chapter is so smutty, i’m slightly horrified, but hey, who’s complaining? ;)

Betty woke slowly, the morning sun slipping into the room above the bar and driving out the shadows.  She was wrapped in Jughead’s arms, her face nestled on his chest, right over his crown tattoo.  He loved her, had always loved her.  She pushed the sadness away at the thought of having missed out on ten years and let the happiness flow in that she was now back in his arms.  She pressed a soft kiss over the tattoo and felt his arm tighten slightly.  She looked up and found his blue eyes watching her.  

“Hey,” he said softly, a smile playing on his lips.  

“Hi,” Betty whispered almost shyly.  It was different today.  There were no more games and hiding feelings and pretending it was just sex.  Today she was his and she felt like her heart was going to burst.  Jughead moved and rolled her, bracing on his elbow and looking down at her.

“Sleep well?” he asked smugly.  He had kept her up half the night and she should have been tired but she had never felt more awake and alive.  Betty touched his face and he leaned into her hand.

“I can’t believe you’re mine,” she said, almost in awe.

“I’ve always been yours,” Jughead murmured.

“I know, I just….I just forgot for a while,” Betty whispered.

“I love you,” he said.  He had told her countless times, all night long and she would never tire of hearing it.  She pulled him down for a kiss and wrapped herself around him as his mouth moved over hers.  A slow, deep kiss that, as usual, made her want so much more.  He pulled back and smiled at her whimper of protest.

“I’m so happy, Juggie.  That I’m here with you, that you let me back in here,” she said with a sigh.  Jughead looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Why wouldn’t I have let you back in here?” he asked smiling.

“Well, I ran out on you Juggie, and I feel so terrible about it.  You begged me not to go and I just left,” she said, her eyes stinging with tears.

“Don’t cry,” he said softly.  “I love you Betty, of course I let you back it.  You were afraid, I understand.  I mean, yes, I was angry and kinda broke a chair when you left, but I wasn’t planning on just letting you walk away.  I was going to give you some time and then come after you.”

“Really?” she asked with a happy smile.  “And wait, what?  You broke a chair?”

“I kind of threw it at the door,” he said with a grimace.  Her eyes widened and then she let out a sigh.

“Good thing I didn’t come back right then,” she said, then laughed a little.

“That’s not even funny,” Jughead said.  “Jesus, can you imagine?  I’d have taken you out with a fucking chair.”  He started laughing then and she joined in.

“Death by angry Jughead chair,” she gasped out.  

“Oh my God, why are we laughing about that?” he wondered in horror, even as he laughed.  

“Cause we’re idiots,” she giggled.  “Did you break anything else?” she wondered.

“No, I just smoked half a pack of cigarettes and started getting drunk.  Archie showed up before I got all the way drunk,” he said with a chuckle.  “He helped me stop being angry and told me to fight for you, which I had been planning on doing but his advice on how long I wait was better.”

“How long did he tell you to wait?”

“Two hours,” Jughead said laughing.  “Although I probably would have come after you sooner.  Well, maybe not if I’d have gotten completely drunk, but I was definitely going to come after you Betty.  Even if just to yell.”

“Veronica helped me see things clearly.  We should thank her for meddling,” Betty said laughing.

“Never,” Jughead said.  “She’ll never stop then.”

“She won’t, regardless.”

“That’s true.  We’ll send her some flowers,” he said with a smile.  “How did she help you?”

“Well, she made me realize that the pain I was afraid of feeling, I was already feeling it so she asked if I loved you and wanted to be with you and if you were worth the risk and the answer was ‘yes’ to all of it, so I came back to beg your forgiveness.”  Jughead lowered his head and kissed her again.  

“Does that mean you’ll be my girl again?” he asked, his forehead resting on hers.

“Yes, so many times, yes,” Betty exclaimed.  “For as long as you’ll have me.”

“Well, you’ll be with me till I’m dead then,” he said happily.

“I just wish we hadn’t lost so much time” she said sadly.

“Hey, don’t.  We were young stupid kids and clearly we needed to grow up if we could fuck up something that badly.  I promise, I will always tell you how I feel from now on and if I’m not happy about something, I’ll tell you.”  

“I just wish….” Betty trialed off with a sigh.  “I love you so much and I’ve always loved you and I should have asked you if it’s what you wanted.  I feel so terrible and now that I think how we’ve been with other people and we still loved each other….” She stopped talking and started to cry and he sighed and pulled her into his arms, holding her close.

“Betty stop,” he pleaded.  “It’s ok.  Does it make you feel any better if I tell you that I always pretended it was you?”  She started giggling around her crying and he smiled.  

“I did too,” she whispered.

“Ok, then lets just call it practice,” he suggested with a smirk.  She stretched out on top of him and moved against him.  

“You have gotten extremely good at it,” she said, biting her lip.

“Oh yeah?” he teased, his hands running over her back, down to cup her backside, holding her against his growing arousal.  “Let me show you how good,” he suggested.

“You’ve been showing me for 7 weeks,” she said with a moan.  

“I’m not quite finished yet,” he whispered, taking her mouth in a heated kiss.

It had been two months since they had admitted they loved each other and Betty was happier than she had ever been in her life.  The shop was doing well and Jughead helped out a lot and she did in the bar as well, taking shifts when other workers needed some time off.  It was a happy blissful back and forth with millions of ‘I love you’s’ thrown in and the crazy thing was, she seemed to fall more in love every day.  Their sex life only got better, if such a thing was even possible and it certainly wasn’t slowing down.  Sex while being in love was definitely something amazing.  She couldn’t get enough of him.  Of course, the fact that he was sexy as fuck didn’t hurt either.  

They went out a lot now.  To dinner, to movies, shopping and Betty started noticing that all the other females also noticed how sexy Jughead was.  She had to chase them off with angry glares and a word or two every now and then.  She really was a jealous person, which for whatever reason turned Jughead on.  Every time she got anger at some girl ogling him, he dragged her to the nearest hidden corner or bed and they ended up having wild, loud sex.

He was in much the same condition.  She had to hold him back sometimes when someone at the bar started flirting or trying to get handsy.  A few of the handsy ones got punched and the flirty ones were chased off with a vicious glare.  She made him promise to behave at the shop so she wouldn’t lose customers.  Most of the flirts there were harmless idiots who never tried anything, just were a little enthusiastic about oil changes and Jughead always made sure he was around when they came for their vehicles.  Betty found this rather amusing and also, like Jughead, would jump his bones after they would leave.  Yes, their sex life was definitely hot.  

