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omg so i went into a chocolate shop earlier with my cousins who are very sporty and very not nerd and i was wearing a calcifer shirt and the girl at the counter complimented me on it, and then the guy working with her saw it and reached over to high five me for having “best shirt of the day”. and then the girl saw my yuri on ice wallet and was very quietly like “oh my god i love your wallet i can’t wait for the movie” and i was like “BIG SAME” and then her coworker saw my deathly hallows tattoo after i paid and was leaving and he was like “IS THAT A HARRY POTTER TATTOO?? YOU WIN THE WHOLE DAY” and i threw my fist in the air in success and solidarity with these enjoyable chocolate-selling nerds

and then my cousins turned and looked at me and i just like. laughed and shrugged and i was like “those were my people”

shoutout to the girl at the convenience store who saw my wallet, said, “I love Yuri On Ice” and solemnly made JJ-style hands at me in between ringing me out. And then she grinned and went “PSYCHE, YURIO’S MY FAV, JJ SUX.” 

i am physically and mentally prepared to go around to everyone’s doorsteps and preach like a jehova’s witness about how “love like you” is maybe the sweetest and most heartfelt victuuri song to ever exist and i would like to thank not only god but also jesus that both su and yoi were able to exist in the universe at the same time to produce that fantastic combination of thematic elements. thank u for coming to my ted talk.

hey followers and mutuals, sorry if i have been uncommunicative! i have been not feeling great physically or mentally and am taking my time to just like… coast. i am doing my best. i promise i am not keeping anyone at arm’s length on purpose. i am just having a really strange and difficult few weeks. i swear i still love you all and miss you guys because you all mean a lot to me. pls don’t take it personally. it’s literally just me, myself, & my neurosis. thank u <3

i threw out like three fucking hugeass bags of clothes and i still have an entire room to go through RIP. but i am determined to clean this fucking apartment out before winter comes i s2g i refuse to live in this depression pit any longer and i will spend another $150 on organizational furniture if i must. 

ps i say “threw out”, i mean i got them out of my house, my mom is gonna donate them but THIS BITCH EMPTY, Y E E T


reorganized base camp 💖💄💋 

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name: Luc, but I am perfectly happy to go my Maydei or Dei or whatever too

mbti: INTJ

languages i can speak: english, a little japanese and little bit of spanish

star sign/ moon sign/ rising sign: cancer / virgo / cancer

average hours of sleep: 4 - 6

favorite scents: berry smells, as well as smoky smells and herbs. vanilla too

lucky number: 13 my birthday

favorite fictional creature: dragons

favourite writers: for someone who loves books as much as i do it sure has been a long fucking time since i’ve read one

favourite models: not aware enough of them to know, but the celebs i think are most beautiful are probably kiera knightly, sophie turner, natalie dormer, lupita nyong’o, beyonce, lucy liu, emily deschanel. also chris pine, zachary quinto, idris elba, and oscar isaac

favourite music artists: bruh you can’t just ask me these things. 

the lumineers, ed sheeran, x ambassadors, florence + the machine, lorde, 30 seconds to mars, linkin park, john mayer, kina grannis, joe hisaishi, imogen heap, foo fighters, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, cloud cult, adele, coldplay…. so many dude. so many

i tag ummm @rensbaratheon @lovelytitania @extranikiforov @lucycamui @omgkatsudonplease @kiaronna @v-k-niliforv and anyone else who feels like it i guess!

This is my 33,000th post!! Holy noodles!! I can’t believe I’ve been on this blog for this long;;;; thank you for everyone who’s put up with me in the meantime! :P  You guys are seriously the best and I love you all.