Alright, kiddos, life hack here from your unofficial tumblr mom.

We all know acne sucks. We all know dry skin sucks. We all know that face wash is too expensive because we’re poor.

I have a solution for ya.

Go get yourself a box of baking soda, it should cost around 80-99 cents.

Bring that gold nugget of a miracle home, get something to mix in, and dump yourself a heaping amount of baking soda into your chosen mixing vessel. Add a tiny splasheroo of water and mixy mixy.

It should turn into a clumpy paste goo that you can scoop up with your fingers. If it’s too runny, add some more baking soda. If it’s dry and crumbly and won’t hold together, add a lil more water. But careful on the water adding, this stuff dissolves fast.

Take a moment, wet your face.

Once you’ve got a wet face and a gooey pasty sodium bicarbonate mess, scoop up a quarter sized amount (or less, or more, you do you). Rub that onto your face, because you have just made your own face wash.

Baking soda has some pretty neat antibacterial properties, so it helps with the root cause of acne. As well, it’s a killer exfoliant, so it gets all that nasty dead skin off. And the sodium helps with sucking up extra oils, but it doesn’t dehydrate your skin like soaps do.

Now two words of warning:

One, it is a pretty powerful exfoliant, so be careful when you’re scrubbin it up or you might scrub your whole face off your skull. If you have sensitive skin, just rub gently til you get a feel for how it’s working.

Two, make sure you don’t get it in your mouth. Not because it’ll hurt you (it’s actually super duper good for your teeth), but because it tastes like salty garbage. On that note, don’t use it on skin that’s cracked or otherwise injured and open, because it’ll burn like the pits of Hades.

Unrelated side note: this stuff is also a great foot scrub, cuz it gets rid of dead skin and issues with odor.

Go forth, save money, and have lovely soft skin, my children.