Uncle Tony

Yep that’s me! 

I’m the uncle of 11 amazing kids! that’s right -e l e v e n- 

It’s so hard trying to be a good uncle to so many kids… I feel bad that I don’t give as much attention to all of them… it’s not fair… It’s so crazy/hard watching them grow up… My oldest niece attends college park(highschool) now and made the varsity swim team as a freshman!!… My oldest nephew is about to graduate highschool and go off to college… My youngest.. which is my niece isn’t so little anymore!.. I guess it’s just now hitting me that everyones getting so old so fast.

I’m really so lucky to have all of them :) 11 potential babysitters in the future? eh! eh! :P haha. 

I’m adopted, I was only a year old when my new brothers/sisters were 18ish. So growing up I always had them to spoil me and take me out :D it was really nice growing up with them. I was like their pre-child in a way. My parents are pushing 65 this year I really hope I can make them proud and let them enjoy the grandkids I’ll give them one day. 

I sometimes really wonder what it would have been like to grow up with an asian family… to have the life style… the mother, the father, the brothers, the sisters, the cousins etc… It really doesn’t matter now. I love my family! but it’ll always be in my mind. 

I hope to someday meet an amazing girl who will not only be the best wife ever! but also a great daughter-in-law to my parents, and Auntie to my nephews and nieces.

my long lost big brothers.

So incase you didn’t know I’m adopted.

I was separated from my 2 older brothers before I was a year old. I’m the youngest while one is a year older(Jose) and the other a year older then him(Chris). I’ve only spent a few hours total with Jose and only a few days worth with Chris. I’ve never met my birth parents unfortunately.

So Chris called me today out of know where! I haven’t talked to him in about 4 years and I don’t know why it’s been so long… He has a condition that makes him a little slow :/ I talked to him for for about an hour which was real nice :) He hasn’t changed a bit since I last saw him 2007. I’m pretty much his big brother due to his condition. He looses focus really easily, and has had to take classes to help him prepare for when his guardians pass. That’s right… he wasn’t as lucky as me and didn’t get adopted. They’re real good to him though which is all that matters. I told him about facebook and that he needs to make one so we can stay in touch better but I have a feeling he’ll forget and won’t do it. I really wish I could be the brother he needs… but he lives in Oregon :( 

I wish I could get ahold of my brother Jose but Chris doesn’t know what happen to him. Someday I hope to find him and say “Whatsup Bro” and do brotherly things lol.

External image

iFeel so neglected by all my friends and girls I’m talking to.

I wish I could find people that would give me at least half the amount of effort I try to give them.

I start working 7 days a week starting tomorrow. I was a little bummed I’d have no time to spend with people but who am I kidding… what people.

I keep telling myself “maybe they just have a lot going on in their life right now” and that I’m probably just being inconsiderate and selfish… idk what to think anymore. 

I wish I knew my biological asian parents.

When ever I’m around asian adults that would be around the same age as my biological  parents it feels weird knowing I should have them.

I love the parents I have period.

It’s just something I always wonder about.

new job?

I got it

I’ll be working a (9-5) Monday–Friday in Concord. Ugh traffic from Antioch is going to SUCK!…

I can’t wait to start! I hope I’m good at my new job.

I don’t know what I’m going to do about school in the fall…

There’s room for advancement but hopefully I’ll get some night classes going at DVC.

I still don’t know what my plans are for the future… I’m so lost.

Still going to work at the coffee shop off concord ave on the weekends! don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi :]


how Chinese am I?

Well I am half Chinese… but I’m adopted and don’t live the typical asian lifestyle.

I know.. I know.. asian parents are super strict and all but I wish I could experience my culture. I love my parents non the less but yeah… I don’t know what any of it’s like…