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Tomboy Forever

What happened to girls just being Tomboys? 

There’s nothing wrong with liking things typically associated with guys without being trans. There’s nothing wrong with preferring jeans over skirts, there’s nothing wrong with not wearing makeup, there’s nothing wrong with not being the typical female. 

If you prefer to be a little more rough around the edges then that’s OK. Girls are allowed to be anything they want to be and just because they’re female doesn’t mean they can’t kick some major ass. 

TBH there’s too much Tomboy erasure happening in our current society and that should stop. 

There’s nothing wrong with being a Tomboy. 

Hey guys, so I’ve had Tumblr for a while now (I’m talking like 2013), but I’m planning on taking my tumblr seriously and turning it to a fashion/lifestyle/car blog and incorporating my own pictures! This is only the beginning and hope you guys reblog and show support!