Despite all that, there was never an issue with trust.  They knew they loved each other and never for a second doubted it.  They just really wanted other people to stop pawing at what belonged to them.  One particular afternoon, Jughead was leaning against the front of the car he was working on, his feet crossed at the ankles, his arms folded across his chest, a cigarette dangling from his lips and a woman walked into the shop who happened to own the car.  Betty straightened from the car she was working on when she heard the woman’s laughter and watched as she flirted.  Jughead looked past her to Betty and winked and Betty rolled her eyes at the woman’s giggle, having thought he was winking at her.  

Betty was wearing overalls with only a black bra underneath and she was extremely confident with her body and how she looked and she slowly undid the straps and let the overalls top fall down to her waist, and leaned against the car and Jughead’s eyes took on a heated glint.  The woman, as oblivious as a rock, touched Jughead’s arm and asked if he wanted her number.  Betty sighed and rolled her eyes and walked over to the pair.  

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m not available,” Jughead was saying, stepping back a little.  “I happen to have….”

“Someone he loves very much,” Betty finished for him, stepping in front of him, her hands on her hips, her glare telling the lady all she needed to know.  

“Oh, I’m….” The woman’s voice trailed off and she looked Betty up and down.  “Wow, you’re very….” Her voice trailed off again.  Betty raised an eyebrow.  “You know, I could leave my number for either of you,” she said with a smile.  Betty felt the laughter in Jughead’s chest and stepped on his foot to get him to shut up.  

“Your car will be ready tomorrow and neither one of us wants your damn number,” Betty said, exasperated.  The woman flushed and quickly hurried out of the shop.  Betty turned around and Jughead burst into laughter.

“Wow,” he managed after a while.  “I’m going to have to fend of the women now too?  Everyone wants my girl?”  Betty stepped closer and rubbed against him.

“Your girl only wants you,” she breathed against his mouth.

“Mmmmm, promise?” he asked, his hands sliding over her backside, lifting her against him.  

“Lock the door,” she whispered against his mouth.  He kissed her, walking toward the doors and she wrapped her legs around him.  Had anyone been driving by right then, they would have seen two people completely lost in each other, mouths moving in desperate, hungry kisses.  Jughead leaned her against the wall and hit the button for the overhead doors, bringing them down and hitting the lock button.  He turned and walked them to the office, slamming the door open and depositing her on top of the desk.

“We’re never getting rid of this desk,” he muttered.  “It’s changed my life.”  She giggled and he reached behind her and undid her bra.  It fell between them and he cupped her breasts, his thumbs brushing over her nipples.  She moaned and pulled at his shirt, getting it off him in mere seconds, her hands running eagerly over his chest.  He pushed her back gently, bracing his hands on the desk and leaning over her, his mouth moving down her neck to her chest.  

Betty let out a ragged moan when his tongue dragged between her breasts and moved to tease over her nipple.  He sucked one in his mouth as his hands pulled her overalls down.  He let out a frustrated growl when her shoes got in the way and he lifted her legs to pull them off and she giggled at his annoyed look as he dragged the clothes off.  He bent back over her, his mouth moving over her breasts greedily and she arched her back, pressing against him.  His hands pulled at her panties and hurried them off as well.  He put his fingers to her and groaned.  Jughead lifted his head and looked into her face as he slipped a finger inside her.

“How are you always so wet?” he groaned, adding another finger.  

“It’s you, that much I can tell you,” she gasped.  “Only with you.”

“Fuck,” he muttered as she clenched her walls on him and she sat up and her hands made quick work of his belt and button and she pulled him free.

“Inside me, please,” she gasped against his mouth.  “I need you.”  He didn’t have to be told twice and he positioned himself, dragging his erection over her and then sliding deep inside.  She immediately clenched her walls on him and his groan rang in her ear.

“Fucking hell, Betty,” he gasped, pulling out and pushing back in.  “How is it always so hot, so tight, so fucking good?”  His words made her head spin and she gasped.  His hands gripped her thighs, pushing them wide apart as he thrust into her.  She looked down and, fuck, watching the muscles on his stomach clench as he moved, watching him disappear and reappear and disappear again inside her, watching her body absorb him, pull at him, close around him, she was so turned on, she went a little wild.

“Oh my god,” she moaned.  She couldn’t help it, her body started to shake and she reached down and touched herself and Jughead looked down and watched with her and his muttered curses told her he liked it.  

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he groaned, his thrusts picking up speed.  Betty let out a yell as her orgasm hit out of nowhere.  She clenched hard on him and she gasped, bringing her legs up, squeezing him tight.  She shuddered against him and he kept thrusting, his mouth on hers in a bruising kiss.  Betty kept stroking herself, wanting more  and she moved her hand and looked down again, watching him fuck her with hard, fast strokes and he growled when she came again, throwing her head back and shaking through her orgasm.  She felt his body start to stiffen, his breathing chopped and heavy.

“Pull out,” she gasped, “I want to watch you come.”  She didn’t know what made her say that but he growled at her words and after a long hard thrust he pulled out and she watched, fascinated as he sprayed silky ribbons all over her still glistening flesh.  She wrapped her hand around him, chasing his own hand away and he groaned as she pushed him back inside her where her walls still fluttered and he quivered against her.  She was still looking down at their bodies locked tightly together.  The wetness of both their orgasms glistening between them.  Jughead glanced down and watched her drag her fingers through it and bring it up to her mouth.  

“You’re going to fucking kill me,” he groaned, watching her tongue lick up the sticky mess.

“You make me a little crazy,” she whispered, her eyes still wide with arousal.  “I want to do all sorts of dirty shit with you.”  

“Dammit,” he muttered, resting his forehead on hers.  “Let’s go upstairs and shower and I’ll do some more dirty shit to you.”

“Mmmmm, tell me.“

“Well, maybe it’s not that dirty, but I’d kind of like to feel you clench on my tongue,” he said with a grin as he pulled back.

“Oh shit,” she gasped, a shudder going through her.  The thought of orgasming with his tongue inside her made her clench and he laughed at the look that came over her face.  She grabbed his hand and their clothes and dragged him upstairs.

Much later, after an extremely satisfying time in the shower and bed, Jughead and Betty were relaxing on the couch, sipping on beer and eating left over pizza, trying to find something to watch on TV.

“So, I was thinking,” Jughead began after taking another sip.  “What do you think of me moving in here?”  Betty slowly put her beer down and stared at him.  

“You want to move in here?” she asked, surprised.

