throw back to my belly when my breakfast consisted of froot loops pop tarts and pancakes, and dinner was 5 cups of pasta EVERYDAY! Never had a single vegetable in my life during this picture, and now i eat like a rabbit. I feel so much more healthy!! :)

So since I hit lifetime back in November, I’ve gained 15 lbs, since then it’s been and up and down process to loose this 15. This week I decided to snap out of whatever it is that I’ve been doing, and just get back to it!!!

I stepped on my scale this morning, iffffff it’s somewhat accurate to the scale at WW (which it isn’t terrible off) I’m down 5.6lbs this week!!

Monday evening is my typical weigh in since I work at WW on Mondays! I hope it’s accurate! I’m proud how far I’ve come even with the gain, even with the gain I was down 131lbs #me #weightloss #weightwatchers #ww #healthy #lifestylechange


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Today marks two years since I changed my lifestyle. Two years of new habits, new adventures, healthier choices, and feeling on top of the world. I’ve had my ups and downs but I could never go back to who I used to be.

I’ve run hundreds, likely even thousands of miles.

I’ve lifted thousands of pounds.

I’ve eaten hundreds of bowls of oatmeal.

I’ve drank enough water to cause the drought in California. 

I’ve hiked mountains and explored my beautiful city.

I’ve begun learning to love myself and my body.

I’ve tried new things and gained so much confidence.

Happy anniversary to my healthy lifestyle! <3

I just ran 3 miles on the treadmill (Day 2)

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Good Morning,

Mind Over Matter

When you feel like giving up, think about why you started. Stay motivated by setting small attainable goals that lead to your overall goal! If you stay focused on your progress rather than striving for perfection, you’ll find that it’s much easier to stay on track! And stay motivated!

So pack a healthy snack, track those BLTs, find a way to be active, and focus on your successes!

Have a great day!

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I miss you fitbit. Please be done maintaining yourself soon! #fitbit #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #losingweight #losingweightfeelinggreat #proud #motivated #personal #aerialmarie #determined #fitness #health #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #lifestylechange #fattofit #stepbystep #goodchoices #dailylife #fitsagram #livingforme

Hey guys, my name is Aerial and I’d love for you to join me on my weight loss journey 😉
▪◽▪ SW: 370 ▪◽▪ CW: 324.8 ▪◽▪ GW: 160 ▪◽▪

Good morning! It’s a beautiful Tuesday! which is of course, Le-Vel THRiVE’s #payday!

Smiling big because I feel like I can take on the world today:) went without my thrive for two days due to sending out trials and running out of my own personal product but it came in last night allowing me to fully #thrive this morning! I’m feeling absolutely #amazing and ready to take on the world with my #energy, and mental clarity:) #life is good. :)

-#happygirl #pregnant #lifestylechange #selfie #whooohoooo! 💕❤️

All the nay-sayers that said I couldn’t lose it, couldn’t change my life, couldn’t give up my white carbs and alcohol: dedicated to you 💁 I’m doing it! And I’m succeeding.

Last night after working a 12 hour shift I jumped on the treadmill and ran for a full 5minutes! Which we all know #ihaterunning but I did it then some weights and abs. I could have chosen to go to bed since I’m working extra hours this week but I’ve got #goals and I won’t reach them unless I put the effort in.

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Summer Time Weight Loss

Officially decided that enough is enough: I have to lose weight and change my lifestyle habits. It’s been a long time coming and I have to fight for real this time. I’ve already cut out soda from my diet (it’s been two months since I’ve done this) so now I’m gonna use Herbalife, portion control, and exercising. I’m so excited to do this, I took the summer off just so I can really focus on my weight loss. It’s time to really document why binge eat and emotionally eat. I want to be happy with not only myself, but to cut this insecurity out of my life once and for all. 

Let’s do this! :)

Starting Weight: 212lbs
Goal Weight Before December: 175
Super Duper Goal Weight: 145
Height: 5′4

I like this picture. I just wish it rang true for me. My family, friends and coworkers can see the change in me and my body but I can’t. I see it on the scale and in the way my clothes fit. I see slightly smaller love handles. But I don’t see the body everyone else does. They go wow. And what are you doing?! I wish I could see that. I still see the over weight me. The one that can’t fit into any of her clothes anymore. The one that juat binged on crappy food because she was bored. I’m not saying I hated myself or my body. I love myself. And my body does amazing things. It’s gotten me to where I am. It’s made me smile and made me cry. But I would never have wished for a skinnier body or a tinier waist. I feel great and right now that’s going to have to be enough for me. Which moat days it is. But I can’t help but get embarrassed and blush when people make comments. Even if they are great to hear!

so this is my Transformation Tuesday, which is a bit of a throwback. The beginning photo was taken in May at the Harry Potter studios and the last was at the beginning of September, on the last day of the Matt Smith era of the Doctor Who Experience, in work. I think it’s important to look back and take stock of how well I did through the summer, battling a number of issues that at times did break me but I got back up and fought every time. In the last photo I think I was around 14-18lbs down, and I was so proud but it’s not until looking at this comparison I notice just how much of a difference there is especially in my face.
The past few months have been extremely hard. I fell back into the rut I was in during the summer due to completely unfair circumstances, out of my control and in turn have put on around 10lbs of what I lost. But thanks to my amazing work family, my friends and actual family I took on everything in my stride. Weight loss took a back seat for a while but I’m feeling 100% positive and ready to make some more progress. I’d love to see how much I can achieve over the next four months- so I can have a 12 month before and after shot that I can be proud of, even though it won’t be the end of my journey.

I’m a completely different person than I was in that first photo. And things are only just going to get better.
I’d also like to thank lovehealthlift for the support she’s given me since last year. This lady is one of my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation.

I AM SO FRIGGIN’ HAPPY that Mark Sisson, founder of the Primal Lifestyle, created this handy, dandy, easy 21 day challenge. 

 I get many questions on what diet I am on well…I am a flexible grok, a term used to describe someone who doesn’t eat grains, legumes, or sugars in the Primal Lifestyle. I am flexible though, meaning that I do allow myself to eat  grains (mungbean noodles, brown rice, rice cakes, and so on), on some days. I also do eat a lot of fruit! which isn’t really allowed on the lifestyle :/ But, oh well, it works for me :)

I love being on the primal lifestyle because it isn’t so restrictive and is 100% effective. I don’t have to spend hours at the gym on this lifestyle and I get to eat BACON! BACON STRIPS&BACONSTRIPS&BACONSTRIPS