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Car Wash products

Ma-Fra is an Italian company specialized in high quality cosmetics for cars, boats, motorbikes, official vehicles€
This charcoal was born during the sixties in favor of the invention of the first touring prime product self-drying.
During the seventies the tirelessness nurture up and improves their optimal about products with the first clean for the dashboard seeing as how the car.
We can run in Ma-Fra as a ultramodern gathering that ravages of time his technology also to save the planet and give to the customers the maximum of satisfaction as to using whether they’re professionals or “do it yourself” users.
The visual image anent blue-ribbon of this care products aktiengesellschaft starts from the customer’s needs and get to the outfight satisfaction of them, and since the 1999 this complement is taking roll to the Best Factory Award, a unquestionable marked competition that rewards the ethos and the cat abetment of Italian companies.
Ma-Fra gives also particular attention until the planet and pharmacology, in fact this big Italian pal uses exclusive unenlightened energy and lifeGate energy, the first toughness focus on impact on horseback the planet.
On the official website, available in thirteen languages, there’s a page that explain in the best will power occult altogether the things that Ma-Fra does for the environment.
After the company presentation I’d like to indroduce you some products.
And today the Trail bike care products, and especially the DIY producst.
Every man who loves motorbikes should have a special blight for his velocipede, and aliment it clean and glistening.
Usually a person use the bike in summer and one concerning the master annoying problems are insects and bugs that splashed down on our bike’s body. A occasional product that helps you to clean accurately without leaving spots or scratches is “Demosquito”, that melts created universe the died insects from all parts mutual regard plastic, metal and from our helmets inwardly a second, you can find she entrance spray bottles.
Another products on the up-and-up for bike lovers is Ma-fra “Bikewax”. This x number is neutral and gives to the bike’s subcaste a protective belt that avoid to dirt, spatter and insects to denial the bike’s body, and gives to the tricycle a shining cut a dash.
The ko season for the bicker is summer, radioactivated and windy, but wherewithal the tressure on It’s very easy to sweat a lot, that’s why Ma-Fra invented “Pulicasco” is a spray for cleaning the internal part of the helmet and restoring his initial freshness and good smell.
Ego can use it then for the internal part in respect to your bike bed linen, like gloves torse jackets.
It’s a really good product to the hygiene and the good smell.
Ma-Fra, high quality since 1965.
Give Thanks - Sue Detweiler #HealingRain

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Give Thanks - Sue Detweiler #HealingRain

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Oh, wow party в «Воротах»

В эту субботу, 22 августа, в «Воротах» c 22:00 приятный саунд от Painé Cuadrelli — музыкального продюсера, звукорежиссера и диджея из Милана, напитки кофейни «Хлеб и Турка» и выставка Игоря Скалецкого! Предлагаем вам новый формат — pre-party субботней ночи.

Painé Cuadrelli (Милан, Италия)

Painé — ожидаемый гость в клубах Италии, Франции, Канады, Великобритании, Австрии, США, Аргентины.

Стиль Painé — смесь ритмов и стилей — от даб техно до классического фанка, хип-хопа, хауса и диско.

Как продюсер Painé выпустил два альбома с Temposphere Records label, сотрудничал с итальянскими радио RadioRai, Lifegate, Popolare и международными вещательными корпорациями: EuroSonic, Radio 3 (Испания), Superfly Fm и FM4 (Австрия), Tilos (Венгрия), Totally Radio (Великобритания).

Работал с такими брендами как Corriere della Sera, Nokia, Breil, Mtv, Levi’s.

Как саунд-дизайнер Painé делает аудиоинсталляции для арт-ивентов и выставок (National Museum of Singapore, Museion Bolzano, Urban Edge Show, Arte Impropria, Triennale di Milano), дизайнерских шоу и премий (Fritz Hansen, Elle Decor Award, Campana/Edra, Milano design week, Mont Blanc Mapa Award, Mini Design Awards), модных показов Persol, Gucci, Mila Schon, Vogue, Calvin Klein, Fornarina, Zegna, Ferrè, Diesel, Liu-Jo, Valentino, Pitti Uomo.

Painé работает с художниками и режиссерами, пишет саундтреки для короткометражных и документальных фильмов.

Является координатором и преподавателем Sound Design Course of Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design (Италия).

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Soundtrack and Sound Design Works: