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I’ve always been into the idea of getting a subscription service but I hadn’t ever actually signed up for any. All of the makeup ones I’ve just felt like I wouldn’t get much use out of and other ones have been pretty expensive.

I stumbled across this BootayBag subscription on Instagram though and I couldn’t resist it! It’s only $12 a month for two super cute pairs of undies. I just got my first order today and I’m thrilled with the ones that I got!

As a mom I never seem to find the time to go searching for cute underwear so the fact that it comes right to my door is amazing. So glad that I signed up for this!


March is here and I’m celebrating with a new challenge! This month is all about MIND & BODY. In addition to a fitness plan, it features a daily attitude challenge, something to help you feel good about yourself, your surroundings, and your goals (particularly your health-specific ones!). The calendar is printable so save it, print it, and check off the bubble each day. Don’t forget to reward yourself! My suggestion is to reward yourself based on the number of bubbles you check off each week.

For more at home workouts and monthly plans go here and for weekly meal plan ideas to go along with this go here! :)

ps- if you post about your progress this month here on tumblr or on instagram I’ll leave you encouraging comments & feedback! I follow the tag piecesinprogress on both. :)