If You Plug Twitter Into a Digital Avatar, Can You Live Forever?
In one episode of Black Mirror — the British television series that explores the near future of technology with an edginess reminiscent of The Twilight Zone — a woman’s husband dies, and she replaces him with a robot. This walking automaton looks like him and talks like him, and it even acts like him, after plugging into his Twitter account and analyzing every tweet he ever sent. Yes, that’s a far cry from reality, but it’s not as far as you might think. With an online service called Lifenaut, an operation called the Terasem Movement Foundation offers a means of digitally cloning yourself through a series of personality tests and data from your social media profiles. The idea is to create an online version of you that can live forever, a digital avatar that even future generations can talk to and interact with. Eventually, Terasem wants to transform these avatars into walking, talking robots — just like on Black Mirror. And today, it provides a more primitive version, for free. (via If You Plug Twitter Into a Digital Avatar, Can You Live Forever? | Wired Enterprise |


I look forward to seeing this at SXSW. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren that I once had a chance to destroy our slave-masters but I was distracted by the free drinks.


Mindfiles to (re)create yourself as an Avatar.


No big deal, my dad did a TED talk.

How it Works

Store your cells alive, with their biological clocks stopped for an indefinite amount of time… 1. Sign up for the LifeNaut BioFile Project. There is no charge, however we greatly appreciate your tax- deductible donations. 2. We send you a bottle of mouthwash and a collection tube. 3. You gargle the mouthwash, then send it to us. We collect the live cells from your sample and store them at liquid nitrogen temperature (-190° C) for an indefinite period of time. 4. After you have been declared legally dead, future technology may be able to grow you a new body via ectogenesis and your mindfile may be able to be downloaded into it, enabling you to live on indefinitely.


By combining a LifeNaut Bio File™ account with a LifeNaut Mind File™ account, there is a chance that future technology will be able to grow you a new body from your stored live cells and allow you to then download your conscious mindfile into that body.