The Exquisite Corpse poem we wrote at NYHAAD

I know intuitively that lalochezia
I feel from being respectful
Prevents my estrogen
From identifying myself
As a guy

Most importantly, we must
Be supportive of all men
And women
And gender identities

I am feminine, I am strong
I will fight the hate
And I will fight the infection
Through the comfort of my nyctophilia
Because I and strong

Punk pugilism provides
An exquisite theoretical framework
For revolt while simultaneously
Forming callipygion physiques
Plus laloocezia

Some men make it
Stunningly easy
To be callipygian

Knowing and understanding
Transgender issues while
Being sympathetic to their cause

Knowing mutalism
In a radiant relationship

Take care to be peaceful
When dealing with the men
That’s what mama said

Stunning appetence…

My hidden gender inspire my self-care
A social construct planting weeds
And always up rooting
My physical body until I
stumble upon the serendipitous
Rose of beauty

Be positively powerful
Or powerfully positive
Be hopeful and convoke others
Don’t be xanthic towards
Exquisitely expressive people
Or to people who are expressively expressive
Be expressive with your sexuality
Missionary isn’t the only way to be genuine
Be genuinely pyrophoric;
Share your expression so it lights up the air

A gender isn’t who you are!
Be mindful about who you want to be

What is a mentor? Is it someone who is old and
Experienced? Maybe.
But it can also be someone who’s youthful.
Someone who’s understanding of me is what’s
Most important

Live life courageously and be enthusiastically genuine

Coming out differently results in inquisitive lalochezia

Gazing at your peculiar asymmetrical face induced a
drastic sense of basorexia in me


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