lifetime to lifetime


Hey Scott. So I’m here. Im in Quantico, Virginia. At the FBI. I’m at the freaking FBI. It’s real. I’m really here. I kinda told Lydia that I miss her and I can’t wait to get home, but listen Scott. Whatever you’re doing right now make sure you’re still getting out of Beacon Hills. I mean maybe you think you can’t leave like the whole thing falls apart if you’re not there which I get. But you have to. I know you’re supposed to drive out tonight so if you don’t call me back just promise me you’re actually going. Just get in the jeep and go.


My Corpse Bride AU piece for @yoiauzine !! ^q^

I enjoyed working on this piece a lot! TvT I’m so glad I can finally show it ‘cause I consider it the best work I did this year by now! ♥

Now bring all your Corpse Bride AU headcanons at me!! Yuuko is Victoria, but unlike the movie, she sees the love between Viktor and Yuuri, and lets Yuuri go to the Land of the Dead with the love of his afterlife 8))))))

╰(*´︶`*)╯this was my little doodle for the YOI lifetimes zine ✨!! I’m so incredibly happy to have been able to work alongside such talented and sweet people 😭💖💖!! There were lots and lots of amazing AUs ohmygosh from fluffy ones to bittersweet ones they’re all so perfect 😭!! I’m super excited to see the book in person eeek!! Thank you so very much for having me!


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