lifeguard off duty

Lifeguard AU prompts for you and your ships.

(1) “Hey! You’re being too rough/loud in the pool and- OH NO! You’re hot!”

(2)  “I notice that you like yanking down people’s trunks and I have to stop you! BTW I am so pulling yours down when I catch you.”

(3) “Hey I notice your starting to get sun burnt, I order you out of the pool and begin rubbing lotion on you and hey do you work out?”

(4) “I hate pool sitting for the kids and hello single hot parent”

(5) “I notice someone drowning/in trouble and dive on in to help them and then you’re there and what do you mean your a professional/off duty lifeguard?

(6) “ I took this job because I am passionate about swimming safety, It certainly wasn’t to get a front row seat when you do laps every day”

(7) “While on my feet I happen to slip and fall into the pool and you come and rescue me and no I don’t need saving I’m the lifeguard!”

(8) You keep coming to my pool and trying to catch my attention and its working as I now recognize you on sight and look forward to your antics.”

(9) “Just so you know I am fully trained in mouth to mouth” Credit to for this one.

(10) “Your how old and you can’t swim and you want me to teach you why? *Bonus points if they give a good reason*