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The Sexual Cravings of a Pregnant Pureblood, Married to the Randy Prat Who Lived, Ch. 3 - Teaser

Hello lovelies!  For this week’s teaser, we have one of Draco’s symptoms flaring to life in a very, er…interesting manner. lolol. This, of course, results in a very confused (but grateful!) Harry, and culminates in an interesting conversation that… Well, you’ll read the rest on Staturday. ;)

Don’t worry for all of those who’ve asked; @l0vegl0wsinthedark will have a masterlist up just as soon as a few chapters have posted, but in the meantime if you want to catch up you can check out the previous books here:

Book One: Virgin Draco

Book Two: Engaged

Chapter Three: As Normal As Ice Cream

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Should i move my original fiction off my hodge podge of a main?? I feel like posting whatever-the-hell fandom and other bs all the time might drive people away when they’re coming to read original fiction. Is that a thing?

anonymous asked:

I've been a follower for a while and I admire you're writing, but I've been noticing you can be quite rude to people sometimes. I completely understand it when others are rude, but I mean, it's just uncalled for sometimes.

First of all being rude is never called for, let’s get that one out of the way.
If I’m /rude/ it’s probably when I’ve had enough of something OR when I’m having a bad time outside of my tumblr life. I can’t always be sugar, spice and everything nice. I try but I have been quite honest and open about my struggles and sometimes it’s just too much and a message pushes me over the edge. 

Is it a good thing? Definitely not but you should keep in mind that I’m human too and I have my ups and downs. If I feel like I’ve been rude for no reason whatsoever I usually apologise because I know when I’ve done something wrong but sometimes people just come at me for no reason and I just cannot help it. 

I never thought this blog would grow as much as it did, I’m not mentally equipped to deal with this many people but I try to because I love writing and I love sharing them with you guys. 

I’m sorry that you feel that way (I don’t want to say disappointed but I kind of feel like you are) which is normal since I cannot handle shit properly sometimes and I know sometimes I should just shut up and let people do what they want to do, say what they want to say but I’m trying and learning and it’s a process for me. 

I hope you understand what I mean and understand that I genuinely am trying to be more than what I am which is quite hard for me.

Welp, I’ve done it again and I only have myself to blame. I didn’t even really want to read anything, I just wanted to browse some fics to see what’s out there, but I saw some incredibly sad Dorian fics and now I’m upset.

All I want is a main character to be gay.

I don’t want one of the ‘main’ side characters within the show, I want the actual main character in which the entire show revolves around.

I don’t want the entire show to be about them being gay, I want the show to be about something entirely different. And maybe in season 2 they meet this cute other character and they fall in love, and it’s just a little side-on thing which isn’t really important to the story other than they’re happy.

I don’t want them to be gay entirely for the shock factor, or some cheap sex scene. I want cute PG gay couple who are healthy and happy.

I don’t want it suggested that they’re together in some cryptic frendship/relationship way. I want 100% undenialable gayness. I don’t want queer baiting either.

And I want them both to stay alive.

Is that too much to ask for?



monster factory is what introduced me to polygon and the mcelroys and i am so very grateful for that. in honor, i spent,, a little too much of my time to make this

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Thinking you can’t do it yourself is one thing, but having someone else tell you that you can’t is irritating. —09.27; Happy Birthday Tsukishima Kei

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: niall james horan really defied all of the odds and went to harry’s show last night AND he did it lowkey. he didn’t attract too much attention, didn’t really take pictures, took a couple of friends but stayed by himself in a corner and he just watched, like he was truly only there for harry. it wasn’t the first time he saw him perform but it was the first time he watched harry from the outside, from the crowd, where nothing he was doing was really directed at him, and yet he still had that same fond smile on his face which he gave harry so many times over the years before.