There’s beauty in simplicity.
this month we’ve been learning about the #LifeofPraise getting back to the basics to strengthen our foundation. I’m so grateful for every bit of it.
Living a life of praise is a sacrifice, it takes humility but it’s the best way to live. By submitting ourselves to praise we give God the right to turn our mourning into dancing, our ashes into beauty and give us the victory in every area of our life. We don’t praise for the bad, but we praise God •IN• the bad times. While we praise God…..He is defeating our enemies.
The Sacrifice of praise will bring:
•Restoration •Transformation •Answers

“Your face is a reflection of your heart.” - Pastor David Blunt
“Let the godly sing for joy to the Lord; it is fitting for the pure to praise him.”- Psalm 33:1 (NLT)
Praise blesses God. Praise hinders the devil. Praise changes your circumstances. Praise changes you. Praise helps you. (Blunt) This series on living a “Life of Praise” has truly blessed me. Loving God and how he’s changing me. #GODISFORYOU #inlovewithChrist #growinginChrist #inspiredbyChrist #iamuprising #lifeofpraise