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honestly how easy would it have been for them to utterly ruin this show? turn it into some machismo obsessed pirate version of game of thrones??? IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO EASY AND INSTEAD WE HAVE SOMETHING NUANCED AND HUMAN AND BEAUTIFUL

it would have been………UNBELIEVABLY easy fsdjklfskdjlf. you’re so right. which is part of why I think that’s what most people expect from this show before watching. I’VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO BE PROVED WRONG :’’)

and tbh, it’s really easy to sit back and point out the flaws in something that’s finished, and much much harder to create that thing from scratch. every time I remember that and then remember all the things this show got so right, I’m just like………….that is miraculous. I never would’ve been able to do it. it’s just beyond me. they have done some really spectacular stuff 👏🏼

Today is the one year anniversary of me posting my very first Haikyuu!! fanart (iwaoi, of course!). I wish I had the time to mark the date properly since it’s been a pretty momentous year for me, but alas, this will have to do. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me <3


The Cher ‘Flint’ Lifetime movie is a well-meaning but terrible idea

  • The Flint crisis is a cause near and dear to Cher’s heart. She’s spoken out about it on multiple occasions and donated bottled water to the city.
  •  It’s admirable that, as Americans move on while Flint residents still suffer, she wants to use her star power to keep talking about the crisis.
  • Unfortunately, at least from what we know so far, this project is not the right way to go, despite everyone’s best intentions. 
  • There are myriad reasons for this, including the fact that the crisis itself still rages. But most importantly: This is not the appropriate team for this story. Read more (Opinion)

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Britney Spears taught me that it is okay to have a mental illness. It’s okay to break down. It does not define you. You can still be stronger then ever and come back in ways no one will ever expect. That you don’t owe anyone anything.

And that fact that no single inkling of this message can be translated in a two hour movie is beyond sad and disgusting.

Say it with me now: women are NOT defined by their relationships with men.

how do these people still exist?

“victor doesn’t mean anything when he touches yuuri’s lip, it’s just fanservice for that sweet fangirl cash”

“yuuri doesn’t LOVE love victor, that was just a platonic declaration of gratitude”

“it’s normal for coaches to cuddle naked with their athletes after treating them to an extravagant dinner that definitely doesn’t qualify as a date”

“that wasn’t a kiss, we didn’t see their lips touch, it was just a hug, nohomo bro”

what’s next?

“oh they’re not actually married, that was just a photoshoot for publicity”

“oh that half asian half russian child isn’t theirs, that’s obviously a relative’s”

“oh they didn’t grow old together, they were just eternal bachelors that shared a house, a car, a bank account, and shampoo”

Imagine Sakura being surprised out of her damn mind when Sarada, who is just learning how to talk, happily blurts out, “I love you!” one morning while she prepares to give her little girl breakfast. She’s so stunned because although she’s said it around her/to her a few times, it’s not like she’s said it enough times for Sarada to learn it just like that. She’s actually been trying to teach her simpler stuff like hi/hello.

But then Sasuke walks into the kitchen all mussed hair and sleepy eyes, and Sarada wiggles around excitedly and exclaims, “I love you, I love you! Papa, I love you!” and Sakura thinks he HAS to be baffled… but instead finds her husband slowly smiles, all proud and soft, before he walks over to his daughter and smooches her cheek, murmuring a sweet and clear, “I love you,” to his little girl.

And when Sarada giggles in reply, repeating another, “I love you!” Sakura understands exactly who has been teaching her the words. :’)

  • MC: I don't know what to give my parents for Christmas...
  • 707: Give them me as a son-in-law. ;)