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Natures Nurture…

Natural instincts or way of life

Affirms ones being on this planet among the rest

Temperament of the individual to experiences

Using ones inherent qualities for basic construction

Rational ways of acting and thinking

Easily going in an effortless fiction

Some up ones personality unique against the rest

Nourish ones soul with the fruits of passion

Upbringing guides the way

Remedy any negative expressions

Teaching that there is more than only one way

Unique thoughts, patterns, affections build a person

Random ways of expressing oneself is part of life

Emotions educate an individuals heredity, influences that modify ones way of life.

Let me know what you think on my blog and pass the thought along.

image: Mother Nature by Chibi - Oneechan

anonymous asked:

I'd love to curse the fuck out of someone for cursing me for no reason and ruining years of my life and an important relationship I had. Any suggestions? I don't have access to many ingredients and I'm closeted. But if you know a good one with many ingredients I can get substitutes or use visualisation. Thank you so much

Alright, first you need to cleanse yourself to prevent the effects of the curse that is affecting you. You can do this a number of ways, here are few easy to do ones for someone closeted with limited ingredients:

You can also take a bath with salt of any kind added to it and chamomile tea bags in it to cleanse yourself free of a curse. Then cleanse your home. This can be tricky being in the broom closet but do not fret. If you can get some white candles of any kind light them in the main rooms of the house (easy enough to make it look like you just want some nice scented candle smell). If candles are not an option fill a bowl with salt and water (if you can manage moon water would be the best option but tap will work fine) and when you can go about the house using your fingers to flick some water about the house and especially at doors and windows. 

Another method is to clean. Clean the shit out of it. Wash the windows in counterclockwise motions to banish out the negativity of the curse. Sweep or vacuum towards the entrances of your home to ‘sweep out’ the negativity. Clean counters counterclockwise, was your sinks, dust your ceilings, whatever you can do. Wash your bedding as well.

Now for cursing the other back. I have a couple curses you can use that can easily be done in hush hush situations especially since many of them just require them being kept in dark places like closets hidden away.

  • Gravity Curse (Pokemon Inspired) A curse to weigh a person down with their own negativity. This curse all you need is a jar, a paper cut out doll, a marker, a black candle and some rocks. If you can’t burn the candle then i would use black duck tape or normal duct tape to seal up the jar.
  • Curse of Discord A curse to bring chaos and confusion to a person’s life. This one requires more ingredients but it has a lot of easily substituted ingredients. The black candle again can be replaced with tape for sealing. The rest are pretty common kitchen ingredients: vinegar, hot sauce, and black pepper. Then you will need a jar, paper, marker, thumbtacks, and black paint/ink which is easy to find in any craft store.
  • Nightmare Curse  A personal favorite of mine. This is a very easy to cast curse to bring someone nightmares and baneful dreams. You will only need some dirt or potting soil, a jar or container, some old starting to go bad lettuce (leftover salad), old garlic (peel it and leave it out somewhere to dry up for a night or two), black ink and a poppet. The poppet you can easily again make out of paper.

Some useful ingredients if you wish to make your own spell that are super easy to find and use:

  • Black Ink or paint
  • Black pepper
  • Old vegetables and fruit
  • Apples
  • black salt
  • Chili Powder, Pepper Flakes
  • Hot Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Mustard and Poppy Seeds
  • Leftover bones
  • Alcohol
  • Matches or Lighters (use carefully) for burning
  • Black markers, pens, pencils etc
  • Sharp objects (needles, push pins, thumbtacks, nails, screws, etc)
  • Broken Glass (use with caution)
  • Dirt and Mud
  • Blood or Blood substitutes (red colored juices, red wine, red ink or paint, beet juice, red food coloring, etc)
  • Thorny, thistle plants and weeds (including rose thorns)
  • Poppets (can easily be made out of paper, cloth, sticks, a potato, etc)
  • knives
  • thread for binding
  • jars and containers
  • Spit
  • Dead Flowers
  • A taglock (hair from target, their name on a piece of paper, a picture, a signature, an item of theirs, etc)
  • Anything Black, Crimson, Purple (I associate it with pride and confusion), and sickly colors like greens and yellows

Intents for Curses (a few of them, there are many):

  • Cause Confusion
  • Emotional Distress (fear, sadness)
  • Nightmares or disturbing sleep
  • Binding
  • Banishment or Removing them from your life
  • Emotional Pain
  • Bad Luck 
  • Ruining or Removing things (ie relationships, their job, etc)
  • Or return actions done onto you 

Once you have finished cursing them, be prepared to recleanse yourself and your space. Clean it, use some salt, go and take a salt bath or a long shower. then rest, cursing someone takes a lot of energy and it is super exhausting. Drink some tea, eat something, lay down with a blanket and listen to some music or watch a movie. Take a nap if needed. Just take care of yourself. Then be patient for the results to happen.

Good Luck Anon!

*not my own

Cute Little Personality/Psychology Test

So mystery girl did a cute personality/psychology test on me, so I’d thought I’d share.

I really don’t believe in this stuff, but I thought it was cool (maybe cos she was the one who did it to me haha).

It’s really quick and easy. 

Takes like 2 minutes and you just need a pen and paper.

Then set up your paper like this (actually physically draw them out, and not just think it through your computer screen..)

External image

Now, you’re ready to begin the personality test.

Add onto each shape, anything you want. i.e Add something to the circle. Anything. Add lines, circles, extra pictures, whatever. Try not to think too hard. Just whatever comes into your mind.

Now with your new drawings/shapes/smudges/whatever, write any emotion that comes into mind for each column. i.e happy, sad, etc. Again, don’t think too hard. Just whatever comes into your head.

RESULTS! (Don’t read until you have done Step 1 and 2!!!)

The emotion you wrote down for the circle: How others feel when they see you 
The emotion you wrote down for the triangle: How you want others to see you as
The emotion for the stairs looking thing (top right): Your view on life
Emotion for the cross: Your view on religion
Emotion for the ‘X’: Your view on your family
Emotion for the squiggly line: Your view on love.

If anyone is interested, my results were:
Circle: I drew a smiley face and wrote happy
Triangle: I drew a house (triangle as a roof) and wrote comfortable
Stairs: I drew a person going up the stairs and wrote difficult
Cross: I drew a proper Christian cross and wrote sacrifice
‘X’: I drew a bolded 'X’ and wrote wrong (not true..)
Squiggly line: I drew a beach and the squiggly line was meant to be a seagull (stick figure) and wrote relaxed.

Hope you enjoyed it and had a little bit of fun! :)

It’d be cool to know what your results are too :D