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  1. michigan - grammar
  2. hollow - breaking benjamin
  3. stealing cars - james bay
  4. no future - blink 182
  5. next year - two door cinema club
  6. salt - bad suns
  7. i have made mistakes - the oh hellos
  8. lifeforms - daughter
  9. I found the f - broadcast
  10. el dorado - death cab for cutie

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tell the stars to a l i g n 

a mix for wanda maximoff and jean grey 

for the winds that howl and the cold desolate hum of the universe as it runs through your veins, for chaos and phoenix force and the gentle hymn of the stars as they watch over them. 


i. lifeforms | daughter ii. shiver lucy rose iii. you are the moon  the hush sound iv. lament  mount moriah v. shadow wild nothing vi. hannah hunt  vampire weekend vii. momentum the hush sound viii. everything we touch say lou lou ix. the pattern has changed samantha crain x. always like this bombay bicycle club xi. unbreakable | femm xii. kingyo hanabi (goldfish fireworks)  ai otsuka xiii. thinking outloud ed sheeran xiv. waiting lady linn & her magnificent seven xv. falling | the civil wars xvi. magnet now, now xvii. too good to let go | melody gardot xviii. blood from a stone hanne hukkelberg xix. the woods are gone  soldander xx. nothing left anna aaron 


this is what i live for – How many times was it you standing beside me on the deck at night?” “Every time.”


1. lay it all on me – rudimental ft. ed sheeran // 2. fire meet gasoline – sia // 3. hold me down – halsey // 4. sing/latch – hobbit stuart // 5. smoke – pvris // 6. lifeforms – daughter // 7. closer – kings of leon // 8. the enemy – andrew belle // 9. ghost – halsey // 10. the man – ed sheeran // 11. hanging on – ellie goulding // 12. nightcall – london grammar



And the World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts // Black Flies - Ben Howard // Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree - James Vincent McMorrow // Little Pistol - Mother Mother // Heirloom - Sleeping At Last // Human - Daughter // This Time Tomorrow - Trent Dabbs  // Yellow Light - Of Monsters and Men // Wake the Earth - The Honey Trees // The Night Comes - Eisley // Lifeforms - Daughter //  Pretend to Forget - Message to Bears // Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons // Saturn - Sleeping at Last

Here is part one of the soundtrack to my Homestuck AU Freightstuck, which you can read on Ao3 here or just generally learn more about here on my blog. 

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exit plans (when you’re feeling bold)“when you’re a kid, you don’t always know you’re being traumatized… in the end, the monsters are everywhere and nowhere at all, education is sparse, and the moment you became abused, you were more than likely on your own.”

wishful thinking- dandelion hands / hurt everything- elvis depressedly / charon- keaton henson / lifeforms- daughter / ease- elvis depressedly / magpie- the mountain goats / stage 4 fear of trying- frnkiero andthe cellabration / kept down- mother mother / anathema- twenty one pilots / get home- bastille

(listen) - (cover credit)

raven cycle anthology | safe as life | a richard campbell gansey iii mix { listen }

i.  DORIAN agnes obel | ii. MONSTERS you&me | iii. MEDICINE daughter | iv. LIKE DYLAN IN THE MOVIES belle & sebastian | v. IN A WEEK (FEAT. KAREN COWLEY) hozier | vi. LIFEFORMS daughter | vii. IN THE WOODS SOMEWHERE hozier | viii. LET IT TAKE YOU goldfrapp | ix. OBLIVION grimes | x. RIBS lorde | xi. BTSK ms mr | xii. LIVING DEAD marina and the diamonds


wolf mother |  a wanda maximoff mix. 

{for the witch who’s returned, old ghosts dancing along her fingertips and secrets kept close to the red cloak that drapes over her shoulder.for the child of war, for the survivor. 

for the scarlet witch.} 


i. wolf | first aid kit ii. half the world away | aurora iii. you can’t change it | battleships iv. don’t fight it | behaviors v. down the line | jose gonzalez vi. white gloves | khruangbin vii. that’s alright | laura mvula viii. fire | meadowlark  ix. drifting | on and on x. ghosts | pvris xi. down boy | yeah yeah yeahs xii. shove it | santigold xiii. soft shock | yeah yeah yeahs xiv. ghosting | mother mother xv. silent weapons | turtle xvi. runaway | aurora xvii. and the world was gone | snow ghosts  xviii. lifeforms |  daughter  xix. i of the storm | of monsters and men  xx. legions ( war ) |  zoe keating. 

