lifestlye change

Meal Planning Week of 4-2-17

Breakfast: I think absolutely no one’s going to be shocked that I’m having eggs. The rest, I think I’m just going to kind of BS at the store. I think I want to play with Tofurky again, so we’ll see what happens there. I have chipotles from the other week so I’d like to make some sort of sauce. Naturally, it will be simple because who really wants to think in the morning? I’m really liking the greens at breakfast so I’ll pick one. So many!

Lunches: I have those edamame noodles from Costco still chilling in my pantry and I think it’s time to experiment with those. I think I’m going to make a red coconut curry. I’d really, really love to one day have all the whole spices to make super traditional curry. Y’know toast and grind them? That’d be so epic, but I have to work with what I got right now, which is ground spices. From the store, I’m going to pick up onion, red bell pepper, hot chilies, garlic, ginger, cilantro, broccoli, mushrooms, limes, stock, curry paste, and coconut milk. At home, I already have coconut oil, fish sauce, brown sugar, cumin, coriander, cardamom, ground mustard, turmeric, and cayenne.

Dinners: Let’s have fattoush salad! Here’s a second round of “American girl tries making Middle Eastern food.” This one is so amazing! It’s pretty much this really tart, cool vinaigrette and pita bread croutons. From the store, I need romaine, parsley, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, lemons, pita bread, garlic, and kalamata olives. At home, I already have chicken breasts, olive oil, wine vinegar, pomegranate molasses, salt, pepper, sumac, and mint.

Snacks: Bananas, grapes, chia seed pudding, and protein shakes. Just need to grab fruit and almond milk!

Kind of shocked at how little my cart is considering it’s a full meal prep week. Guess I’m just workin’ my pantry extra!

I’ve come so far from who I used to be.

Food and exercise used to control my life. I would plan my meals days or weeks in advance. If anything got screwed up in my plan I would spiral out and devour everything in sight and spend the rest of my day feeling overwhelmed with guilt. 

Now I don’t plan ahead, I listen to what my body wants and I don’t question it. I’ve ditched the idea of good and bad foods and the emotional toll that comes with those terms. I make my best effort to balance wholesome, natural foods with the junk that I love. I make my best effort to hit the gym when I feel mentally up to it. I don’t feel guilty for taking time off from the gym like I used to.

I spend more time with friends. I put more effort into my relationship. When I do decide to go to the gym I’m happier because it no longer feels like a punishment. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of my physique but right now, I’m really okay with it.

I’m setting up my goal plan. I’m recognizing that I’m not where I want to be and I’m setting a healthy course of action to get to where I will be sustainably healthy and happy. I’m exploring what exercises I’m interested in trying. I’m searching for new foods and recipes to fit into my healthy lifestyle. I catch me beating myself up now and then due to the fact that I haven’t “started” yet…but I have.

The difference is that I’m not rushing into this. I’m doing my research. I’m writing everything down. I’m establishing realistic goals and rewards for reaching those goals. I’m discussing all of this with my loved ones. I want to be all in. I want those around me to know that this time will be different…that this is the lifestyle change I so desperately want that I’ve sought after in so many horrible ways. This time I’m doing it right. I’m all in and I have all the support in the world.

Totally Amazing Results (3rd Week)

So I’m a newbie vegan on high carb low fat diet. I haven’t just jumped into this lifestyle out of the blue… I feel this has been something that was always going to happen. I was a vegetarian two years ago for 6 months and then a pescitarian for a year. I couldn’t sustain that lifestyle basically because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was calorie counting!!! and ended up very tired and craving all sorts of meat until I finally caved. 

I know better now! I did my research this time, talking to doctors and reading medical papers. I spend maybe a month just researching and keeping myself informed. 

So I started my vegan lifestyle three weeks ago.

The first week I didn’t feel much difference except that I was completely happy to go cruelty free. I felt positive within myself and was inadvertently influencing those around me. A couple of times I had to eat cheese because I wasn’t adjusting to eating out very well. I was still detoxing and getting rid of years of bad eating. I understood that this was going to be slow so I wasn’t upset when I didn’t really see/feel difference within myself immediately. I was done with the quick fix!

Second week was much like the first week except it was getting easier. I kept forgetting to drink water which probably made the detox slower. 

Third week! WOW what is happening? Today I did the usual thing which was wake up and make my breakfast smoothie. I had a Banana and Vanilla Smoothie and then decided to do some squats as the weather wasn’t so nice outside for a walk. I felt very energetic already, bouncing around the kitchen and generally annoying my sleepy housemates with my intense energy. I’ve been doing squats maybe twice a week for the past month or so, and averaging around 70 - 80 squats before I feel fatigue… but today I managed to somehow do 200 squats without feeling any sort of fatigue! WHAT?? I was totally baffled, I could have done more but was weary how sore my legs might get tomorrow. I had to do some dumbbell weights and sit ups to finally neutralise my energy. 

I’m actually so so amazed by this change. My energy is going crazy from this diet and I’m feeling really happy. No wonder people lose weight with this lifestyle, they can’t sit still to binge on junk food or watch TV.

So these are my results after 3 weeks, did anyone have similar results on the High Carb Low Fat vegan diet? 

I’m still totally amazed… 

Seriously though, tomorrow starts a new day. Tomorrow I will ACTUALLY, TRUELY and ENTIRELY devote myself to living healthy. Admittedly knowing this I’ve excused my HORRIBLE eating the last two days on the fact that I’m starting over.
Bad, I know.
I plan to go to a park down the street from my new apartment tomorrow to scope it out with a run. A girl from work is coming with me though, so I’ll be more inclined to actually get up and get out of bed to go. That’s what I really need. Someone to work out with me everyday, doing something I enjoy, like running, to keep me motivated.
Eating properly is going to be the hard part. I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow as get LOTS of fruit and stuff.
Another thing I need to work on is my sleep schedule. So, I think it’s time to watch Jeremy Wade catch some monsters until I can fall asleep.