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Skate On by @tonks42

Kurt Hummel has worked hard to move up in the ranks of competitive figure skaters, but when a scandal with his coach throws him for a loop, Kurt finds himself halfway across the country training alongside fellow skater Blaine Anderson.

Boyfriends (Klaine)

The day after they kiss Blaine wants to change their status to more than friends. If only Kurt would stop kissing him for long enough to ask.

Basically Blaine’s first world problem fluff piece by Ellie. Your welcome internet.

Blaine POV

When I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone to make sure yesterday wasn’t a post falling in love dream and that it would be Monday all over again.

I can’t help smiling when I see it is Tuesday and yesterday happened. The cute photo of Kurt with hearts edited onto it proves that. It’s cheesy but I don’t even care. Kurt is my boyfriend after all.

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Melting When You Smile - Chapter 4

Summary:  It’s summertime and one of the best ways to cool down with a nice scoop of ice cream. In between Westerville and Lima is a small drive-in ice cream shop, where Kurt Hummel is spending his last summer before going to college. Everything is simple and easy until a classically handsome badboy stops by one day, and his name is Blaine Anderson. (Age!Difference, Badboy!Blaine, Future smut)

Rated M | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter | AO3

Kurt hummed around the spoonful of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge in his mouth, it was rare he took advantage of the ice cream in Sweet Delight but today he was in a fabulous mood.  His date with Blaine left him practically glowing with confidence and joy for the past few days and luckily his chat with his dad went over well.

“So you’re telling me you met this dream guy at work and he took you out to dinner?” Burt asked with a small smile on his lips, causing Kurt’s anxieties to automatically drip away.

“Yeah a-and he’s a gentleman and everything, I swear. He’s a bit older than me but-”

“How much older?” Burt interrupted, Kurt gulped nervously.

“He’s twenty eight.”


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But I Think You’re Beautiful

A ficlet by prettylightsbigcity

It’s only the first week of school, and already Kurt has a load of homework, a nosy best friend, and a mysterious secret admirer who calls himself “X.” Now, on top of all that, he’s stuck with a football jock as a French partner. Lucky for him, things don’t always go the way Kurt expects.
TW: bullying, violence, blood.

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Until the End of Time

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by hwespn

“You’re in my future, too.” Blaine’s finger traces shapes and words into Kurt’s side.

or, the first time Kurt and Blaine discuss their future.

Words: 942, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Kurt and Blaine’s firsts

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Sway With Me // Blaine/Benji

They did it! They really did it! They were married. Blaine had a husband. It was all too surreal. But then, Blaine would look down at the ring on his finger and pinch himself as hard as he could and–yes! He was really married!

On the way to the reception, Blaine could hardly take his eyes off the ring. Much to the dismay of his husband (he loved that. His husband) who clearly wanted some quality time together before all of their guests bombarded them with congratulations and things of that nature. So, Blaine tried, turning his attention toward Ben. Kissing him, hugging him, doing just about everything he could in the confines of the car they’d hired to get them from point A to B.

As they stepped out, Blaine grabbed Ben’s hand tightly, and the two walked into the building together, stopping once or twice to pose for photographs and to kiss–just because they could.

They mingled, they hugged distant family members, thanked around a hundred people who had congratulated them, and then there was a silence in the room. Suddenly, all eyes were on them, as the DJ announced that everyone should clear the dancefloor so the grooms could have their first dance.

Blaine turned to Ben, smiling, and holding out his hand. “May I have this dance?”