“Well, only if you want me to.  I know it’s kind of out of the blue and I completely understand if you don’t want to, since we’ve only been back together technically for 2 months, but we spend every night together, whether it’s here or at my place and I don’t know, it just seems like it would be easier to have one place,” he explained, looking a little unsure as he studied her for a reaction.  Betty smiled and he relaxed a little.  “Plus, Toni told me that every time she walks past my apartment when you’re over, she can hear us having sex.”  Betty choked on her beer a little and blushed.  He laughed and pulled her close.

“Well, what would you do with the apartment?” she asked.

“I don’t know, just leave it?  I don’t want anyone else living at the bar and it’s the only apartment there.  I would just leave it as is and if I ever need a break from you…” She smacked his arm and he laughed, pulling her onto his lap.  “You know I’m kidding,” he said softly, nuzzling her neck.  “We’ll just leave it and I’ll just bring stuff here that I use every day and if I ever need anything else I’ll go pick it up there until maybe one day we get a bigger place and all our stuff can fit.”

“You think about that?” she asked, smiling at him.  

“All the time,” he said softly.  “We may have been shook by thinking we were pregnant a couple months ago, but eventually I’m hoping we have babies and then we’ll need a bigger place.”  Betty touched his face, her fingers trembling slightly.

“You want babies?” she whispered.

“I…I mean….yeah, don’t you?” he asked, looking a little scared of her answer.

“Of course I want your babies,” she said happily.  “Now that they will be for the right reasons,” she said with a laugh.  He rolled his eyes and pinched her side.

“Don’t bring up my lunacy,” he requested with a sigh.  

“It’s cute,” she said against his mouth.  “I love you Jughead, and I would love it if you moved in here.”  

Jughead finished up his shift at the bar and headed upstairs to help Betty pack some of his things.  She had come by early cause she had no work at the shop and had suggested she get started on his clothes.  He left Toni in charge and headed upstairs.  He opened the door and stopped for a moment, taking in the sight.  Betty lay on the bed wearing only white panties and a tiny white shirt, her stomach bare, one leg pulled up in a sultry pose.  She smiled at him and bit her lip, her look of seduction hitting him right in the gut.  He closed the door and walked slowly over to the bed, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his shirt.  Her eyes devoured him and he hardened in a rush.

“I should shower,” he suggested when she held up her arms to him.  “I smell like whiskey and cigarettes.”

“You always smell like whiskey and cigarettes,” she said with a smile as he came down on top of her.  “It’s become my favorite smell, mixed with your cologne and skin,” she breathed out as his mouth placed soft kisses on her stomach, his hands stroking up her legs.  

“Have I told you today that I love you?” he whispered against her hip as his fingers gently pulled down her panties.

“Yes,” she whispered back.  “But you can tell me again.”  

“I love you,” he growled softly against her inner thigh.  He glanced up at her winked.  “Try to be quiet, we don’t want anyone to hear.”  She tried, she really did, but unfortunately she started yelling for him to stop teasing a couple minutes later.  

Betty leaned against the bar as Jughead wiped down the counter, the night coming to a close.  

“It’s almost Christmas,” she said with a smile.  

“Yes, and this will be the best Christmas I’ve ever had,” he said softly.  Betty smiled and walked around the bar to stand beside him.  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a hug.  

“I love you, you know,” he said against her ear.

“I love you too,” she whispered, hugging him close.  She was so happy, she wanted to cry.  They had been together for 5 months and it had been nothing but wonderful.  Even their squabbles ended up in giggles and kisses, one of them usually giving in the second the other got upset.  She doesn’t know how she got along without him for the last 10 years.  He filled every part of her life now with happiness and love.  She had toned down her wardrobe a little, not because he wanted her to, but because she didn’t like how men looked at her now that she belonged to Jughead.  She didn’t want anyone’s attention but his and even though he would never say it, she knew that he was pleased.  When she wanted to tease him, she put on some of her tiny shorts and shirts and usually they ended up on the floor not too long after.  He most definitely liked her little shorts.

Betty slipped her hand under his shirt and sighed against his chest.  He was so warm and God, she really loved him and she still couldn’t believe he was hers.  He was kind and sweet and so strong and sexy.  Everything about him turned her on and sometimes she just looked at him in wonder and couldn’t figure out how she got so lucky.  Jughead pulled back a little and looked down at her and his eyes darkened at the look in her eyes.  He straightened and pulled away from her.  

“Ok, everybody out, bar’s closed,” he called out.  It was near enough to closing and there were only a couple more people there, the rest of the staff having gone home already.  The two remaining patrons shuffled out and he went to lock the doors and she leaned against the bar and smiled.  He sauntered back to her and she grinned at him.  He took her face in his hands and kissed the breath right out of her.

“How are you so fucking cute?” he asked when he pulled back and she sagged against him.  Betty wrapped her arms around him and kissed his chin.  

“Why did you kick everyone out?” she asked in a whisper.  

“Because I wanted to put you on the bar and make love to you,” he said gruffly.

“Make love on the bar, Juggie?  I think the term for that would be fucking,” she said with a giggle.  “Nobody makes love in a bar.”  Jughead grabbed her hips and lifted her, seating her on top and moved between her legs.  

“Ok, let me rephrase….i’m going to love fucking you on this bar,” he said with a smug grin.

“Is it clean?”

“Why do you think I was washing it up when we were talking?” he asked slyly.  

“Wanna play buffet again?” she asked with another giggle.  He raised an eyebrow and she pulled her shirt over her head and undid her jeans which he pulled off.  She reached over and grabbed the whipped cream can and lay down along the length of the bar and handed him the can.  He laughed and she arched her back and lifted her hands above her head and smiled at him.  

“Christ, you seriously are going to kill me,” he said with a growl.  

“Well, you better hurry then, before you keel over.”  Jughead grinned and shook the can and let out some whipped cream on her stomach.  She jumped at the cool sensation and then moaned when his tongue licked it up.  He did it again and she giggled when his tongue tickled her rib.  “You know, there’s room up here for two,” she said biting her lip.  Jughead smiled and pulled his shirt off and climbed on top of the bar, settling beside her.  

“We’re going to fall off and break our necks,” he said laughing.

“This shit was your idea, now do me,” she said with a smirk.  Jughead laughed softly and shifted so his thigh was between her legs and lowered his mouth to kiss her, his hand slowly stroking up her leg.  Betty let her hand roam over his skin, her tongue stroking against his.  His kiss was deep and hungry, his mouth moving over hers like he couldn’t get enough.  She pulled away and gasped for breath, her head spinning and his mouth moved down her neck, sucking at the skin as he went.  

