Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs,  

This is a video by Bex from! She is a true inspiration to living a healthy happy lifestyle. Please like her video and subscribe to her channel! #blissedin 

My Experience, 30 Day Shred, Day 01 March 16th 2013

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblers, 

Today, was one of my 30 Day Shred experience. I had heard about the 30 Day Shred (who hasn’t who is interested in fitness and has a tumblr account?). It was kind of a happy accident that I started the shred today. The 16th of March is a very special day for me, a day which marked the beginning of a new phase in my life and a day where I showed true strength. That is all I’m going to say on Tumblr, you get what I mean, it’s a special personal day for me. I love love love reading blogs. I check some blogs daily for new posts. One of the blogs I followed recently uploaded a video on YouTube reviewing her experience of the 50 sorry 30 Day Shred (it’s 01.18 in the morning, I’m typing this out on my laptop under the sheets because I lost the whole post I wrote on my mobile). This blogger is not a fitness blogger. She mostly blogs about fashion, beauty and a bit of lifestyle. So, for me it was nice to get a bit of perspective on her view of the 30 Day Shred.  Her review was very honest. She seemed challenged by the shred. She also explained how it didn’t really facilitate much recovery time which is something I would be a bit concerned about. But, she did achieve good results and she did put 110% effort into it. She had linked level one video of the 30 Day Shred in the details of the review and this is how I got caught out so to speak ;). I followed the link and like I do a lot, I started watching the video. After a few minutes, I said to myself, why not try and actually do the video since I had a time to do it. And that is where it all began! 

I’m really glad, I actually tried level one. Jillian is like a super doper coach. She knew exactly what to say to motivate me and make me stick with the video. Sometimes, I start workout videos and I find some of the exercises a bit too challenging, so I give up and scope YouTube for less challenging workout videos.  But Jillian reminded me, that I needed to step out of my comfort zone to make the chances that I want for my body. Admittedly, I did pause the video once or twice or more, but I kept with it and didn’t skip any exercises! I defiantly need to build more endurance in my legs. Another thing I loved about the video was the modifications and all the flat tummies! I want one of those flat tummies! I loved that I sweated and felt the burn throughout the entire video. 

I can’t wait for the next 29 days. I will keep ye posted on my progress. No doubt, there will be times when it will feel too much but I am strong. This video was such a challenge  , I know all the others will be too! Bring it on!  

Spring Challenge, Day 01

Spring Challenge, Day 01 

Spring is my favorite season! So I thought, why not set myself a healthy challenge to get the most out of this beautiful season.

Before Christmas, I set myself a challenge of creating and fostering a healthy habit. I did this for four weeks. Each week, I choose to try and make a habit out of doing something that would be good for my health. I built upon these habits week by week. So for example, the first week I consciously made an effort to drink water throughout the day. The second week I made an effort to eat more fruit and veg while still drinking plenty of water. It was a huge success for me. I still drinks lots of water. And for the first time in twenty something years nothing makes me happier than seeing salad and veg on my dinner plate! #success!

So this Spring, why not set myself a new challenge? For me, spring although I love it, is inevitable a stressful, busy time for me. Personally, this can easily give me the excuse to not actively try to be healthy. Then summer comes and I’m not happy that I didn’t make the effort!  So for the next seven days, I will try to get a walk in every morning. I love walking and nothing beats the fresh air to clear my mind. The sun is also rising earlier and earlier everyday, so what excuse do I have? Making this commitment to myself and my health will be the motivation I need to get moving and forget about watching tv while drinking tea in the mornings!

I will get a walk in later today as it is the afternoon now and tomorrow I will go for a morning walk! 

ekk! exciting!  

Do you set yourself goals and challenges? Have you been successful with any long term healthy habits? 

Where is the balance in my life???

April 12, 2013

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs :)

I hope you are all keeping well this Friday! Lately; I’ve been smothered with deadlines! :( I’m finding it hard to keep healthy and happy when I seem to be off balance. I’m a firm believer in balance. In order to be truly “healthy” you need to be balanced in every part of you’re life. Sometimes; when this balance gets tilted in one direction; you don’t spend the time you need on shopping or preparing meals or spending time with the ones you love.

I just want to put my feelings out there. Truthfully like a lot of people out there; I have been feeling over whelmed with deadlines! But I believe sometimes; it is healthy to feel that bit of stress because we achieve greater things when we are slightly out of our comfort zone but it’s ok now and again to say i’m not super woman; this is hard! 

Ramble over! 

