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My girlfriend found this about 6 weeks ago, unfortunately right AFTER her time of the month passed. So when it came again, I dug this out of my likes and asked her to test it out. She shared it with a couple of friends, and the feedback from all three was exactly the same.

“This really works. It’s not my favorite method, and it is hard to beat the effectiveness of drugs or a heating pad, but it really comes in handy when like you’re in the middle of class, or you’re just in a situation where there’s nothing you can do. Then it’s a really good time to use the pressure point method.”

This website. Where the hell was it when I needed to get through Statistics? I mean, holy shit. 

This covers Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus. Calculus, Statistics, and Chemistry!!!! 

On top of that, you’ve got 4 options.

  1. Formulas: Enter the formula, solve for the answer.
  2. Graphs: Plot the graph, enter the points, etc.
  3. Worksheet: Create practice problems for yourself
  4. Glossary: Some mathematical lingo confusing you? It’s here. But I recommend consulting your teacher if you’re that lost.
  5. Membership: With a facebook account, you get to storage space and access from your mobile device. If you want to see all of the steps on the to solving, you need to pay $19.99 for a month or $99.99 for a year. 

The thing is, though, you’re gonna need to know math in order to pass these classes, not just get A’s on your homework. For college students, I recommend you plan out your core math courses so you’ve got a straight year full of them, and just bite the $99 membership. With luck, you won’t need it ever again. But that doesn’t mean don’t try to learn. This is help, not a crutch and excuse to ignore math: THERE ARE TESTS.

But i do recommend it if you need an accurate way of checking your work, and it’s too late to meet with the TA, teacher, or a tutor.

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Home-made Space Heater that may cost $0.15 a day.

Using the power of tea lights, 2 flowerpots, and a metal bread tin, and the power of

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you can heat up your room. Okay, actually it’s convection. But still. Follow the tutorial and stay warm my friends. Especially out… just about everywhere in the US.

Oh, and last of all… BE SAFE, especially the first time you set this up. You don’t want to burn or injure yourself playing with fire, ever.


This is a pretty simple DIY, which involves old cardboard boxes, scissors, tape, and a ruler/marker. Very useful for folding shirts, and in this case, especially dress shirts. If you already subscribe to my current method of folding tshirts and storing them in this fashion instead of how these shirts are folded, I suggest using four board cut-outs instead of 6, and cut them to fit a folded shirt in step 4 of the mentioned hack.

A lot of people have posted this and the testimony, ultimately, is mixed results. A couple of friends did this and quote: “It’s not amazing soft, but soft enough to wear without a bra on.” Which, I will grant, is still progress. For anything bigger than a t shirt, I’m pretty sure it will still work, but I’m not sure what the other effects are (one person said the sheets shrunk, the other indicated otherwise).

Note: Remember to get something to hold down the shirt as it soaks.

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I realize that as of late, I haven’t been able to keep on track for my schedule, since working and several real life issues keep popping up, so here’s a bonus hack I’ve been meaning to find for myself again. The titular man guiding us on our journey of tying our shoes in the best fashion in Misha Collins, who plays Castiel from Supernatural.

In any case, this is a pretty good solution, since the other two methods have led to frayed or frequently untied shoes at work and in real life.


This video. Saved my life and a big home-cooked dinner date. I recommend practicing once or twice ahead of time just to get muscle memory down and the steps, if you feel lost in the kitchen. 

Funny thing is, Gordon Ramsay has two videos on how to cook the perfect steak. There are really only two differences:

  1. Flipping the steak (the first video says do it once for each side, the second recommends flipping every 30 seconds).
  2. The second video adds a few more flavors (garlic, thyme)

I like the extra flavors in the second video but in the end I recommend the first video for learning. He even opens it with “Do Not be scared about cooking the steak on the big night.” So, for anyone who wants to surprise their date with a “fancy” home cooked steak dinner, this is the video for you.