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Steele Rose

Lonely Heart

Second Chances

- The series where you’re his ex-girlfriend and see his new girlfriend wearing one of your t-shirts

It’s Because I Love You

Not Worth It

He Needs You

- The series where you’re in love with him but he likes your best friend

Even When Your Demons Become Too Strong

I’m A Monster

Stay Away From Me

You Let Me Go

- The series where he’s dangerous, but not around you


Borrowed Time

- The series where Harry doesn’t talk but falls in love with you

Pretty In Pink 

- The one where Harry fake dates Kendall but is in love with you

I Think I Know Why

- The one where he disrespects you when you take care of him on tour even though he’s ill

I Know You Didn’t Come to Apologize 

- The one inspired by Love You Goodbye

Lips Of An Angel

- The one where you call too late

My Wonderful, Beautiful, Psychotic Girlfriend

- The one inspired by Stockholm Syndrome

I’m Sorry

Marry Me

- The series where Harry won’t have sex with you

5 Years


- The series where Harry misses Anne so you surprise him with plane tickets to visit her

As You Wish

- The one where you’re shy and he secretly draws you


- The one where you’re blind

Missed You

- The one inspired by Spaces 

All I Have

- The one where you’re anorexic *trigger warning*

I Can’t

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Fight

- The series where Gemma doesn’t like you

I Need You

- The one where Niall’s an overprotective older brother

Don’t Leave

- The one where the power goes out

The Way It Was

It Hurts

I’m Not Leaving You

Don’t Ever Let It Go

- The series where you’re divorced and Harry and your daughter spend Christmas without you

Do You Love Me?

- The one where you have paranoia disorder

I’ll Always Save You

- The one where he saves your life


- The one where you’re involved in a car accident

***** Some of these imagines are under construction. They are in the process of being edited due to grammatical/spelling errors and have been being written when I was a less experienced writer. The content will not change, and neither will the characters, however, there may be changes that vary from very slim to very extreme. These will be done shortly. *****

You’re His Sister and You’re Jealous Of Gemma 

He’s Getting Married, But Not To You  

There’s a Rumor Being Spread About You

You’re Sick

He Falls In Love With You On Tour

He Keeps Your Relationship A Secret  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

First “I Love You”

You’re Lonely 

You’re A MILF and He Gets Over-Possessive

Your Best Friend Talks Negatively About Your Relationship With Him and Harry Overhears 

You’re Best Friends But End up Kissing

Management Makes You Breakup    

He’s Going To Propose, But Not To You  Part 2 Part 3   

You’re Poor and He Doesn’t Know   

The Boys Tell Him To Breakup With You Part 2  

BSM: You’re In the Hospital For an Eating Disorder  

He Sends You Mixed Signals  

💫 uranus retrograde 7/29-12/29 ♅
  • time of inner change in response to external changes in life
  • strong need for autonomy
  • forces us to re-evaluate our priorities, values, paths
  • rebellion against ruts or confinement in life
  • lay groundwork for positive change
  • good time to open your mind, search for a new path
  • follow your instincts, use your imagination, and take a look at the world with a new perspective

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