Q and Life Like are hitting the south on our way to the Everything is Not OK Fest in OKC, come slam with us!

3/06 F St.Louis, MO - KICK OFF-@ The Babecave-w/ Drug Lust (Pittsburgh), The Warden

3/07 S Nashville, TN -@ Betty’s Grill (407 49th Ave.)-w/ Drug Lust (Pittsburgh), Chainshot, Switchblade, Essel

3/08 S Richmond VA -@ Heckingers -w/ Death Injection (Boston), Animal Planet, Left Cross

3/09 M Raleigh, NC -@ Neptunes (14 W Martin St.)-w/ Davidians, Voight-Kampff

3/10 T Atlanta, GA -@ Hill Street House-w/ Nurse, TBA

3/11 W New Orleans, LA -@ Public Belt (generator show), 9 PM-w/ Short Leash, Bagheads (MS)

3/12 T Houston, TX -@ Mangos (403 Westheimer Rd.)-w/ Stagnant Youth, Midwives, Black Coffee

3/13-15-Oklahoma City, OK -@ The Shop (1 P.M.)-w/ Q, Slimy Member (TX), Anti-Patterns (OKC)-@ The Conservatory (8 P.M.)-w/ Life Like, Leech (OKC), Treatment (TX), Sensitive Southside Boy (OKC), Cryogenics (KC), Coneheads (NWI), Lumpy & the Dumpers

3/16 S Kansas City, MO -@ Oddities Prints (early show) w/ Slimy Member (TX), Beta Boys, Nature Boys, Q- @ The Union (late show) w/ Phantom Head, Life Like

Flyer by Pearl Olsen


Life Like-Oklahoma City (Everything is Not OK Fest)-The Conservatory-3/14/15

(This is probably the funnest set we’ve ever played, thanks for the love y’all)