Here is the scariest thing for me to post, I’m usually one to stay covered up in clothing at this point in my life. I’ve officially lost 60 pounds. But something that I didn’t know about weight loss was that skin stretches in order for your fat to be there. As you can see my fat was mostly stored in my stomach region, which meant that when I lost the weight in my stomach I now have excess skin that sort of hangs. On a day to day basis I usually wear clothing that hides and minimizes my little floppy belly but I thought for accuracy in pictures of before and during that I should show my stomach. And someone asked me if I have excess skin, I wanted to show them that this is what it looks like, I also have stretch marks on my tummy.

Now the next part is does this make my accomplishment any less satisfying, not really to be honest. I mean ascetically it’s not perfect. But here’s the thing I’ve learned most about my body, it is my one and only body. So no matter what everyday I wake up and this is what I have to offer. Do I think I’m beautiful, hell yes, can my body lift more weight then I thought possible, hell yes, do I sometimes struggle with it, definitely I’m human. But I love every inch of this body because it’s the only one I get. Excess skin isn’t everything that I am, sure it’s a part of me but its not everything.

So please if you are worried about your excess skin at the end of your weight loss, don’t be. You are more beautiful and have more worth then the excess skin on your body. Love yourself forever and ever. Even if it takes you a long time, understand that loving yourself will bring you to heights in your life you never even dreamed of.

This was all thanks to some beautiful people in the fitblr community who helped me understand that loving myself is an important task one faces in their life. So thank you to aubernutter bbbenwilliamson jewsquats beardedb34st mattjosephdiaz jonsjourneytohappiness exilethepoet barbellbro-baggins fitchris25 

@ literally anyone who feels slightly uncomfortable in your body, own that body because you are so much more then the flaws you see within yourself.  

P.s. My fitness journey is not over yet :)

My girl @FitPunky with @SimeonPanda and @UlissesWorld


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