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Drarry Fic Masterlist

(this is mostly posted here bc I got a new phone and my notes with this in it didn’t get transferred…) (but enjoy) (sorry if it looks messy I did all this on mobile)

✅- done reading ❗️- writing in progress

* ❗️1953 by donnarafiki
* Draco saves a bunch of slytherins from a huge flood and gets really injured.
* AMAZING writing
* scary flood
* lots of feels
* Currently on: chapter 17 (waiting for an update!!)

* The Hidden Side by gracerene
* Background Drarry, but James Sirius got kidnapped when he was 4 and this is a James/Teddy fic
* you get to guess who took the kid
* oblivious people
* Currently on: chapter 7

* ❗️Howlr by partialtopotter
* Wizard Grindr but they’re anonymous
* cute
* funny
* text fic
* Currently on: chapter 3 (waiting for an update)

* ✅Once Upon A Time Yesterday by femmequixotic
* Wayyyy future- Harry and Gin are divorced, Gin gets married to Viktor
* really descriptive
* amazing writing
* emotional
* deep, man
* Currently on: finished

* Mental by sara_holmes
* Accidentally connected by mind in DADA so they can hear each other’s thoughts!
* funny
* long
* slow burn
* Currently on: chapter 24

* ✅Unsinkable by commas_and_ampersands
* Titanic!AU where Harry is a street rat that has no idea he’s a wizard and Draco is an aristocrat married to Pansy who’s escaping people trying to find him for something
* slow burn
* major character death
* still crying
* Currently on: finished

* ✅On A Clear Day by Saras_Girl
* Draco works for this charity thing and visits Harry every day to try to get him to go to a Gala and AHHH
* slow burn!!
* Harry’s scared to go outside
* really adorable and dramatic “getting together”
* Currently on: finished

* ✅Dragons Heartstrings by jet-playin
* Soulmate!AU where Draco sees strings tied to people (soulmates duh)
* cute af
* dumb boys
* oblivious but omg
* Currently on: finished

* All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound
* Both Aurors, search death eater houses together, go to the bar every Friday night
* slow burn
* adorable
* jealousy
* Currently on: chapter 12

* ❗️Dwelling by aideomai
* Both in a coma thing from a curse, dream an AMAZING au where Harry isn’t the chosen one and Draco and him were lifelong friends
* friends forever
* married dads
* then they wake up and are so confusedddd
* Currently on: chapter 3 (waiting for an update!!)

* Helix by Saras_Girl
* Seven months after the end of the war, Harry is feeling lost. Fortunately, he is about to be offered an unexpected and sparkling chance to find himself again.
* really mature and FANTASTIC writing
* idk I’m only on chapter 4 out of lots (25)
* but I’ve heard it’s amazing soooooo
* Currently on: chapter 4

* ✅Dreaming of Harry by Writcraft
* It’s really hard to explain but basically Draco has dreams about him and Harry together then it slowly kinda comes true?
* has both lots of fluff and smut!
* even though it’s only one chapter, doesn’t feel rushed!
* I commented!
* really cool dream theme
* my literary nerd is screaming
* Currently on: finished

Sam Winchester and Control

Oops I kind of meta’d? This turned out a lot longer than I expected…


I feel a lot of people misunderstand Sam’s motivation for leaving and going to college.

To me, his goal wasn’t necessarily to get a law degree. Or a degree in general. It wasn’t to find a girl to fall in love with and maybe marry one day. It really wasn’t to make lifelong friends, to forget hunting forever. It wasn’t to spite his father or leave Dean behind.

To me, he left and went to college so that he could gain some sense of control over his life. 

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