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3D Sidewalk Murals Allow Pedestrians to Interact With the Optical Illusion 

Artist Nikolaj Arndt is known for his composition of impressive 3D street artwork which is drawn by chalk on sidewalks. The optical illusion’s saturated colors and shadows give depth and a psychedelic sensibility to his illustrations.


for my lifestyle illustration class, the infamous “dolls” assignment - every week we had to draw referenced outfits. I used my comic characters as my models! I used a slightly different style on them to make drawing the clothes easier. 

many of the outfits are from lookbook or polyvore, some are from magazines, a couple I saw on TV shows, and there’s a few I patched together myself!

(funny side note: I didn’t know that Mac Miller was a musician or whatever, I honestly thought that was a t-shirt for a water park…..oops………

side note #2: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY)

in the photoset viewer, you can Right Click-> Open Image in New Tab to see them bigger!


Kill la Kill (キルラキル)

Character designs for Mako and the Mankanshoku family from Kill la Kill episode 7, when they receive a lifestyle upgrade. Illustrations by character designer Sushio (すしお), captured and colored in his Sushio Club Love Love KLKL (Mandarake) book.


Wandering Dolls

Kris Abrigo and I recently went to Hong Kong to shoot for a TV show called A Taste of Hong Kong. As guest artists, we were asked to come up with a piece/s of work that showed our style and summed up our experiences in Hong Kong.

Before flying to Hong Kong, as I was trying to think of how I can incorporate my fashion illustrations with the place, I was simultaneously looking at Barbie and paperdoll photos for an exhibit we were also preparing for. Then it clicked! I thought of doing cut out illustrations of ladies walking around the city then taking photos of them. It was perfect because it showed my work and at the same time showed everyone how beautiful Hong Kong is. (Although I just got to prepare 3 pieces! Hehe)

I’m gonna do more cut out fashion illustrations and this time take photos of them around Manila! (the last photo is actually in our studio) Aaand of course in our next travels too teehee. So excited!

Please also watch out for the show when it airs! It’ll be shown on TLC late July or early August. Wooot!

Come visit my youtube channel for a short video from our trip!

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to own this idea or anything. It’s been done maaany times before and paperdolls have been around waaay back. x