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Here we go~

1) Any random stories you want to share????

When I was around 9/10, my big brother hit me and displaced my collarbone..The reason ? I put a tennis ball in his Lay’s…;-;

2) How are you?

I’m tired, my cat disturbed my sleep <>__<>

3) Thoughts on Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titans)

I only this anime/manga by name

4) Kids or no kids?

Kids ( I want 3 little monsters ! )

5) If you could be alone without feeling lonely, would you be alone? (did that make sense fuck idek)

I don’t think so, I mean physically you would be alone but in your….( omg my brain ._. )


6) Any favorite books?

Fruit basket, Samurai deeper kyo and strobe edge ( yeah mangas ARE books for me << )

7)UHMMMM Can i has your fanfics if u has fanfics

I don’t have one honey

8)you ship yourself with?

Byun Baekhyun !! ʘ‿ʘ



All Exo’s pairings

10) uhm where do you want to live

China or France or Korea

11) i love you <3

Love you too~ ♥

Questions Time~

  1. Your favorite food ?
  2. Dogs or cats ?
  3. Are you a singer or a dancer ?
  4. Have you a bed full of plushies ?
  5. spring summer fall winter ?
  6. How old are you ?
  7. Do you plays videos games like call of duty, mario kart …?
  8. Movies or books ?
  9. Where do you come from ?
  10. Who is your ultimate bias ?
  11. And bias list wrecker ? ¬‿¬


lifeofakpopdreamer asked:

omg your Tumblr is amazing. I can't stop re-blogging you omfg. i LOVE it! <3



this is the first compliment i’ve gotten from a new follower (??)

this means so much to me

thank you really ; a ; <3