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Why this photo is so important

Almost 90,000 likes, this is a record! (when I finish the post maybe it will be more) … but why this picture and not the others? Why am I so proud of this photo? The reasons are so many! In this photo Sam is alone, in this photo there is Sam, not Jamie, nothing connected with Outlander, not an event with a beautiful Armani dress. Only Sam, in all his beauty, with his blond hair, in the midst of nature. SAM HEUGHAN

Why a post on this photo?
Because the result of this photo is important.
Sam is not Zac Efron (sorry Zac, I’m sure you’re a nice guy), this is not a physical pumped out of the gym, this is not vanity. This is pride for the results! This is a body built on hard work, this is a body built with sweat. This is a body with years of sports behind. 

This is sacrifice, this is running, this is cycling. This is climbing the mountains, this is muay thai, this is boxing, this is crossfit. This is healthy eating, determination, strength. This is an example for all people who believe in him and in his My Peak Challenge. Not a charity, but a lifestyle. Thank you Sam, you are a person to admire! And all the love you received is all your merit.