So tonight I’m doing something a bit interesting.

I’m going to an invite only secret house party in an abandoned club in Hull. The people who are hosting it have basically built a house inside this night club. Bathrooms,bedrooms, livingrooms, the lot. EVEN A GARDEN. It’s free to get in as long as you have a wristband and you get free alcohol. Theres a live DJ and a band or something playing…
But here’s the catch. Its being filmed, big brother style, cameras are planted in every room, and its being streemed online. On facebook. So I’m thinking okay this sounds fun I suppose, but there’s something else too people all around the UK can get involved by going to this website.. and whoever is watching can change how the night turns out, we can get gives tasks to do and random things can happen to us by you (the viewers) joining in on poll’s.

so if your bored tonight and fancy laughing at me and all my friends looking absoloutely ratarsed and making a tit out of ourselves go to the website and witness me being a total socially inept tool whilst drunk :)