lifes great adventure

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I want Marcy to try and teach PB guitar please and thank you

How I wanna die

I’m a 96 year old lady. I rock back and forth on my chair, admiring the view from my porch. My great granddaughter, one of my 1000 great grandchildren, is next to me. She’s telling me about her favourite book series, which was written almost a century ago. I smile as she recounts the characters’ adventures, remembering that I myself read those stories when they had just been published. A light drowsiness comes over me. I tell her that I’m going to take a nap, and ask her to fetch me a blanket. She nods and runs off. I stare a little longer at the view from my house. As my eyelids begin to droop, I reflect on my life. I think about all my family, all my kids, my grandkids, and great-grandkids. As my eyelids slowly close, I smile, knowing that I have plenty of descendents, and that I have made a difference in the lives of many people. Unaware that my nap will last longer than I intend, I think to myself, I hope my great-granddaughter brings me my favourite quilt… It’s rather chilly today.