lifeguard diaries

When you walk into the bathroom

…armed with cleaning supplies, and you can practically hear ominous music playing, and you turn the corner and see

…a small naked child urinating on the floor

…a toilet clogged up to the rim of the bowl

…a group of confused children surrounding a used tampon that has ended up on the floor

Yes, this has all happened to me.  In the last week.

Worst VAT ever.

I had asked for last break and was getting literally the last break. The supervisor that wasn’t on sheet was doing Timmy drops and assumed everyone had been on break . As I see my breaker going ahead to the next spot because rotation was coming I do a look back and see Timmy . I jump in (deep water drop of course) swim to the side and put Timmy up. I climb up the ladder and my supervisor YELLS “OH MY GOD YOUR CHILD IS UNCONSCIOUS WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?” “…are you serious?” “MY BABY!!!!!” I then proceeded to do a CPR audit in front of about a dozen freaked out children. Then stood up for him to go “oh…you’re on break….guess I timed that bad"