My just-woke-up-with-huge-bags-under-my-eyes-so-screw-high-school smile, woke up after a rest day and eating about 2300 calories (a lot over the macros I normally eat!!) after not enough sleep, and I felt tiny, starving (literally my stomach HURT) and super lean.

I don’t understand science. Maybe it sped up my metabolism because I don’t eat that much that often??? Maybe my average daily calories should just be higher?? Maybe my muscles are all da foods 😝😛💪 Someone explain at all how that happened. Gains. Whatever.

It’s time to get strong! I told myself a few days ago that I’m going to work out 6 days a week whether it be rock climbing, weights, running, hike…anything active. I want to feel & be healthy :) especially since the plan is to be a fire fighter. So this is my before pic. Today I did one of @kayla_itsines leg workouts! I’m going to be sore tomorrow 😅 #active #fit #fitlife #fitness #run #healthy #eatclean #beachgirl #iwantabs #squats #lift #girlsthatlift #kaylaitsines #strong #leanmuscle

Went for Korean for lunch with the family and it was pretty freaking fantastic. (Not my image above but ours was just as amazing looking!) Probably killed my calories a bit (I have NO idea how I’m tracking this because we ordered several dishes and everyone had a bit of everything.) But that’s okay. Thankfully tonight will be some healthy baked fish and veggies; so hopefully everything balances out. Definitely need to up my water intake for the rest of the day too.

I set my alarm earlier than usual to get in an earlier workout before heading out for the day. It was my leg day today and it was a good one. I got to do everything I wanted to do, hit a few PRs (I think my goal is to try to increase weights somewhere in every workout, even if it’s a few pounds at a time, and so far it’s working out well) and did 4 sets of lunges this time with no issues. The first few times I tried to do that, I basically died in DOM hell for several days after. So I cut my lunges back to 1-2 sets, and have been slowly increasing it back to 4, and now I think I’m back to where I want to be.

I switched from using dumbbells to a barbell for single leg Romanian deadlifts. I like it much better this way! It gave me a little more stability rather than trying to balance dumbbells in each hand, getting wobbly… and falling. Definitely one of my favourites. Also.. booty gains. Always a plus.

It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to head out after a full leg day, but after lunch, we ended up shopping around a bit. I peeked around at Old Navy at one point to check out their fitness clothes; I remember others suggesting their stuff before, but I didn’t see great sales. I don’t necessarily need more yoga pants or sports bras right now (but I won’t say no if the price is right, nahmean?). I didn’t end up buying anything today though, but it was probably for the best.

Now I’m home, in comfy clothes, and 100% ready to pass out. Hopefully I’ll get some better sleep tonight. I’m SO TIRED.

2 miles on the treadmill, 75 minutes weightlifting, 13 minutes of yoga (cut short since I had to head out.) 

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