Those first pair of shoes 


We bought Daisy her first proper little pair of shoes a few weeks back and we are so pleased with them. Since wearing them she feels more comfortable standing and attempts to walk a lot more than she did before - I’m not sure if this is just coinsidence but it’s nice just knowing that her little feet are well supported by some comfortable shoes. I have spent so much money since before Daisy was even born on shoes that just will not stay on her feet. Her feet will struggle to fit all the way in and even when they do, she tends to kick them off within a couple of minutes. As the colder weather braced us it seemed a fitting idea to get her some shoes that comfortably stay on her feet to keep her little toes nice and warm. 

We went to clarks and it was such a lovely shopping experience. Daisy had her feet measured and she has little feet! She’s a size 2 and a half at the moment and so the lovely member of staff showed us the available shoes in her size. We tried a few pairs on and decided to go with this pair. The fit was perfect and they really support her feet very well. At £28 some people may think it is a waste of money but I cannot stress enough how happy I am with knowing Daisy has shoes that fit her feet perfectly and support her whilst she takes those crucial first steps. 

The lovely lady working in Clarks took a polaroid photo of Daisy for her ‘My first shoes’ photo free of charge which I thought was such a lovely little touch! The box contained a cute poem about those first steps, a chart so that when we go back to measure her feet next time we can keep a record of their growth, a brochure of the different shoes they have and the importance of baby’s first shoes, the photo and of course - her shoes. And when Daisy grows out of them in a couple of months time, we have a lovely little keep-sake. Those first ever shoes!