“You don’t have cameras up, do you?” she asked laughing as he shifted her to take off her bra.  

“I’ll delete them after,” he murmured, his mouth moving down her to her breasts.

“God, please don’t forget,” she whimpered as his tongue swirled around her nipple.

“How about I just bring the recording home?” he asked teasingly.

“Okay,” she breathed and then groaned when he sucked the crease beneath her breast and he smiled arrogantly at the mark he left.  He shifted over her and settled between her legs, his mouth once again closing over her nipple and tugging as he sucked.  Her legs came around him and he moved against her, rocking gently, pressing his arousal to her warmth.

“Juggie,” she moaned, her hands fisting in his hair.  He came up and kissed her again, his hands cupping her breasts and squeezing gently.  

“You want me?” he asked against her mouth.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“How much?” he murmured, his mouth moving down to her ear, licking the earlobe and curling behind it.

“So fucking much, all the time,” she gasped.  He smirked against her neck, his teeth biting gently.  His hand moved down and slipped into her panties, finding her wet and hot and he slid a finger inside her.

“Will you always want me?” he asked, sucking on her neck.

“Always!” she gasped.  “Dammit, Jughead, stop with the questions and fuck me already.”  Jughead raised his head and smirked down at her.  He moved suddenly and jumped of the bar and she glared at him.  He helped her sit up and pulled her off and turned her and gently bent her over so her front pressed on the bar.  His thumbs hooked in her panties and slowly pulled them down as his mouth moved along her back.  She whimpered and pressed back against him, his arousal nudging against her.  Jughead quickly undid his pants and pulled himself free, sliding over her folds and groaning as her wetness covered him.  “Please,” she begged in a throaty whisper and he held her hips and slid inside her.  

“Oh god,” she moaned, her hands holding the edge of the bar.  Jughead moved at a slow, teasing pace until she yelled at him to hurry up and he grinned and pulled her hard back against him.  “Shit,” she gasped, her hand sliding down between her legs.  He grabbed her wrist and pulled her away.  

“Mine,” he growled against her ear and she whimpered as he started to stroke her.    

“I’m gonna….Juggie, I’m….” she couldn’t seem to get the words out and then she was splintering apart and his harsh growl in her ear and the hard thrust of his hips told her he did the same.  He lay over her back, pressing her to the bar as they rode out their release, breathing harsh and choppy.  

“Damn, well that didn’t last long,” he finally managed to say.  She let out a sultry laugh and he grinning against her hair.  “We’re going to have the best fucking life,” he said with a sigh.  Betty slowly straightened and he pulled away and turned her.  She smiled up at him.

“Yes, we are,” she agreed and his kissed her smiling mouth.

Jughead leaned against the doorframe of his and Betty’s bedroom and watched her sleep.  She was on her stomach, bare to the waist and he just watched her a while, thinking how amazing his life was with her.  He loved her so much.  Ten years of dreaming about her and now she was with him every single day.  In his arms, in his bed, making a life with him.  His favorite part of the day was coming home to her and his second favorite part was waking up with her.  

It was Christmas morning and it was still early but he had met Archie downstairs because he had thankfully agreed to deliver his gift for Betty before she woke.  It was big of him to do it early on Christmas morning and he owed the guy big time.  Jughead pulled off his shirt and walked over to the bed and leaned over Betty, trailing his mouth up her spine and smiling when she started to stir.  

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered against her ear and she smiled and rolled over, wrapping her arms around him.  

“Merry Christmas, my love,” she whispered back and gave him a long thorough kiss.  “Can I have my present now?” she asked smiling.  

“Which one?” he teased, his mouth nibbling at her chin.

“What are my choices?” she giggled.  

“Well, you can have the one that’s wrapped under the tree,” he said slowly, his mouth moving down her breast, teasing over the peak.  “Or, you can let me make love to you.  You decide,” he finished, his teeth grazing over the dusty peek before soothing it with his tongue and sucking it into his mouth.  She arched against him and sighed.

“That’s not a hard choice at all,” she breathed.  He moved to the other breast and sucked that nipple into his mouth, and released.  He blew over it, licking again as it puckered.  She moved suddenly, pushing him on his back and his startled expression made her giggle.  

“Hey, I was on my way to having breakfast,” he said with a grin.  She just smiled and pulled his pj pants off him and took his boxers with.  She stood and quickly pulled off her panties and crawled back on the bed, leaning over him from the side and kissing his stomach, biting lightly at the muscle and they contracted under her mouth.  She smiled, loving it when that happened.  Jughead’s hand moved over her side and down her leg as she kissed her way to his rock hard erection and slowly licked her tongue over him.  He groaned and moved his hips and then let out a curse as she took him in her mouth.  She moved over him slowly, working him, her tongue raking along the length even as she pulled him deep.  Jughead suddenly moved and grabbed her hips and pulled her so she hovered over his face and she gasped in surprise when he lifted his head and his tongue flicked over her folds.  

“Oh god,” she moaned.  They had never done this and it suddenly became her favorite thing.  His hands shoved her knees apart and she came down lower and his tongue began to move slowly and teasingly over her clit.  Betty moaned and moved her hips and then froze, not sure of how much she should move.  Jughead growled against her and pulled her closer and she pulled him deep into her mouth as Jughead lapped at her.

Betty had a hard time concentrating on what she was doing as Jughead ran his tongue over her.  She used her hand to work him and let out a muttered ‘fuck’ as he slid his tongue inside her.  His thumb started stroking her clit as his tongue moved in and out and she shuddered, and groaned around his length and when he pushed deeper she couldn’t help move her hips down and grind against him. 

“Fuck, Juggie,” she moaned, almost sobbing with pleasure.  She takes her mouth off of him, afraid she’ll bite as she felt her orgasm building.  Jughead latched his mouth to her and sucked eagerly and when he felt her start to shake, he slid his tongue inside, his thumb on her clit and she clenched hard as she came, grinding down on him and he groaned, her release covering his tongue as she clenched around it.  He laughed softly as she muttered curses against his thigh.  She went back to take him in her mouth and he moved so quickly she let out a yell and she was suddenly on her back, him hovering over her.  

Her eyes were still glazed and he grinned arrogantly at her and she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her.  “Inside me, now,” she demanded and he gave her what she wanted, thrusting his length into her as he slid his tongue in her mouth.  She tasted herself and moaned long and low, her body arching against him.  Her sensitive flesh quivered and trembled around him and he groaned at the tiny pulses he felt, moving slowly, deeply.  He let go of her mouth and lifted up, holding her still, buried deep inside her.  He moved to his knees and sat back on his heels, hauling her backside off the bed in the process.  She gasped at him, her hand over her head, clutching the edge of the bed.  