UNHOLY STATE[listen here[download here] | (a mix for a cities blinking before the ghost of apocalypse, for burning buildings and dry bone prayers, for the final unravelling of the human condition)

i. babylon (feat. kendrick lamar) - SZA | ii. same old song (feat. juicy j)- the weeknd| iii. lurk - the neighbourhood | iv. love & pain (ta-ku remix) - JMSN | v. dark doo wop (chet faker remix) - MS MR | vi. what else is there - royksopp | vii. flickers - son lux | viii. pie ix - suuns | ix. turn blue - the black keys | x. sweet spot - wild beasts | xi. surrender - the antlers | xii. adelma - grizz;y bear | xiii. moon -  foals | xiv. salvage - MTNS | xv. voyeur - baths | xvi. lifeforms - daughter | xii. endless days - aloonaluna | xiii. saturn boy - dream koala | xix. infinity - the xx | xx. if you wait - london grammar | xxi. fly  - ludovico einaudi | xxii. some other place - arcade fire

@cellard00rs submitted: I wrote you a drabble inspired by your artwork on your main and the artwork by @elligy (as well as the song ‘Lifeforms’ by Daughter) and THEN I realized it’s probably not supposed to be Stancest-y - so rather than post it and possibly upset peeps I decided to just send it to you via a submission! ;)

There’s a scream bottled in his throat that never comes out.

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one line { from your heart to mine} | a polyamorous ot4 mix for the daredevil kids. 

a mix for the people whom Matt Murdock fell in love with one spring day.
(or, the scent of lavenders and old oak trees, and the thoughts of home.
and kisses that burn away the cold, and the steady hum of three heartbeats that he’s memorized.)
a mix for matt murdock, foggy nelson, claire temple and karen page.
i. tidal wave | the hush sound ii. heartbeats | jose gonzalez iii. you can’t be told |  valerie june iv. heart’s a mess |  gotye  v. doorstep | emily and the woods vi. angel |  yoon mi rae, tiger jk & bizzy vii. lucky ones | lights viii. lifeforms |  daughter ix. sugar |  she wants revenge x.  one line |  pj harvey xi.  erase / rewind |  the cardigans xii. knot in my heart |  the zolas xiii. fool |  cat power xiv. glory |  wye oak xv.  the night we met | lord huron . 

“And your mother is a bleacher
She don’t even feel the heat no
She don’t even want to speak to you

You can try to forget but I won’t let you easy
I’m flooding out and more I’m too washed out to see”

a world of troubles //  21 songs for young heroes; children of a dying future who fought to prove that they were not pawns of some scripted fate: because you deserved more from us.

1. get home - bastille // 2. in search of - miike snow // 3. oblivion - patrick wolf // 4. children - escala // 5. young volcanoes - fall out boy // 6. this is why we fight - the decemberists // 7. mother father - dave matthews band // 8. the killing moon - greg laswell (echo and the bunnymen cover) // 9. dead hearts - stars // 10. lifeforms - daughter // 11. fate - lydia // 12. the kids from yesterday - my chemical romance // 13. coming home, pt. ii - skylar grey // 14. return to spectre - danny elfman // 15. a better son/daughter - rilo kiley // 16. putting the dog to sleep - the antlers // 17. we won’t need legs to stand - sufjan stevens // 18. 42 - coldplay // 19. to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // 20. time - hans zimmer // 21. rebuild - son lux (baths remix)

listen // download // cover art is mine

ghost towns | a kaneki ken mix by langleysoryu

listen | cover art

lifeforms ; daughter + nightcall ; london grammar + bloodflood ; alt-j + ghost townsradical face my blood ; ellie goulding + trapdoor ; twenty one pilots + someday you will be loved ; death cab for cutie + this place is a prison ; the postal service

i made a shinji ikari playlist

track list

the draw - bastille // spaceman - the killers // father - the front bottoms // your ex-lover is dead - stars // grow up and blow away - metric // the wheel - SOHN // piledriver waltz - alex turner // please, please, please let me get what i want - the smiths // talking bird demo - death cab for cutie // take me to church acoustic ver. - hozier // wrapped in piano strings - radical face // daniel in the den - bastille // how to disappear completely - radiohead // blood bank - bon iver // lifeforms - daughter // milk and honey - arcade fire // what do you go home to? - explosions in the sky