Much lover sorry much love



Guím Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Pádraig ar mo chairde ar fad ar Tumblr :)

Wishing the blessings of Saint Patrick’s Day to all my Tumblr friends :) 

Yesterday, if you didn’t know or haven’t guessed was St Patrick’s Day. Being an Irish cailín (girl), I celebrated it! I decided to enjoy the day and caught up with family and friends. Here is a few photos captured from my local parade in Galway City. I didn’t get up as close to see the parade as good as the photographer who took these photos (so I can’t take credit for them).



April 29th, 2013

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs,

I’ve been so stressed and not getting much done! It’s such a viscous circle! I’ve been stuck inside instead of outdoors in this beautiful weather. My deadlines aren’t been met; I’ve been eating rubbish and in general, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere in life! 


These photos will cheer me up. They were taken two summers ago.I think I need to take half a day off to really just breathe in some fresh air and get some perspective. I know I’m lucky. I have so many things to be grateful for in life and sometimes it’s about focusing on that! May be I should leave my laptop behind; forget about my deadlines and enjoy life and get a bit of perspective.

Ramble over.

Happy Monday peeps! 

Love Maria. 

Boston followers

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs :)

If I have any Boston followers I pray that you and your family and friends are safe and well. I pray for protection of the vulnerable, for love in this hard time. I pray for every life affected by hate and terrorism in the world. I pray especially tonight for the eight year old boy who lost his life today in Boston. May his family find solas. At a time like this it is important to remember that suffer because of war, famine, terrorism, ill health. Show people love and kindness. Peace and love starts with each and every one of us.

Good night from Ireland.

(These are my personal thoughts and prayers. If your beliefs are different from mine I accept that. Religious freedom and expression is important and individual to everyone!)

Just a quicky blog post ;) ... actually just a not so quicky post about my first experience of yoga!

April 9th, 2013

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs,

Today I practiced yoga for the very first time :) I was actually so excited. So just to be clear; I didn’t go to a yoga class; I decided to try this video. It is a YouTube video made with Bex of and Yulady. They are creating a yoga series over the course of the next couple of weeks entitled Strong & Slim by Summer Yoga Series -Presented by Delta Labs. 

Why you ask? Well; really I have been trying to get healthy lately. I love pilates and I see some similarities with pilates and yoga. Also, I've been inspired by all the yoga images I see on Tumblr. It looks amazing. I’ve also learned of some of the health benefits involved with practicing yoga. I have an under active thyroid and I’m on a mission to cure myself and get off these stupid medicine I’m on! (sorry; a bit of a vent out there). Another reason why I decided to try yoga was some very inspirational blogs that I follow. I have been following Maria’s journey from and Bex from Both Maria and Bex are super fit. They lift weights; cross train etc and have children. Maria recently finished her yoga teacher training course while she was six months pregnant with her second baby! And Bexs has always talked openly about how important yoga is in her daily life too. She also super fit, a trained yoga teacher and a stay at home mom to four children (phew!). While I had been following their blogs    and reblogging cool yoga images on my tumblr for a while; I began to realize that maybe yoga is for me! 

I had fun with the video and I feel I really benefited from it. I know to get a true experience of yoga; it is better to get a class if possible. This is something I’m now interested in looking into. I have taken a few pilates classes before and I really benefited from them. So I think yoga could really compliment my interest in pilates. 

Have a great day Happy Healthy Tumblrs! 

(so much for being a quicky post! ;)


I got a brand new pair of sunglasses today!!!!!

April 8th 2013,

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs,

I got a brand new pair of sunglasses today!!!! Yay! I’ve been wanting sunglasses for ages, so it’s great that I finally got a proper pair! I wear glasses; so if I put on normal sunglasses; I can’t see a thing so today I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses!  

Sadly; the opticians have to order in the polarized lenses which means I won’t have them for another week or so but I CAN’T wait!

They are aviator style sunglasses. I wanted Ray Bans, but they didn’t suit my face. I knew straight away when I put the glasses on that they suited me.  

Ok, I think I’m a bit too excited, but I will take a photo as soon as I get them. 

Be happy and healthy


I'm loving today! :)

April 7th 2013

Dear Happy Healthy Tumblrs :)

Today should be TGIS (Thank God it’s Sunday!)! I have that Friday feeling and it’s Sunday! I feel so motivated today. The most motivated I’ve felt in a LOOOONG time! I feel like I need to be patient and that soon I will achieve my goals! It’s like I’ve had this moment of total clarity where I just realized, I can do this and I will do this! I have the tools to be healthy and now I just need to be consistent with it. Time to just do it now! :)  

I will keep ye posted.  

Love Maria.