He smiled down at her, his hands pushing her hips wide and he looked down at where he was buried inside her.  “Fuck,” he muttered.  He would never tire of seeing her body wrapped around him.  He grabbed her at the swell of her hips, his thumbs in the creases of her legs where they met her torso and he slowly pulled her back and forth, watching as she slid over him.  

“Oh my god,” she moaned as she let him drag her.  Her position didn’t allow her to do much but let him push and pull at her and it was so intense and he was so deep she could only gasp and moan as he moved her back and forth.  Betty could almost not stand the pleasure and her body started to shake, a fine sheen of sweat covering her body.  She reached down and touched herself and Jughead watched her, his low groan causing her body to tighten on him and he moved her faster, his eyes moving to watch her face as she suddenly fell apart.  It started slow and her eyes widened and she moved her hand away, pushing at his hip and then pulling on him.  She was so consumed, she didn’t know what she was doing.

“Don’t stop baby, keep going,” Jughead begged, feeling his body start to lose control.  She reached back again and touched herself and she splintered apart and her cries echoed around the room, mixing with sobs and he moved quickly over her, holding her legs apart and thrust quickly, once, twice as she tightened hard on him and he lost it, his orgasm shooting through him and he growled in her ear as he emptied himself deep inside her.  “Fuuuuck,” he groaned as she kept pulling on him, her arms and legs holding him so tightly, he felt like she was absorbing him.  He collapsed on her and it took him a good while to regain his senses.

“Holy shit,” she finally muttered.  “What the fuck, Juggie?”  He lifted slowly, barely able to move and look down at her.  “That was fucking amazing.  How have we never done that?”

“I was saving it for Christmas?” he suggested.  She started to laugh and he rolled to the side, pulling her close.  

“God, I love you,” she muttered.  “Sex with you, while in love, is the most amazing damn thing.”  Jughead grinned smugly and squeezed her ass.

“I love you Betts,” he said softly.  

“I’ll never in my life get tired of hearing you say that,” she sighed happily.  

“Let’s go shower,” he said with a smile.  “You present is waiting.”  She sat up in excitement and they quickly showered and pulled on clean pajamas and headed out into the living room.  She ran to the tree and grabbed a gift and handed it to him.

“You first,” she said in excitement.  He smiled and sat down on the couch with her and opened the box.  His face got a curious look when he pulled out some papers and a drawing.  He looked at it for a minute, not sure what he was looking at and then his eyes went wide.  He glanced over the papers and looked at her in shock.  

“Betty….what?” he didn’t seem to know what to say and she bit her lip nervously.  “I can’t accept this,” he said in shock.  She frowned and folded her hands anxiously.  Jughead stared at the drawing.  It was a drawing of her garage and the sign on the front was changed from Cooper Mechanics to Cooper Jones Mechanics.  The papers showed that she had added him as co-owner of her shop.    “Why did you do this?” he asked.

“Because I love you and because you are here working for free as much as I am and if you won’t accept payment, then you’re going to have to take some profit.  This is where I got to have the love of my life in my arms again and where our new life began and it’s as much yours already as it is mine.”

“But you worked so hard for this, all on your own,” he said in a whisper.  She didn’t say anything but her eyes swam with tears.  She looked terrified that he was refusing.  Jughead put the papers down and pulled her into his arms.  “Don’t cry sweetie, I’m just in shock that you want to share your baby with me.  I’ll accept with my whole heart.”  She let out a little sob and threw her arms around him.  “But I hope you know I’m adding your name to the Whyte Wyrm,” he said firmly.  She laughed and sniffed as she wiped her eyes.  

“Okay,” she said happily.  He hugged her again and kissed her and she sighed as she snuggled close.  

“Okay, time for your gift, although it’s not quite as fantastic as this,” he said with a laugh.  He got up and walked to the door.  

“My gift is outside?” she asked with a laugh.  

“Just outside your door, I couldn’t bring it in here just yet,” he said smiling.  He opened the door to the stairwell and reached down and picked up a larger looking box.  He brought it carefully to her and set it in her lap.  She stared down at it and grabbed the removable lid and pulled it off.  

“Oh my God!” she cried out.  She startled the tiny puppy sleeping on a blanket and its eyes opened and stared up at her.  “It looks like a miniature Hotdog,” she exclaimed, referring to the dog he had 10 years ago.  She picked it up carefully and Jughead removed the box and set it on the floor.  

“Well, actually, Hotdog sired a litter around then and this puppy is his great grand puppy.”  Betty stared at him.

“I have no idea what that means,” she said with a shake of her head.  Jughead laughed.

“Hotdog is this puppy’s great grandpa,” he explained.  

“Oh my gosh,” she whispered, holding the puppy close.  

“It’s a boy and he needs a name,” he said with a smile.

“Pickle,” she said immediately.


“I like pickles on my hotdogs,” she said with a grin.  

“Pickle it is,” Jughead said laughing.  The puppy licked Betty’s face and she giggled, burying her face in his coat.  

“I love him,” she whispered.  “And I love you,” she said, leaning over to kiss him.  Jughead watched her, his heart full to bursting at her happy smiles and cooing over the puppy.  

“I’m going to marry you,” he said softly.  Betty went still and looked at him.  A smile spread across her face and his heart hammered in his chest at the love in her eyes.

“Promise?” she whispered.

“With my whole heart,” he said.  “I love you.”  She leaned in and kissed him again.  She pulled back suddenly and made a face.

“What?” he asked.

“Well, this has been the absolute most perfect Christmas of my life and I’m so fucking happy, I literally can’t take any more happiness or I might burst, but I need to go shower again.  Pickle just pee’d on me.”  Jughead started to laugh and she sighed, looking down at the white fluff in her lap.  “You’re lucky I’m already in love with you,” she muttered to the pup.  Jughead leaned down and whispered in his ear.

“She says that to me all the time.  It lets you get away with just about anything.”  Betty smacked his arm and he laughed again.  It was a wonderful Christmas indeed.

And we’re done!!! thank you so much for taking this journey with me.  I hope you liked it because I loved writing it!!!  love you all and stay tuned for my next fic.

I Love Your Thighs

Two Birds with One Stone:

Smut where you and namjoon(bts) r at home alone. You guys cuddle and in the comes a sexscene? Thank youuu


Rap monster morning sex

A/N: The only thing that I changed was the “home” part.

