A life of dependence

A life fully useful to God is a life fully dependent on God. Today, I enjoyed reading through the Life-Study of Exodus (message 4). I saw that independence from God is one of the most terrible things in the eyes of God. He desires that we live the life of a “female”, depending on God as our husband.

How we must learn not to live independently of God! If we learn this lesson, we shall realize that we must not do certain things; this is not because these things are wrong, but because in doing them we would be independent of God. If we all have a healthy fear of independence, there will be no problems in the church life. 

pg. 45

If we would be used to perfect others, we ourselves must have a dependent life. The only life the Lord desires to see perfected is the dependent life. If we live and work independently of God, the result of our work will be that other lives will be perfected to be independent. Only a dependent life can produce a dependent life. Only a life that depends on God for all things can perfect others to be “females.” Suppose a certain person is very strong in himself, confident of his abilities, proposals, and decisions. Such a one can produce only independent lives, capable persons who are independent of God.

All of our work must issue from a dependent life. Otherwise, our work will have no eternal value or profit to God. Our work comes out of our person and we can only produce what we are. Let us learn to rely on the Lord to be our life, person, and everything. 

When is someone going to appreciate the shit that I do. When is someone going to look me in my eyes and say “I’ll take care of you and love you no matter what”, because when they go to sleep and wake up I’m the first thing on their mind. When are guys going to stop lying to me, and stop leading me on knowing that I want more than they think. When are people going to stop thinking they can use me, and abuse me. When will this shit stop. I’m a female yes I have feelings just like every fucking person on this planet, I’m not a fucking robot, I wasn’t built. Stop fucking taking advantage of us females and appreciate the shit that we struggle trying to do for people, some of us give more than we receive. If you love you girl or your bestfriend or anyone show them you appreciate them and stop fucking hurting them they have enough shit to deal with as it is already.