Pity party, population: Me.

      Life has a beautiful way of delivering messages. In fact, it’s coming up with new ways every day! For example,

      Your skeevy (Ex-) boyfriend could ditch you for the county fair (Apparently, I’m worth less than overpriced games and over battered food), you could write a ridiculously long blog post only to have your cat step on your key board and delete it half way through (nothing sounds quite as clever the second time around) , or you could find out your Grandma has bone cancer. You could spend your entire tennis match benched, maybe. That could be fun. And to top this marvelous day off, you could wind up at home only to see that your brother ate your entire carton of emergency Ben and Jerry’s Triple Fudge Brownie.

      There’s only one thing you can do after a day like this.

Tell life to go fuck its self, sleep, then wake up tomorrow and do it again.