Group: BTS

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut

Ever since the two of you woke up this morning, you just stayed cuddled up in bed. You could feel the fresh breeze brought in from the sea. You lifted your head a bit to look out of the sliding glass door across the room. Namjoon’s company had booked rooms in an oceanfront hotel for their vacation and the view was gorgeous. You sighed, seeing the sand blowing around outside and laid your head back down. Today was going to be a lazy day, you could feel it in the air.

Today was a day that you would just enjoy each other’s company. “We don’t have to get up, right?” you questioned.

“Nope. As of last night, we are officially on a two-week vacation” Namjoon said, snuggling up closer to you. He kissed your cheek and you smiled. You turned your head back to look at his smiling face and he kissed your lips.

“And I have you all to myself?” you asked.

“Of course… as long as we avoid the other boys” he grinned. You gasped dramatically and pulled his arm around you tighter.

“It’s almost too good to be true. I get to have you and your arms all day for two weeks” you said. Namjoon kissed your cheek again before kissing your neck. He ran his hands down the curve of your waist passed your hip and stopped against the smooth skin of your thigh. He squeezed your thigh and sighed. “I love your fleshy thighs” he said.


“Your thighs. I said, ‘I love your juicy thighs’” he corrected quickly.

“No you didn’t! You said that I have fleshy thighs” you smiled back at him.

“You just heard wrong. I said ‘juicy’, trust me” he said.

“That is not what you said” you laughed. Namjoon kissed your neck, smiling, as he wrapped his leg around you. Having a weekend just to yourselves proved to be completely relaxing. Even on a day like today where all you did was cuddle and stay in the bed.

“I did say that, I said I loved your juicy thighs” his deep voice said into your ear.

“You said, ‘fleshy’ thighs! Are you saying my thighs are fat?” you smiled, turning your head to look back at him. He didn’t respond, kissing along your jawline. “Namjoon.”

“Your skin is so soft” he mumbled, rubbing his plump lips over yours. You kissed him and his teeth nipped at your lips. You pulled your head back and he looked into your eyes. “I have fat thighs?” you smiled.

“I love your thighs” he said, pressing his lips against the skin of your shoulder. 

His hand grabbed at your inner thigh as he licked your earlobe. Namjoon had a knack for pulling your attention away.

As his mouth moved down from your earlobe to your neck, his hand moved up your thigh, inching closer to your panties. “That isn’t what I asked you” you sighed as his fingers finally reached the crotch of your panties. You spread your legs wider and exhaled at the feel of his large hands.

Namjoon’s mouth was hard at work on your neck, roughly sucking and nipping at the skin. It provided a great contrast to the feather-light circles that his fingers drew on your mound. You moaned lightly and Namjoon smiled against your skin. It annoyed you a little, knowing that he always did this when he thought that his words were getting him into trouble.

He sat up, his fingers leaving your mound so that he could kiss his way down your body. His lips trailed down the valley of your breasts, stopping to pull your bra over your stiff nipples and suck them.

He kissed your stomach and you ran your fingers through his hair. “Namjoon, I know you can h-hear me” you said, lightly tugging on his hair. His lips gently grazed the top of your panties and your heart lurched in anticipation. His hands massaged your ‘fleshy/juicy’ thighs as his warm breath spread over your mound. He lightly dragged his fingers over your skin from your thighs to your panties, sending chills through your body. He started sliding your panties down and you lifted up a little to help him. “Nope, I can’t hear you down here. You’re gonna have to speak a little louder” he said before going to suck at the skin on your thighs.

He was so close to your pussy that his nose occasionally rubbed against your lips. “Namjoon” you tried again.

He moved a little further up and you shivered with a moan. “Still can’t hear you. You need to be louder” he said again. He moved higher and let his tongue slide out to lick the lips of your pussy. You sucked in some air through your teeth and released it all, letting your chest cave in. He licked a slow line over your slit, starting from your sopping opening to your erect clit. Once his tongue made contact with the small nub, he sucked on it, making your fingers tighten in his dark hair.

“Namjoon~” you moaned, your legs falling all the way open. He released your clit and began lapping at your sex, alternating between licks, kisses, and sucks. You moaned loudly, humping against his face to chase your orgasm. Namjoon flicked his tongue over your clit as he pressed a finger into your opening. Your moans were borderline screams at this point. 

You cupped your breasts, your fingers tugging at your hard nipples. Your thighs closed around his head as your breathing turned into heavy pants. Your back arched and your speech was reduced to vowels as your orgasm washed over you, your juices flooding onto the hotel’s sheets. Namjoon continued licking and sucking your clit, causing tremors to run through your body.  

He released you, took his shorts off and moved up your body to your lips. His tongue tangled with yours, making you taste your own juices as his cock slid against the wet, velvety flesh of your pussy. You moaned into his mouth and the kiss became pleasantly sloppy as he began panting. Reaching down to take his stiff cock in his hand, he lined his head to your opening and slid into you slowly. With each inch that sunk in, you moaned, running your nails over his back.

Namjoon slowly began to rock his hips, building up a rhythm. Your clutched the sheets between your fingers as his rhythm gradually became faster and harder. The headboard began knocking against the wall and you wondered how long it would take for some angry hotel guest to come knocking at your door.

Your toes were curling, your hips were quickly moving to meet his thrusts and your second orgasm was right around the corner. His name fell from your lips as the two of you came together. 

He laid beside you and you cuddled up to him, his stupid thigh comment buried somewhere behind your current feeling of satisfaction.



(Ao3: )

Rating: Explicit ( seriously, don’t read if you’re under age please) 

Paring: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: “I know exactly why I put this ring on your finger. Do you know why you accepted it?”

Naruto can almost physically see the waves of anger rolling off his fiancé as they both make there way toward their apartment. The evening sky is a disarray of various hues of pinks, purples, and blues as Naruto trails after Sasuke, the latter visibly upset, frowning, hands shoved in his pockets as he walks quickly towards their home. They had just gotten back from a week long mission with Sakura and Sai, half of which consisted of the other two watching Naruto and Sasuke repeatedly getting into arguments, each exponentially harsher than the one before.

By the time they had made it back to Konoha, Sai and Sakura had gladly departed as soon as possible, leaving Naruto to deal with Sasuke’s abysmal mood. Naruto sighs, stretching his arms over his head and looking up at the beautiful sky as he follows after his partner.

