One year ago today

I was searching for before and afters or pictures of women with nice abs or something like that for inspiration. One of the links I clicked took me to tumblr to a thinspiration blog. I wanted to see the girl’s progress blog, so I had to make my own blog which I named goodbyefatness (I later changed it to hifitness). And I wrote my first post.

Then I got sucked in. The first people I followed were thinspiration blogs, Liia, Arielle, and Liz.

I actually considered waiting to started my new blog and leave my old one until my blog’s birthday, but I decided I needed to go ahead and make the change. I don’t know why having less followers makes me less likely to feel guilt every time I slip up (which is a lot), but it does.

I wanted to have this wonderful, deep, reflective post for today, but I’m not coming up with anything, so I’ll just leave it here.

one of the coolest people i know.

this is my friend, liia.

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she is four years older than me (almost. right now it’s only three! :) ) she has been there for most of the major milestones of my life. the first time i got drunk (yup.). teaching me how to swim (i mean, the legal strokes kinda way). my first real relationship. my first real breakup. the beginning of deep depression, and my drowning in my own sadness. my admittance to a partial hospital. my first race, the Broad Street Run 2010, when i had the first moment in a long time when i stood there and thought, i did it. i can still do things. i can make it. she took pictures of me for my senior prom (as well as invited her younger brother to go with me because i didn’t even want to go, convinced i would have an awful time. i didn’t.) my high school graduation. packing for college. picking me up when i realized i couldn’t be in college anymore.

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she’s been having a tough couple of days (and also a scary year–the real adult life world! yikes!), and i think she should know that she is more than one of my best friends IRL. she is one of my reasons for living. she is my motivation. she is my inspiration. and she is one of the few people in my life who has always told me yes you can.

she’s awesome. she got a full time job seven months after graduation college, in this economy. the CEO already thinks she’s awesome. she has run a marathon. she has lost 30lbs already. she wrote and defended a thesis based on gender, body image, and weightloss–heavily influenced by the fitblr world!–that was 100 pages long. i. shit. you. not. she graduated from one of the top women’s college in the country. and she’s hilarious and great.

if you aren’t already following her, do it:

so this is my turn to say, liia, yes you can. you are awesome. i love you. you are going to win at life forever and always, and i will always be on your cheerleading squad. <3

So many submissions!

boyswanna-be-her answered your question: Are you making yourself harder, better, faster, stronger?

awwww pick meeeeeeeeee

You’re in! (probably for stronger)

uh-oh-janellio answered your question: Are you making yourself harder, better, faster, stronger?

Ooh, I missed this! What if the only active photos you have are the race ones with watermarks? Will you still accept it?

It depends on how big the watermark is. If it’s like the Warrior Dash ones, then no, but if it’s slighter, then probably.

lifeasliia answered your question: Are you making yourself harder, better, faster, stronger?

I will submit when I get home!!!


For the first one, I’m going to use the first 3 pics I got (Joelfisasco, boyswanna-ber-her, and phdippides) plus one of my own. I’ll make as many as I get in groups of 4.