lifestyle illustration


for my lifestyle illustration class, the infamous “dolls” assignment - every week we had to draw referenced outfits. I used my comic characters as my models! I used a slightly different style on them to make drawing the clothes easier. 

many of the outfits are from lookbook or polyvore, some are from magazines, a couple I saw on TV shows, and there’s a few I patched together myself!

(funny side note: I didn’t know that Mac Miller was a musician or whatever, I honestly thought that was a t-shirt for a water park…..oops………

side note #2: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY)

in the photoset viewer, you can Right Click-> Open Image in New Tab to see them bigger!


From my research it looks like tea brewing time depends on what your teas made out of. To put it simply

  • leaf: 1-3 minutes
  • flower: 3-6 minutes
  • stem or stalk: 8-10 minutes
  • root: 7- 9 minutes

I’d recommend experimenting with your tea and seeing how strong you like it. It’s all just trail and error at the end of the day :D


3D Sidewalk Murals Allow Pedestrians to Interact With the Optical Illusion 

Artist Nikolaj Arndt is known for his composition of impressive 3D street artwork which is drawn by chalk on sidewalks. The optical illusion’s saturated colors and shadows give depth and a psychedelic sensibility to his illustrations.