The problem was that Sasuke needed to trust him more, be more confident in Naruto’s abilities and his intelligence. Sure, he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but Naruto wasn’t an idiot either. As a jounin, he’d fine-tuned his skills and had enough experience to be a very capable and powerful young ninja, perhaps one of the greatest in history. Naruto’s confident in himself, so why couldn’t Sasuke be as well? After all that they’ve been through, everything they’ve fought and won against, why did Sasuke still doubt him? In all honesty, the thought confused Naruto more than it hurt him.

“You have the keys?” Naruto watches as Sasuke starts climbing the stairs to their apartment.


He’s never been a man of many words, but since their last argument, Sasuke’s vocabulary had been noticeably reduced, the infamous “hn” making up most of his speech, especially when talking to Naruto.

The argument happened right after they had defeated a particularly menacing enemy ninja. Yes, truthfully, Naruto had been a bit reckless, taking a few fairly dangerous risks here and there, but that was just his way of fighting, taking chances if needed, giving it his all every single time. Sasuke had yelled at him afterwards, gotten so angry as Sakura helped heal a huge gash across Naruto’s bicep that he set a sizable distance between himself and the other three the rest of their way back to Konoha in an attempt to cool off. Obviously, it hadn’t worked. Naruto closes the apartment door behind him, watching Sasuke take of his shoes, a scowl still darkening his featuring.

He sighs deeply and leans back on the door. “Why can you not just trust me?”

Sasuke pauses and then slowly looks up at him. “What?”

“I get it. I was reckless. I deviated from the plan slightly, but I knew what I was doing. I knew that I could beat him.” He toes of his own shoes, Sasuke still glaring at him. “I’m gonna be the next Hokage, Sasuke. I know what I’m doing and what I’m capable of. There’s no point in getting unnecessarily angry over small things like this.”

Sasuke stands up, face almost blank but eyes burning fiercely, “Right, future Hokage-sama, pardon me for getting in your way.” His voice is low and venomous.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing. I’m done dealing with morons like you.” He turns to leave, but Naruto grabs his elbow, jerking him around to face him.

“Why the fuck did you ask me to marry you then, bastard? What’s the point of getting married if you don’t want to deal with me?”

The words had barely left Naruto’s mouth before he hears a loud bang, feeling air rush past his cheek as Sasuke punches the door that Naruto had been leaning on, fist resting a few inches beside Naruto’s head. He leans in closer and Naruto flatten himself against the door, holding Sasuke’s fiery gaze.

Sasuke lifts up Naruto’s left hand with the hand that isn’t balled in a fist against the door and turns it as he brings it in front of the blond’s face. The engagement band is shining on Naruto’s ring finger and he tears his eye’s away from Sasuke’s to look at it.

“I know exactly why I put this on your finger. Do you know why you accepted it?”

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Slow and Steady

**Part 1**     **Part 2**     **Part 3**   (Barry Allen/Avengers Imagine) 

You roll over as you come to. You halfheartedly peek your eyes open and take in the room as it is illuminated by bursts of light sneaking between the blinds. Dang this room alone is nicer than my entire old apartment. You sit up and stretch. So he said I could talk to the building… “Friday?” You call out, feeling silly.

“Yes Miss (l/n)?” Wow. You reach for your phone to check the time.

“It’s 9, is that late for an Avenger?” You wonder as you swing your legs out of the covers.

“To a couple of them but I would imagine they will go easy on you since it’s your first day.”

“Thank you, good to know.” You yawn as you pop an 8 o’clock alarm into your phone. “Could you inform Mr.Stark that I’m up and will be down soon?” You request as you start up the shower.

“Of course Ma’am.”

You practically hop in and out of the stall then rummage through your luggage for something to wear. After you more or less get yourself together you make it to the elevator. “Um Friday? Could you send me to where ever the others currently are?” I can’t believe I forgot to ask where to meet.

“Top of the tower.” She states as the lift starts to ascend.

Even before the doors slide open you are met with the chatter of numerous voices. “Here we go.” You whisper to yourself as you feel that you’re coming to halt. You slowly exit the elevator and glance around.

“There she is. About time you joined us sleepyhead.” A familiar voice announces. You follow it to find a bunch of people lounging about.

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This’ll Make An Awesome Story If We Survive

Star Wars (The Force Awakens) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Finn + Kylo Ren & Poe Dameron

Warnings: violence

Request: “One-shot based on “Imagine being held hostage by the First Order and Finn telling Poe about you”, bonus point if Finn fall for the reader?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,547

A/N: original gif imagine can be found here [x] !! i feel like it’s been ages since i wrote about Finn !! halfway through this i realized that technically Finn doesn’t have a name up until this point in the story but to be honest I was too tired to go back and change it, hope everything’s okay with this story.

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*Requests are Open*
Spencer Reid Imagine: I’m so stupid to make mistake of falling in love with my best friend.
Warnings: None
Masterlist: x
Prompts: x

‘You busy? - Spence x’
'Spence, it’s One in the morning’
'Are you busy?’
'I guess not x’
'Great xx’

Twenty minutes ago, It took twenty two minutes for Spencer to reach your apartment from his, you knew that, he had been the one to tell you that, your best friend, the genius, he knew every little thing like that. At first you thought it was a little weird, however, you had grown to realise how useful this trait could be, you knew from the final text message that you had exactly twenty two minutes to get ready. A large mustard tinted sweater and some dark blue jeans, holes over the knees, something Spencer always questioned. He never understood the 'trend’ as it were. None-the-less, you slipped a brush through your hair, and your feet into some black 'Chelsea-type’ boots, no makeup was the obvious option however honey lip-balm could never go a miss, especially this time of year, winter always chapped your lips. One, two three, four-five, his signature knock, every single time you heard that knock you could always be certain of the messy haired genius behind the door.

“Morning” he giggled, as he looked at you, fully dressed yet half awake, “You look tired” he noted as you rolled your eyes, walking out of your apartment, triple checking the handle after clicking the key, you could never be too careful.

“I’m glad you’re so nice about me Spence,” slipping into the elevator, as the keypad lit up, Spencer’s hand beating yours and clicking the lobby button first.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, I mean sure you look tired, but you also look beautiful, you always do” His smile was soft and humble, incredibly shy too. You had been friends for so long however, he still felt as if it was line crossing to compliment you. You could compliment you however, I mean you would a little, but you could continuously, non-stop, repeatedly for days on end, you thought so highly of him. That wasn’t surprising considering you were madly infatuated with him. Sometimes you had to stop yourself from blurting out 'I love you’ when he did something extraordinarily cute.

