How to be a Modern Lady

Is the idea of the ‘modern lady’ completely out of reach or does my generation just need to try a little harder? When I think of a modern lady, I think of someone who is.. beautiful inside and out, has a grasp on social etiquette, confident, kind-hearted and independent. When I think of what it means to be a lady in this modern-day, it seems like something I would love to work towards – The amount of profanity and slang in my everyday conversations is borderline disgusting and I’m attracted to the idea of detaching myself from how I am towards a more “lady-like” version of myself.

It’s going to take a lot of practice, mental and visual reminders, advice and time to get it right – but I’m determined to make little changes in my day to work towards me being a lady in modern-day society. Looking at myself at the age of twenty-one and seeing characteristics of myself that sometimes exude the behaviour of a girl that’s much younger, it really motivates me to grow up a little.

Note:  No, this is not a way for me to say “I’m getting older and I want to be boring” – It’s a way to say I want to show a little bit more patience, confidence and qualities of a modern-day lady. For those who know me and think I won’t be able to do it – Too bad, I’m going to try anyway.

Here are my top 5 characteristics of the  ”modern lady” I want to work on..

Think before you Gossip: Isn’t this funny? I’ve stated that I want to stop gossiping when I’m pretty sure I’ve been known to gossip since I was a child. Females (and some males!!) can be terrible with gossip and can be so hard to avoid when catch-ups and social events always seem to bring up gossip. Try changing the subject or kindly say you would rather not talk about something that you barely know anything about and the gossip should come to a halt for the time being. You’ve done your part and that’s more than others could say.

Be Kind & Patient: I’m kind when I want to be and currently working on my patience. Frankly, I don’t think this is good enough because being kind and patient is one of the most important things to practice when honouring and respecting another persons feelings and to move away from negative action. Lead by example and set the example of the kindness you wish to see in the world.

Be Considerate: As a modern lady, when you say you’re going to do something – Do it. Follow through with your promises and plans because no one likes a selfish flake who only does things for themselves or when they know they will receive something in return. Being considerate and remembering the little things goes far with your relationships and how people see you, go the extra mile for the people in your life and make them feel special.

Grooming: Really put some consideration into this area of grooming -  Think about the way you style your hair, clothes and right down to your nails as this  demonstrates to others how you value yourself without you having to say a word. Think quality rather than quantity. Self-care and grooming also makes you feel better about yourself and helps to build confidence. Read my blog post on “Dressing like you would run into your worst enemy

Be someone who you would admire: In other words, think about someone who you admire, respect and wish you could be like and try to add the qualities you admire from them into your daily life. Having positive role models can help give you an example of what kind of person you would like to be.

Last thoughts I found from : How To Be A Lady

” A lady by today’s definition knows that educating herself in every way possible, from higher education to the common sense manners, empowers her to become a woman ofaccomplishment and poise. She knows it is not her dress size or the money she possess that brings her satisfaction in life.

A lady knows that beauty and wealth can be fleeting, but her inner character is the measure by which others will ultimately judge her as a person.

Her courtesies, the high esteem in which she holds herself and others, and her sincere words of praise and thoughtfulness will reflect her strong values and place her ahead in the minds and hearts of those who know her. Being thought of as a “lady” may be the one of the highest compliments a woman can receive in her life.”

What qualities do you feel that a ‘modern lady’ should possess? Who is an example of a ‘modern lady’ in your eyes? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and many thanks for reading!

Erica xx