lifesize cake

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Ok ok so its called Voreable Treats™ its like human shaped cookies and lifesize human shaped cakes and things like that.

oh my god

okay, i don’t know how you’d get lifesize human-shaped cakes going… that’s a lot of baking, that would probably be more of a voodoo donuts type situation where you run a bakery that specializes in that kinda stuff and slowly expand. to cut down on costs you could probably also do parts of lifesized human body parts, like hands or arms or what-have-you, so you don’t have to bake an entire body. 

though to be honest… it’s not a bad idea? i mean, if there was a larger, more obvious demand for it. considering you probably wouldn’t be able to ship this stuff out everywhere (which is expensive), you’d have to pick an area that has a high population of people interested in vore and vore-related activities…


On this day in music history: December 31, 1975 - Casablanca Records will throw a lavish release party for the US debut of Donna Summer’s new single “Love To Love You Baby” at The Pachyderm disco in New York City. For the occasion Casablanca will have a nearly life size cake of the singer made by Hansen’s Cakes in Los Angeles, CA (recreating the image of Summer from the back cover of the album). The cake will be transported to Los Angeles International Airport in a refrigerated ambulance, flown to New York in two first class airline seats (accompanied by Casablanca head of promotion Buck Reingold), then met at the airport in New York by another refrigerated ambulance to the Pierre Hotel, and finally delivered to the disco for the party that night. The party also takes place on the night of Donna Summer’s 27th birthday, also celebrated that evening with members of her family in attendance. The entire event will be indicative of the grandeur and extreme excesses that Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart will become famous (and infamous) for throughout the 1970’s.


When you and Bae take a intergalactic selfie <3

This lifesize Starlord cake was more than just delicious- it was fun to take selfies with too! Matched with this I am Captain Marvel dress from welovefinetees and we are picture-perfect.

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