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I’m a creep and i’m a weirdo—also an appropriate caption eh. This is some very rare fiasco shit, when most people thinks that i’m all too formal and just all about the business and the money—man, you don’t know shit. Hahaha. You have noooo idea what crazy things this lad does every now and then.

So how should i spend this day anyway? I mean, i totally forgot that today is Thursday so hello sa mga fans kong malilibog wala ata akong ma-i-post today na mga TTH entries. Lol. Wala akong matinong konsepto pa kasi. Saka bakit di ko na namamalayang magbye-Biyernes na pala. Ang bilis ng araw! Patapos na rin ang January? Almost there. Tapos next month Manila na ako, until March. This Saturday na me get ticket. Oh my why i am so balbal. Haha. Ang dami kong kwento kaso baka hahaba na naman ‘to will try to make it short ha? Haha.

• One of my best friends and i had a feud last Monday. Because the person got jealous because of my closeness with the person’s love interest. Pakyu. Buti sana kung di niya ako kaibigan at di kami close talaga pag-selosan niya ako. It hurt me a lot na inaway ako just because i was close with the guy. I mean, close na kami even pa may feelings siya ‘don and hindi naman sila alam mo 'yooown pero bakit pati ako pagdudahan? Buti sana kung gusto ko 'yon or what. I hate being the misunderstanding. And what irks me more is the fact na inaway ako bigla without asking ano meron or what. Wherein fact i’m always sweet to all of my friends and very malambing ako sa lahat mapa-babae man o lalake. Tapos hinayupak siya, alam niya na kapag gusto ko ang tao di ako maka-imik o makagalaw when he’s around, i always froze pero pati ako pagsasabihan nang ganon? Di ko kinakausap talaga ngayon. Tang ina niya. Okay lang magselos siya pero pagdudahan ang sincerity ko as a friend—pakyu talaga.

• I have to say my personal life nowadays is blooming. Lol. I mean, i think i am going to start dating na officially by February. Charot. But there’s someone that i like but i don’t know where is this going but we are friends so uggh samuk. I don’t know what to do anymore when unfamiliar emotions just swings in.

• I’m more than happy with what’s going on with my business life nowadays. All thanks to Him. I’m jut scared that if i ever start dating i might get distracted with how i do with my business. I mean, i still got my priorities. Uggh. I just don’t know or sure how to handle my emotions just yet kasi nga unfamiliar na ako ulit sa ganito pero 'yooown.

I’m just hopeful for 2017. And a bit worried because the last time i told you guys about my prediction this year was if i ever engage myself to any intimate relationships my wealth or career status would probably take a header. And i am not ready for it!! Lord ano ba? Bakit masyado mo ako tini-test now?


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Pictures from a walk to Lud’s Church in the Peak District. It was super foggy all day.

i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.