5 More Things I Love About You (The Video)


5 Things I Love About You (The Video)

Mortgage Broker - A Shrewd Investment That's Worth Far More Purchasing a home is considered to be one of the biggest steps in anyone’s life, and the mortgage is the biggest financial mistakes one can make. Though finding a mortgage was a straightforward procedure earlier, but these days it can be really confusing, especially if you don’t have any knowledge in financial planning.Therefore, speaking to a mortgage advisor can assist you to find out the right mortgage type as per your situation and can also help to improve the chances of approval.
New Model Boosts Scores for Consumers With Medical Debt Some changes have been made to the way your credit score is tabulated. If you are preparing to apply for a residential mortgage loan, the new rules may benefit you - and hopefully give you the score you need to succeed. Your payment data, debts and court records still count, but the new scoring model reflects some different weighting - in favor of the consumer.

Credit Restoration Advices You Must Read Some individuals are spending hours on the telephone daily, speaking to creditors and lawyers and even more lenders, all in an attempt to break clear of those bad credit score chains that bind us up while keeping us from enjoying life. Bad credit can weigh on the shoulders until it’s looked after, so let’s go ahead and take steps to mend that score completely.

Credit Restoration Advices You Must Read

How to Finance a Small Business With Ease Whenever you start a new business, it is important that you put together a few strategies that can help you secure the financial assistance, which plays a great part when it comes to running your business successfully. Once you find the right lender or investor to help you get your funds approved, you must identify your business needs and find the right solutions in order to take your business to the next phase.

Masticando sueños de asfalto.

Calle y portal, barrios de ciénagas, soledades prenden de árboles muertos, se expanden por la avenida tragaluces, en las alcantarillas, el tiempo baja los peldaños de la escalera, anestesiada de presencia…tumba futura del pasado, adoquines y oscuridad, suburbio frío, habitación gélida. Los cómicos ya no son nómadas y las carretas ya no van por los caminos, las ferias apagan luces ¡Cuán sola la vida, qué desolado el paisaje! …Nace la edad de morir, despierto en el sueño, sentado en el abismo, tengo mis fríos…y suficientes noches…
El equipaje en el bolsillo del viento…zapatos agujereados y trasnochados dan pasos agonizantes… ¿Donde estarán las palabras que usé ayer? ¿En qué memoria fracasé…?
El mendigo recoge su carrito, galletas de coco, cartones y mantas deshilachadas y busca la siguiente esquina, para su eterna lectura de poesía existencial…
Diciembre 2010
Kim Bertran Canut.