Fah real…

So recently, and in recently I mean in the past few days I have been attached to food. More often than usual. I have been depressed because I feel so distant from the man that I am in a relationship with. He is in Florida and I am in California and so this void had brought back my dirty habits of eating. Old habits die hard sometimes…

So just as I was giving in and giving up, I saw something absolutely miraculous at my Chinese New Year dinner party tonight. My aunt had lost lots of weight and in such a short amount of time. So I asked her about her secrets!

1) CRAVINGS… the reason why we have them? Although there is the mental aspect, a lot of that comes from the physiological aspect. What this means is that when we sweat or workout, our blood flows a lot more vigorously thus introducing substances back into our bloodstream from the body’s fat deposit. So for this physiological reason, we crave like crazy. The trick?

While this may sound brutal and to some people “unhealthy” it isn’t, because this is called the detoxification and recharging of our body’s functions. So try no simple carbs, which is stuff like white bread, white rice, white anything, and try healthier options like oatmeal which can be both “sweet” and savory… or brown rice or beans and lentils.

Cold Turkey

Or you will never lose the habits and if you do try no carbs, try it for two months straight, your weight will drop significantly, and after your cravings go away, you can reintroduce healthy carbs more often into your diet, but stick to those healthy carbs because the simple ones are sugar and sugar is highly addictive. 

So I will end off here tonight with the words that one should eat to live not live to eat… that to fuel the body does not only pertain to calories, but also to eat in such a way where one wouldn’t have to take supplements. It’s about nourishment! 

Anywhoo, good luck for this post :) Check back soon for more advice!

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Check out this girl! Her body is amazing! Also I love the fact that she looks a lot like Jennifer Lawrence!

Okay, so I have another post, I’m on a roll!

This is going to be about cool little things one can do to drop the fat and build muscle! You can do this anytime and remember, “weight loss” or “getting fit” is all about consistent little things that build up. Glorious. 

1) If you drive, park far, park far far away and walk your ass into the store or wherever you’re going.
2) Always take the stairs.
3) Snack frequently, not on chips or whatever crap you KNOW is junk for the body, snack on cucumber slices topped with nutritional yeast in place of hummus. Yes, hummus can be good for you, but not the store-bought stuff. Calories are still important, and if anyone tells you otherwise, it’s full of shit! But if you’re just starting off, DO eat higher calorie whole foods, and gradually ween yourself to eating more pure, unprocessed yummy stuff :D
4) Make everything you eat count, so if you have a snack of half a cucumber, count it as a small meal and eat at very LEAST every 1 ½ to 2 hours, this helps with cravings.
5) If you DO do the above and you still have cravings, eat the stuff you want to eat plus a tons of fiber during the first hour of your day. As an old chinese proverbs states: Eat like an emperor at breakfast, the middle class at lunch, and a pauper for dinner. Now take that and spread it out! I eat probably 10 times a day, but the amount of food is never above 8 oz which is a cup of food. And I’m a happy girl.
6) I once met a stripper/fitness model named Andre (yeah he’s on google) who had this amazing body and was pure muscle! However it is very evident that he doesn’t use any “special” shit to enhance his body. Just diet and exercise. This is what he told me… “I eat 6,000 calories a day and I workout like a nutjob” well, being 6'3 and 210lbs, 8 pack and all, he looks amazing! But he eats so little during each meal! Little to no fat, no sodium, and nearly no carbs. So choose wisely what you eat. If you want carbs, you can have it everyday, but once and preferably in the morning. There’s no need to restrict everything, especially in the beginning when your body tends to lean towards things you have been feeding it for so long. Be gentle and soothing.
7) If you workout more, eat more. Choose wisely!
8) Replace sugar with better sugars. If you like juice and sodas, try coconut water. Eventually, you’ll like just water. That’s what happened to me and honestly, the easiest 5 lbs i’ve lost.
9) Don’t sit idly. If you’re waiting, pace, fidget, do something! Flex your abs in class or at work, do something! Keep those muscles engaged. You don’t want to know the nastiness of muscular/cellular atrophy.
10) And the final one (for now). When you eat, chew more. When you’re hungry, drink water and that might just do it. We’re not as hungry as we think we are. Our bodies are a nightmare when it comes to predicting what it’s telling us! Keep yourself busy.

Now you may be wondering why most of its about food. I do believe that fitness and health comes from the theory of 80%20.
80% is diet 20% is exercise. Thank goodness for that! I don’t have all day to spend in the gym. Remember, your cells take time to be replaced, so whatever your cells are now is whatever you’ve been putting in your body. Cool huh? Thank goodness they regenerate too! So anyhow, this was a lot more thorough than I wanted, but these principles really really help and what you’ve read, you can’t unread! Best of luck…

xoxox Michelle: Lifeofafitblr