“Anyway” he spoke, pulling you from your thoughts, I have a surprise for you, I don’t know if you are aware of today’s date, or the meaning that it holds,“ he took your silence and slightly confused face as a definite 'no’ and continued, "Today, two years ago, a very shy, very pretty girl walked into the bullpen” he paused, as the lift doors opened slowly, you both sliding out, him guiding you to his car, opening the door for you, like the true gentleman he was.

“This girl walked in, and the office stopped, we all stopped” he flicked the engine alive with a twist of the key. “Two years ago today, I met you, I mean I could never forget that day y/n” your mind was immersed in memories of that day, god you had been so nervous and shy.

“I knew this from the first day I met you y/n, it just took me two years to tell you, well 1 year,364 and 19 hours. And well y/n, I don’t want let it get to exactly two years without me doing something, I can’t have let two years go by without telling you”. You didn’t quite understand him but understood by his words that he was going to tell you, so decided to stay quiet.

The wheels stopped slowly, the car sliding into a parking spot, the light’s flashing off quickly, your eyes were caught by the dim lit area in front. He had brought you back to his apartment. Surely you could have just drove here yourself, you couldn’t understand his plan, not that it had made much sense before.

“Y/n, come with me okay? And if this goes wrong, or it messes up, or if this backfires then I’ll take you home, but god dammit I have to try” he fell silent after this grabbing your wrist with his soft hand, pulling you into the elevator, him becoming increasingly nervous as the floor number increased, his breath hitching when the doors opened, him almost being unable to move, his hands sliding down to intertwine with yours.

“Now or never” he whispered to himself, strolling hesitantly with you towards his door. The key slid in and clicked, Reid pushed the door open and stepped aside, letting you walk in first.

The apartment was lit by multiple strings of fairy lights, soft music played in the background as your eyes fell to a trail of red rose petals, a pathway you started to walk, following it throughout the living room, all the way to his bedroom, a bouquet of roses placed delicately on top of his sheets, candles lit all throughout the room, the source of the music, a small speaker positioned to the side of the bed.

“I know this is out of the blue, but I met you 2 years ago exactly in 5 hours, now I wasted those two years, I should have took you resteraunts, took you to the cinema, took you on every date possible, I should have told you my love for you and hopefully heard you say it too. But I didn’t, and I can’t let these two years go to waste, so I figured a way to catch that time up. And trust me y/n, it’s crazy as hell, but fuck it, I know you probably have a million questions but I have one for you, would you keep your last name or take mine?” he paused, reaching into his jacket pocket before dropping onto one knee in front of you.

You felt your heart give way and you couldn’t fathom words, this couldn’t be happening.

“Y/n, will you marry me?” he looked unbelievably nervous, with good reason to, he just proposed to his best friend. You pause wasn’t helping the situation either.

“Yes” the small word slipped from your lips as a smile spread across his face, clambering back up to polish the ring onto your finger, grabbing your hand as your eyes began to swell with tears. His lips met yours gently, pausing for a moment, before moving, the way your lips fit together confirmed the fact, this was right, this was how it should have been.

“I love you, from the day you walked in, the day I saw you first, I knew it” he beamed forehead pressed to yours, his hand consuming one side of your face, as he kissed you once again.

“I love you too Spencer, so incredibly much”

Little fire bug ben part 3

Ben is sitting on the kitchen table kicking his feet idly and chewing on his lip. It’s quiet. It’s so very quiet. Ben doesn’t have the holo on even though that’s what his dad does once he comes home. It’s always on even though no one is watching.

Ben thinks maybe his parents are nicer when it’s on because it’s a distraction from each other. He doesn’t like it being on because it reminds him of himself. He doesn’t know why.

The nanny droid is deactivated and limp on the floor. It had tried to tell him something and he got mad and then it crumpled so now not even it is making noise.

It’s been three days since his mom left and he’s very lonely. He tried to read the books she loaded on his tablet but whenever he tries the letters move around and won’t sit still long enough for him to figure them out.

His stomach growls and he hits it. It’s always whining and he keeps telling it he’s not hungry. Ben jumps off the table and goes to his room. He reaches under his mattress and pulls out the box of matches.

He shakes them and smiles at the familiar sound. He gets to his feet, skips out of his room and does a circuit around the apartment until he reaches the front door.

The door leading out looms before him. If he jumps real hard and slaps his palm at the right time he can activate the opening mechanism. The door whooshes open and he carefully peers outside. Seeing no one, Ben runs across the hall and calls the lift.

Ben furrows his brow when it doesn’t immediately open.

‘Hurry up you stupid door. Someone’s gonna see me.’ He taps his foot impatiently like he’s seen his mom do. It always makes things happen faster.

The door pings and he jumps inside, pawing carefully at the familiar numbers that take him to his dad’s private garage. When the lift dings again, the doors slide open, silently revealing a dark space that seems endless. The lights rattle on as he steps inside.

He skips to a far corner past the covered shapes of ships and random junk his dad is always smiling about. 'Look at this Benny, this here will pass for a similar part but for twice the amount if you chisel off this little bit right here and smile re-eeal big like this at the goon you’re hustlin’. ’

In the far corner of the garage is a small collection of messily swept garbage. Han always hates cleaning and considers neatly piling things to be the same thing. Ben has tried this in his room but his mom says that it’s not really cleaning and to stop watching his father so closely.

Ben kicks the small pile and chews on his thumb. It’s not so big right now. He hasn’t tried anything this size before but it feels right. It feels right and he can’t stop thinking about it. Even though last time it had smelled real bad and he choked on the gross black smoke.

Ben doesn’t care about the smoke right now. He stops chewing at his nail and smiles, thinks about the pretty flames that had danced for him. The colors appeared magically and there was warmth and light. Ben had felt the energy around him, almost like it was hugging him while the flames tickled his skin. It had felt nice, comforting.

Ben hopes that maybe just maybe, this time the flames and the nice feelings and colors will stay with him longer.

the words that make an origin story

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Community Appreciation Week 2017
Day 1: favorite character (Troy Barnes)

also available on ao3, in case my blog isn’t fun to read on.

Troy knows that he’s not the smartest. It never really bothers him, because his teacher knows that he tries and she never yells at him. He’s only six years old, his mom says, and learning will come with time. Figuring out the difference between the little letter ‘b’ and the little letter ‘d’ just requires practice. Adding and subtracting the numbers his teacher gives him might take him a few moments longer than the rest of the kids, but she’s never said anything about the way he counts on his fingers. Practice, practice, practice – that’s all he needs. The schooling environment is harder for some children, the adults say to each other when they think he isn’t listening, but everything evens out in the end and Troy will be just fine with practice.

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