One of my heroes of Afghanistan, Alberto Cairo, an Italian doctor whose first and only mission for over 24 years has to been to assist in the physical rehabilitation of the war wounded and other physical defects. Despite being one of the directors of the Orthopedic centre, Alberto will often take over the assessment of a patient. 

ICRC Aliabad Orthopedic centre in Kabul

Kodak TMAX 100 on a Leica M6

Basketball at ICRC Orthopedic Centre in Kabul is on the best programs in Afghanistan helping disabled people reintergrate with their live. Almost 90% of employees of ICRC are physicall disabled and injured. Basketball came out of an idea of the Afghan employees wanting to have a sport that they could play and help bring up their moral. It has been a succesful program with teams in Kandahar, Jalalabad, Faryab, Mazar, Bamiyan and Kunduz.

The training is usually really early in the morning at 4.30am and goes to 9am before the sun really hits in. It is fun and high pace with hundreds of spectators looking from the fence line in awe.

B&W Ilford 400 on the LC-A Lomo camera