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How to Recover an Unsaved MS Word Document

After accidentally closing a Word file and forgetting to save it, you can still get your document back! Open a new Word document, click File - Info - Manage Versions. Click on the little dropdown and select Recover Unsaved Documents.
You can then choose your lost document and recover it. I recently tried this myself and it works!


This is a pretty simple DIY, which involves old cardboard boxes, scissors, tape, and a ruler/marker. Very useful for folding shirts, and in this case, especially dress shirts. If you already subscribe to my current method of folding tshirts and storing them in this fashion instead of how these shirts are folded, I suggest using four board cut-outs instead of 6, and cut them to fit a folded shirt in step 4 of the mentioned hack.

Great idea from Nodon'

Tested and approved. If you’ve got an old dry erase board with lots of ink that’s just been on there for god knows how long, get some toothpaste or baking soda and a wet cloth. That should do the trick, and get rid of old stains. I’ve yet to see if it will help if you accidentally write on a whiteboard with permanent marker, but if someone finds out please message me.


Unroll Me. It’s a pretty cool new system I just found, and very useful with current and old email addresses. Basically, as shown in the video, it’ll take all of the subscriptions attached to that email, and allow you to roll them up into one single email.

But it’s a little more than that. Log in with your email and password, and it will scan the inbox for the subscriptions. You can unsubscribe from some, you can roll up (combine into single email), or you can leave as is. I had 32 email subscriptions, and unsubscribed from 21, rolled up 6, and left 5 as is.

The one minor downside is that you have to promote it at least once… probably on your Facebook, if you unsubscribe from more than 5. Easily remedied, I would think, if you don’t want spam, by removing the post from your FB manually.

Otherwise, the FAQs are very in depth and honest about security, and I like it. I won’t have to mass select about 100 emails for deletion anymore.

Best way to clean your microwave: Put a cup of hot water and vinegar inside and turn on for 3-5 minutes. Wipe clean after.

Tested this one last week and it worked like a charm. The microwave in question hadn’t had a full wipedown in at least 2 years, so some areas had grime that required some scrub rather than just wipe, but for everything else it just wiped away.