R.I.P. My captain.

Today, I feel like one of my closest friends was ripped away from me. Robin Williams was one of the best and most prolific comedians I had the pleasure of cracking ribs at, due to hellacious laughter. His charisma and eccentricities brought you in so close that you felt like you knew him on a personal level. He was a beautiful soul and he brought countless people to their knees with laughter and tears. My friend earlier said something that made me cry by just having read it, but it couldn’t be stated any better in any language. Never rob someone of the chance to get to know you and seeing how beautiful you are or will become by taking a self destructive route. You are worth far more than realize and the ripples you create travel further and further with each conversation with each passing day. There is always a reason to keep going and pushing oneself to strive in a positive direction. Never give up, never give in.